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For a limited time you can purchase both Sorrow Hill and For Love of Zombies in a combo pack for only $15 and as always that includes FREE shipping.  We are working hard to bring you the finest in independent horror and with the limited budgets we have had I am very proud of the final product.  Click on the link below and take advantage of these awesome deals only available on our For Love of Zombies Facebook Page.  As always thank you for supporting independent film making.  I will hopefully blog later with some good news surrounding our next horror short The Neighbor.


FLoZ DVD and Neighbor updates

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22Jan 12

Looking over my previous posts I realized I failed to announce huge news surrounding our next film The Neighbor.  I announced on Facebook but not here…so allow me to correct my mistake.  Bill Oberst, Jr. the star of the viral sensation Take This Lollipop has agreed to be the lead in The Neighbor.  We couldn’t be more excited.  Bill is an amazing talent and we know he is going to take this role and production to another level.  I had the opportunity to speak with Bill after I agreed to terms with his management team and I was floored with by how genuine and appreciative he was.  We spoke at length about how he would portray the character and after we hung up I wanted to start filming immediately.  However, principal photography doesn’t begin until May.  Leading up to the start of principal photography I will be posting all types of video blogs, behind the scenes, and all the goings on during pre-production.  You are going to see the entire process take form.  All the ups and downs.  I want to give everyone out there a first hand account of what it’s like to be an independent film maker.  I will be taping all of our production meetings, all the location scouting, wardrobe shopping, and of course the fundraising.  The hardest part of independent film making is financing.  In the past I have tried to be creative with the fundraising some has worked and others have failed miserably.

We are shooting a promo video next weekend for our Kickstarter page we will be starting in a week or two.  I have worked really hard at coming up with some imaginative and worthwhile incentives to motivate people to donate to the project.  However, as with every other film I have made the majority of the money will come from my pocket and DVD sales so if you aren’t comfortable donating via Kickstarter perhaps buying one of our DVD’s is right for you.  Our latest short film For Love of Zombies is available now on DVD.  We have worked hard putting together a great DVD.  Not only do you get FLoZ on the DVD but you also get over 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage, all 3 FLoZ webisodes, and 3 additional short films from Little Red Wagon Films.  That is a lot of content and dare I say a lot of entertaining content.  Quite a few people have commented that 13 dollars seems high and believe me I understand how hard it is in todays economy to find disposal income but we don’t charge shipping and after you subtract all the costs associated with producing the DVD 13 dollars isn’t a lot at all, in fact it’s the lowest amount we could charge and still have a chance at breaking even.  Trust me it’s worth the money.  Don’t believe me?  Then let’s see what two acclaimed horror authors have to say about For Love of Zombies.

“FOR LOVE OF ZOMBIES is a wild brain-munching, flesh-chomping riot of living dead fun.” -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN

“Not only is FOR LOVE OF ZOMBIES the first zom com since SHAUN OF THE DEAD to work as both a horror flick and a comedy, but it’s a genuinely affectionate nod to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD that will appeal to geeks of all stripes, ethnicities, and degrees of decomposition.” – Greg Lamberson, creator of SLIME CITY and JOHNNY GRUESOME

Click here to order —->FLOZ DVD

I hope to have a new Random Ass Podcast up this week and I plan on posting our first production video from The Neighbor as well so stay tuned and as always thanks for reading.

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17Jan 12

It is finally here.  Thanks to all the hard work of Ryan Burnett with the editing and Tom Carty from Thomas Design Studios the For Love of  Zombies DVD is now available for order.  Just click the link below and order your copy now.  FREE shipping!  Help support independent film making!


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