NJ HORRORFEST in two weeks.

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27Sep 12

I am very excited.  The NJ HORRORFEST is a little over 2 weeks away and I can’t wait.  I’ve been working very hard to put on an event that the people who attend will be happy with.  It has been quite an experience putting the horrorfest together.  I’ve come in contact with a lot of talented and gracious people.  People who I look forward to possibly working with in some capacity down the road.  Unfortunately I have come in contact with some real jerks as well.  Other festival organizers warned me of the eventual wrath of film makers who don’t make the festival.  However nothing could prepare me for how rude and how self important people can be.  I have had several film makers contact me and say that their film should just be added to the festival sight unseen and that the entry fee should be waived.  The entry fee is in place to help me pay for the cost of the festival which includes venue rental, promotion, judges payments, advertising materials and so on.  The fees aren’t paying my bills or paying for shopping sprees.  So when you asking me to waive the fee you are helping prevent me from putting on the best festival I possibly can.  My other favorite email is when film makers basically say, I’m not attending the horrorfest, I’m not entering a film, but show my trailer at your festival.  So basically I am not supporting your festival in any way but can you help me.  This is funny.  People always take advantage of my kindness but I have had it.  Let them contact another festival or horror convention and let’s see what the response would be…I can tell you right now what the response would be…the other coordinators would laugh at them.  I have tried to accommodate every one I possibly can but it is insulting when a film maker thinks they are more important than the entire festival.  Needless to say I have begun ignoring this inane requests, if that gets me labeled an asshole so be it.

I have seen firsthand a festival coordinator from a pretty large festival tell a film maker to go scratch after the film maker requested a couple of free passes to the event.  This after the film maker bought 6 vendor tables and numerous passes.  I’ve been told I will never be successful because I am too nice.  I refuse to believe that every successful person has to be an asshole.  However, results don’t lie and right now being the nice guy has me in quite a financial hole trying to put on this festival.

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