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1Sep 12

The title of the blog says it all.  I’m moving on.  I’m moving on from people who bring nothing but negative energy to a situation.  I’m moving on from people who don’t share the same vision for my company.   I’m moving on from people who have an inflated opinion of themselves and think they can just say and do what they want without repercussions.  I’m moving on from so called friendships that are toxic.  I’m moving on from people who say one thing to your face and another behind your back.  I’m moving on from people who can’t wait to tell you about the people who talk behind your back.  I could keep going but you get the point.  I have begun the process of saving my company.  I have removed those who contribute nothing but negativity and hostility.  I have removed those who think that they alone are more important than the company as a whole.  It’s time to treat my business like a business.  In doing so I have had to make some tough decisions.  Those decisions will be the catalyst that moves Little Red Wagon Films forward.  I am working on a brand new business plan and mission statement.  One that sets a course for success.  One that will help all those who are truly involved with my company reach their goals.

In the past couple months I’ve been working hard on Tribe of the Dead.  I’ve been setting up deals, shoot dates, script consultations, line producing, casting, everything that goes with pre-production.  Unfortunately sometimes you need to walk away from a project that is no longer moving forward.  You need to step away and re-focus energy.  That is why I am announcing Tribe of the Dead is postponed.  I am not going to put a time table on when I will work on this labor of love again, but I will say this…someday this film will happen.

I have focused most of time and energy on the NJ HORRORFEST.  The first and let’s be honest, the only Horror Film Festival in NJ.  I have received submissions from all over the world and judges are currently working hard to put together the strongest possible line-up.  The VIP section for the event is sold out.  Ad’s for the program/ad book are selling.  General Admission tickets have really started to sell this week, there are plenty of seats still available but I have a feeling this festival is going to sell out before October 13th.  Information concerning submissions, ticket sales, and advertising can be found on the NJ HORRORFEST’s web site.  WWW.NJHORRORFEST.COM.  I am proud of what the festival has accomplished thus far but I am determined to make this a huge success and a yearly event.  I always dream big and my dream is to make the NJ HORRORFEST the Sundance of Horror Film Festivals.

Tribe of the Dead may be on the back burner but that doesn’t mean I don’t have other projects brewing.  I am trying to follow up on the critical success of LRWF’s short For Love of Zombies by turning it into a feature.  The outline is done and the script is being written but there is another project that has consumed me, it’s my first non-horror feature film and the script is nearly completed.  The last two weeks have been invigorating for me, I am writing again.  I never really stopped but everything I started to write before my latest script lacked passion.  There was the seed of a story but I was having difficulty making it grow.  That is until I sat down and started writing TPP.  Last Thursday night I sat down and 34 pages later I had that feeling I haven’t felt in a while about something I had written…pride.  These were the best 34 pages I had written since I typed The End on my award winning screenplay SCENT.  I took a break from writing TPP to write this blog…because I don’t want this story to end.  I know once I am finished writing this blog entry I will go back and finish TPP but for right now I am enjoying our last few moments together.  I can’t wait for my LRWF’s production team to read this script.  I believe it is going to propel us to where we want to go.

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