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17Jun 09

Listen to the latest podcast and be entertained.  Teddy Wycheck interviews yours truly about Sorrow Hill.  He made a list of questions from the random ass emails I get as well as ones he wrote himself.  Hopefully this will answer all the questions I get on a regular basis.  We also talk about For Love of Zombies and the pending name change of Grindhouse Pictures.  So give a listen to podcast awesomeness.


  1. matt, June 18, 2009:

    Great interview so far! Especially the genesis of Sorrow Hill twisted from headlines!

  2. Repulse Oblivion, June 18, 2009:

    Gotta love the name you gave the podcast. Super creative, guys! Hah. But yeah, great questions everyone. Finally my questions are answered. Thanks for mentioning me. I’m pretty bad-ass, I know.
    So, uh..when is your next movie coming out? :P Ha! Love ya, guys.

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