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Getting priorities straight…

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30Nov 11

I have really been giving things a lot of thought lately and one thing has become abundantly clear.  Going forward I need to treat Little Red Wagon Films more like a business and a lot less like a hobby.  I really want making films to be my career, that isn’t going to happen if I continue to let things slide and put things before film making.  LRWF is top priority from now on.  I am more dedicated than ever to making quality films so that my companies name gets out there in the right way.  I have a very dedicated, talented, hard working production team now and it is going to help all of us achieve our goal.  We have production meetings once a week and we get a lot accomplished.  We all exchange ideas and the creative juices really get flowing.  The fact that everyone involved wants to do their fair share of the work really frees me up to concentrate on a couple things at a time instead of everything.

I am only going to be working with like minded professional people from now on.  No more favors for people, no more people just hanging out on set.  If you are on set you are working.  If you aren’t working you are going home.  Too many distractions on set lead to production slow downs.  I can’t have that anymore.  I’m sure some people’s feelings are going to be hurt but I really don’t care anymore.  For too long I’ve worried too much about hurting peoples feelings…not anymore.  If someone can’t understand that my set is a professional work place and they can’t be there they have the problem…not me.  I will make sure that everyone who works for me is clear on the rules, and if they don’t like it then they don’t have to work for me.

I am focused on my goals more than I ever have been before.  This is my dream and nothing is going to stand in my way…again.

Excited for what’s next…

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30Nov 11

I have four projects on the LRWF slate that I want to film by the end of spring 2012.  Two new zombie shorts, a short film titled The Neighbor, and a web series I have been writing.  I am excited for all these projects because once they are finished I can add them to my reel and work on getting financing for Tribe of the Dead.  We have begun the branding with Tribe of the Dead with a killer logo designed by Tom Carty from Thomas Design Studios.  We hope to have a Tribe of the Dead website up by the new year.  There is a lot we want to accomplish in the upcoming year and I am more motivated than ever.

I can’t wait to work with new people as well as the normal crew.  I look forward to the audition process and meeting new talent.  I am always amazed at the amount of talent that is at my disposal in this area.  So many wonderful people willing to give up their time and talents to help try and make something to be proud of.

I’ve been trying to find time to get everything together for the FLoZ DVD but man the holidays have been kicking my butt.  However, this year I got a huge headstart on shopping and I should be done this week…which means time to get all the material together so Tom can put the DVD together.  I hope to have it ready by Christmas so…get ready for some awesome zombie fun.  I am truly proud of FLoZ.  It is by far my best short film to date and that is mainly due to the incredible cast.  Ansley, Ryan, Ryan, Sarah, and Teddy all did an amazing job.  As did our many zombies too numerous to name.  I have set the bar pretty high for myself and the LRWF crew…can’t wait to surpass it.

To get you in the mood for the FLoZ DVD, don’t forget to check out the webisodes which serve as a prelude to the final film.  You can check those out by clicking HERE.

Sorry about not having a new podcast…we were supposed to record today but my daughter got sick and coming off the night shift I was a little exhausted and I passed out.  Never fear…Teddy and I will be back with a new Random Ass Podcast very soon.


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27Nov 11

I’ve been writing a lot more lately.  I remember a time when writing was all I did.  Every day, I would work on one of my various ideas.  I love my process.  Now I don’t say my process with any ego or hubris, it’s just that the way I write is unlike any other writers.  I don’t jot down notes or make an outline.  I don’t sit down in front of the computer and begin banging out a script or a story until I have formulated the entire idea in my mind.  Then I sit down and let it flow.  That is why once I sit down to write a screenplay or a story there is a pretty quick turn around.  I wrote my award winning screenplay SCENT in 3 days.  Granted it took two months to think out the entire story but the actual first draft took me only 3 days.  I also work on several projects at a time usually unless something like SCENT completely overtakes me and I have to finish it before I think of anything else.

Right now I am writing a new feature, a web series, and yes I am trying my hand at writing a novel.  The web series is something I have been thinking about for a while now and I finally worked out all of the particulars and finally began the first episode’s script last night.

Writing will always be my first love.  I enjoy film making, being behind the camera, editing the footage but for me nothing beats the feeling of creating a story, characters, and dialogue.  I will never stop writing.  Hopefully this time next year many of you who read this blog will be reading my first novel.  Thanks again for all the support you show by repeatedly coming back to read this blog.

It’s been a while…

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26Nov 11

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, in fact the last time I blogged was right before we headed to Buffalo for the screening of For of Love of Zombies at Buffalo Screams.  I’m not going to go into all the details of the trip, Teddy and I do a comprehensive recap on the podcast.  The movie was very well received and we met a lot great people so all in all the trip was a great success.

Since returning we’ve been very busy at LRWF.  We have had several production meetings that have really gotten LRWF on track.  We have two new zombie shorts in pre-production, Ryan Burnett and I have finally begun the Truth or Dare edit, and we have preliminary plan in place on how we can make Tribe of the Dead which is our ultimate goal.  We are going to continue to work hard to make all these films a reality, even with the holiday season upon us we will still try and do as much as we can.  That is the important thing when it comes to producing a film whether it be a feature or a short…always keep moving forward.  I have a lot I want to accomplish before the New Year because when the New Year hits there are going to be a lot of changes.  Changes that will simplify my life and eliminate unnecessary distractions.  It took me a while to get moving again after my mom passed away in October so I can’t let anything slow me down.  One change I am excited about deals with the podcast.  Actually it’s not really change, Teddy and I will continue to do The Random Ass Podcast, however I will be adding a couple other podcasts to the line up.  I will be announcing some exciting additions to our podcast line up in the next couple of weeks.  I want to extend the podcast portion of LRWF because there has been such an amazing following for The Random Ass Podcast that extending the brand only makes sense.   I am not going to be doing several different podcasts a week, that would be overkill and dilute the product, however each new podcast will either be monthly or bi-weekly depending on the response.  Teddy and I will continue to try and make RAP a weekly show but schedules sometimes conflict so more than likely we will be bi-weekly until further notice.  We hope to have many exciting and interesting guests going forward so keep tuning in.

Tribe of the Dead is slowly moving forward.  It has been hard to recapture the momentum I had with this project back in August right before my mom fell ill.  Now with the holidays at hand and other projects it is going to be more difficult but I will continue to do all that I can to make this film a reality.  As I said earlier we have had some great meetings lately and I with the team I have behind me I feel like we will make great strides going into 2012.  Ryan, Doug, and Buddy have worked real hard researching equipment and doing other things involved with pre-production that has helped me out tremendously.  We have quite a team now and I am looking forward to adding more people in specific areas to help make Tribe of the Dead.

One thing I am going to do from now on is blog more. I was relying more on social media to update people and got pretty lazy when it came to the blog.  I am slowly phasing out Facebook because it has turned into a cesspool of immature people.  I will keep the fan pages going for my films but as for my personal page it will stay up solely for the purpose of maintaining the fan pages.  I will no longer accept FB messages, wall posts, friend request or any other nonsense.  So, if we are “friends” on Facebook make sure you know my email address or cell phone # if you want to keep in touch.  I have the contact information for those I want to keep in touch with so I am all set.  I will continue to use Twitter, that seems harmless enough so far.

A lot of big and exciting changes are on the horizon.  I hope you continue to follow our progress through 2012 and beyond.

Listen to the latest podcast as we recap our Buffalo Trip and For Love of Zombies huge premiere at the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival. We also talk about the Walking Dead, Dexter, and all the upcoming projects for Little Red Wagon Films.

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