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A great day

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16Feb 12

That is all I can say, today was amazing.  I placed an ad on Craigslist and Production Hub today looking for a special effects make up artist and I have already had several talented people show interest in the job.  I am going all out for The Neighbor.  This short film is going to help put LRWF on the map so I am sparing no expense and I am hiring the best people available to help make this movie what I know I can be and that is epic.  Hiring an amazing actor like Bill Oberst Jr was only the beginning.  I have the best independent sound engineer in the industry on board as well as a kick ass cinematographer.  Now I have several special effects make up people to choose from.  I will make sure I hire the one that meshes the best with my cast and crew.  I have even been able to knock out some of the locations we’ve desperately  been trying to lock down so things are really looking up for The Neighbor.

However the biggest news of the day has nothing to do with The Neighbor.  Today I had the pleasure of speaking with New York Times Best Selling Author Jonathan Maberry and I will be working on something for Jonathan that is going to be huge.  I don’t want to give too much away just yet but needless to say the opportunity to do something for Mr. Maberry is something that doesn’t present itself everyday.  What I do for Mr. Maberry is going to help propel LRWF to new heights and to bigger things…like a certain zombie western I’m dying to make.

Happy Valentines Day from LRWF

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14Feb 12

I haven’t blogged in a while, haven’t done a podcast in a while, however that doesn’t mean I haven’t been extremely busy.  We are in the midst of pre-production for The Neighbor and we recently shot a pretty funny promotional video to support the film.  We plan on launching a Kickstarter campaign in the very near future, we hope it is a successful campaign but with every indie filmmaker now utilizing kickstarter we are a little worried our campaign will be white noise.  That is why we hope we have put together a campaign that will set us a part from the others.  We know times are tough for everyone and it is hard to part with any “extra” money one may have.  Hell, we know that a lot of people including us at LRWF don’t know the meaning of “extra” money.  However, when you see our campaign and see how you can benefit from a miniscule donation, well we hope it moves you to help us.

I have donated to several campaigns the last few weeks.  I feel it is only fair to donate to projects I believe in, when in the very near future I will be asking for donations.  LRWF is excited for the Neighbor and for several other projects we have on our slate.  One of which is my zombie western, my dream project, Tribe of the Dead.  I am busy scouting locations virtually.  There are several western sets that would work for Tribe.  I have also been contacting several well known actors and actresses to gauge their interest.  As always, it comes down to money.  Every one I have contacted has enjoyed the script and wish me well in getting the project off the ground and I should feel free to contact them once I have the money to back the dream.  Only a couple of the actors I have contacted are willing to attach their name to the project to help raise financing.  So a big thank you to Kristina Klebe, Courtney Gains, and William Katt.  After we finish The Neighbor and a couple other shorts we have on our slate I will be pursuing financing aggressively for Tribe of the Dead.  We will have an impressive reel by the end of 2012 and we hope to attract financing based on merit.  I hope to announce more big names attached to Tribe in the near future.  I will never give up on this dream.

Also, For Love of Zombies, are popular zombie short is still available on DVD.  You can order by clicking HERE.  Not only do you get the FLoZ short film but  you get 3 additional short films from LRWF.  Movie Night, Good Night Sweetheart, and Vyslech.  There is also over 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage and all the FLoZ webisodes.  So help us stay viable, support indie film making and order our little film.  Did I mention there is FREE SHIPPING?

I just wanted to mention that I am also writing my first novel.  I hope to have it done by the end of the year.  I’m hoping to find a publisher but self publication is always an option.

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