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30Nov 11

I have really been giving things a lot of thought lately and one thing has become abundantly clear.  Going forward I need to treat Little Red Wagon Films more like a business and a lot less like a hobby.  I really want making films to be my career, that isn’t going to happen if I continue to let things slide and put things before film making.  LRWF is top priority from now on.  I am more dedicated than ever to making quality films so that my companies name gets out there in the right way.  I have a very dedicated, talented, hard working production team now and it is going to help all of us achieve our goal.  We have production meetings once a week and we get a lot accomplished.  We all exchange ideas and the creative juices really get flowing.  The fact that everyone involved wants to do their fair share of the work really frees me up to concentrate on a couple things at a time instead of everything.

I am only going to be working with like minded professional people from now on.  No more favors for people, no more people just hanging out on set.  If you are on set you are working.  If you aren’t working you are going home.  Too many distractions on set lead to production slow downs.  I can’t have that anymore.  I’m sure some people’s feelings are going to be hurt but I really don’t care anymore.  For too long I’ve worried too much about hurting peoples feelings…not anymore.  If someone can’t understand that my set is a professional work place and they can’t be there they have the problem…not me.  I will make sure that everyone who works for me is clear on the rules, and if they don’t like it then they don’t have to work for me.

I am focused on my goals more than I ever have been before.  This is my dream and nothing is going to stand in my way…again.

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