Something has to change

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24Mar 11

What has to change?  The world of horror movies my friends…that’s what has to change.  In this time of unnecessary sequels, (Hatchet 2, Hatchet 3) and God awful remakes (Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th) great independent horror films and foreign horror films get very little fanfare.  I honestly can not remember the last time I watched an American made horror film that I enjoyed.  Let me qualify that, I watch the original Halloween and The Thing all the time.  I’m not talking about classic horror I’m talking the last few years of horror movies.  It’s an unsatisfying pit of over the top gore and poor plot and character development.

When is the last time you watched a horror movie and felt compassion for one of the characters?  When is the last time you watched a horror movie and you weren’t cheering for the killer?  Don’t get me wrong there are the occasional gems, Splinter is one that comes to mind.  This low budget masterpiece had stellar acting, characters you wanted to survive, and a great original concept.  It had gore, but not over the top, movie has nothing else going for it gore.  Which is what a lot of today’s horror movies do to try and cover for horrible writing and plot development.

The Hatchet movies are truly guilty of this.  Even with Danielle Harris’ superior acting ability Hatchet 2 is a horrible follow up to an already dreadful original.  I truly believe that a first draft is written and that is what they go with when making these films.  Victor Crowley looks like Sloth from the Goonies.  I remember the first time I watched Hatchet, it was with a group of friends and when Crowley made his first appearance on screen we all laughed…I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what writer/director Adam Green was hoping for.  The rest of the movie, every time Crowley appeared on screen we all would yell, “Hey you guys!”  It is really upsetting to me as well when some horror blogs mention Crowley in the same breath as Michael, Jason, and Freddy.  Give Hatchet 2 a view, behold the cookie cutter characters, the clunky dialogue, and the ridiculous plot.  I really want to like Adam Green and his movies but  I don’t.  I was excited when I saw the first Hatchet trailer…then I saw the film.  I went into Hatchet 2 with an open mind because of all the articles I read about the film.  The articles made it seem like Green really got to make the movie he wanted to this time…and I still hated it.  The marketing for these films call it a return to old school American horror…I couldn’t disagree more.  Old school American Horror is Halloween, Exorcist, Alien, American Werewolf in London, Night of the Living Dead, The Thing.  Trust me when I tell you Hatchet isn’t anything like these classics in any respect.

Is there hope for American horror?  There is…and that hope lies with the independent horror film community.  And more importantly it lies with one company…Little Red Wagon Films.  With a slate of award winning scripts waiting to come to life and a motivated, talented group of people behind the company I say the future is very bright.

I will save the horror genre.  I will make films with an engaging plot and well rounded, unique characters.  This is my pledge to all the horror fans out there.

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