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It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  I wanted to make sure the next blog I wrote had a lot to announce.  Hopefully I will not disappoint.  Concerning Tribe of the Dead we are working hard putting together a teaser trailer which we hope to utilize as a means to raise the finances we need to make the film.  I am very excited for this trailer because I am working with and INCREDIBLE crew.  They are all highly motivated and dedicated to this project.  I’ve been fortunate in the past on other projects but this one somehow feels different.  Maybe because this is by far the biggest project we have ever tried to accomplish.  For the teaser we have already locked down location and wardrobe.  We are working on casting and from there we will set a shoot date.  I for one can not wait to get started.  Concerning the actual film we are planning to film at the world famous Melody Ranch Studio in Los Angeles.  It  has been the western set of choice for many Hollywood productions and would really give our movie an authenticity that could really make the movie great.  We have also have verbal commitments from some really talented actors.  Of course it is all contingent on being able to raise the money.  That is always the caveat.  That brings me to our next event.  The Zombie Survival Fun Run.

It will be held on September 22nd at Parvins State Park in Pittsgrove NJ.  It is an incredible 5k course that winds through a beautiful, wooded park.  I will be releasing a lot more details in the upcoming days once our registration web site is up and ready to go.  We are trying  a lot of new tactics to raise the money for the movie and we think this event will raise some great revenue and awareness.

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