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6Dec 12

We have been very busy at Little Red Wagon Films.  This week we signed an agreement to bring the NJ HORRORFEST back to the beautiful Landis Theater in Vineland, NJ.  This years festival will be held Friday Oct 25th and Saturday Oct 26th.  We will have a vendors room this year, a screenplay competition, and we are working very hard to bring some great guests.  Keep checking the blog and the NJ HORRORFEST web site for announcements.  Submissions will be open January 1st.

We are very excited that our short film, the festival hit, For Love of Zombies will be making it’s online premiere this Sunday December 9th at 9PM.  It will be premiere on youtube, CLICK HERE to watch.  We may also post the video on this blog.  We will decide in the next couple of days.  Either way we hope you take the time to watch our little 17 minute movie that took the festival scene by storm.  We are hoping we can begin to build an audience through our short films so when we debut our next big project people will be excited about it.

The next big project is our web series title Violet.  This project has been a lot of fun to work on thus far.  We have only done some preliminary filming and we are having a huge casting call in a few weeks but this project has really gotten everyone involved excited.  I have written the first two episodes and I am working feverishly on the others.  I love this project because it is quite different then anything we have ever attempted.  I am not ready to give too much away but we hope to debut a teaser trailer and website by the new year.  We are assembling an amazing crew to film the first episode.  We are putting a lot of resources and calling in a lot of favors to make this look amazing.  The few people who have had the opportunity to read the first two episodes are anxious to see what we do, I do not plan on disappointing.  We have been posting pics and updates on our Little Red Wagon Films Facebook Page.  So if you haven’t liked the page you should, we will be debuting a lot of Violet information on that page.

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