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In For Love of Zombies
11Sep 10

Ryan Burnett and I have been editing For Love of Zombies since Thursday and we have about 70% of the video completed.  Ryan and I work really well together and there have been a couple of hiccups with footage but we have found creative ways around the issues.  The biggest problem I seem to encounter while editing my projects has to been transitions between scenes.  I like them to be smooth and sometimes there is a squirrely jump between two shots that doesn’t flow and that’s when you need to come up some editing magic to make those transitions and jumps smooth.  Ryan and I have become rather Macgyver-esque when it comes to fixing those spots.  Now, I know we could go the jumpy, jittery, random zoom and light flash route that most horror movies seem to love but I don’t like those.  I think it’s an easy out that doesn’t add to the narrative.  If you see those kind of transitions in For Love of Zombies it was truly as a last resort.

Better get back to the edit.  Want to have all the video laid out in proper sequence before Ryan has to head on home.  Will be blogging more often to keep everyone up to date on our latest project.

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