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Happy Friday the 13th!

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13May 11

Today is Friday the 13th and it’s a day that is near and dear to horror fans.  It is the date that is symbolic with one of the biggest horror movie icons, Jason Voorhees.  Jason’s rampage has been spread out over 3 decades and his name is synonymous with the slasher genre.  I for one love the Friday the 13th movies, now they aren’t high art but they are fun horror fare that will have you shaking your head with disbelief at the victims stupidity and also squealing with delight when you hear Jason’s machete slice through the air.  However, I only feel this way about all the old Jason movies…not the awful remake from a couple of years ago.

This particular Friday the 13th holds special significance for me however.  Today, my first feature film Sorrow Hill debuts on the big screen in the Maverick 4 Theater in Mankato Minnesota.  I am nervous and anxious to see the reception.  I am exceedingly proud of my first feature film.  We accomplished so much with so little and I hope we entertain the people of Minnesota when they plunk down their ticket money to see this film.  We are playing on one screen with several show times each day this weekend.  The theater owner seems pretty confident the movie will do well.  This happened so fast that I didn’t have the opportunity to promote it the way I would have liked to, hell I wanted to drive out to Minnesota and do what I do best and that is get the word out and attract a crowd.  I’ve been successful with putting butts in the seat at the Broadway Theater when I premiered Sorrow Hill, I have packed various venues with our production parties so my only worry is that I wasn’t able to promote like I would have wanted to.  Keep your fingers crossed and if you are reading this and you are somewhere near the Maverick 4 Theater in Mankato go out and support independent film making.  If Sorrow Hill does reasonably well this weekend I will now have ammo to help convince other independent movie houses to show Sorrow Hill.  If I can show that I have a viable product people will want to do business with me.

I had to cancel filming this weekend for Truth or Dare due to scheduling conflicts.  I am so frustrated with trying to work around so many schedules.  It’s the toughest part about low budget film making.  I am not frustrated with my actors, I’m just frustrated with trying to get the movie started.  I can not wait until I get to the point where I am working with bigger budgets and can pay my actors.  Then it will be easier to schedule.  People are more flexible when there is money involved.

That leads me to my final topic.  Fundraising.  We have 3 short films to shoot this summer and we need to raise some revenue.  So, we will be raffling off an Apple iPad2.  Details will be posted this weekend on how you can purchase a ticket.  Tickets are only going to be $5 or you can get 5 tickets for $20.  Also, we are selling For Love of Zombie posters.  Click HERE to purchase one.

I’d like to thank those who keep coming back on a regular basis to read my blog.  It’s very humbling when I look at my web site stats and see how many people read the blog.

Updates and news galore!

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11May 11

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Little Red Wagon Films.  First, we are busy entering For Love of Zombies in a variety of film festivals.  We are hoping to get this awesome short in front of  as many people as we can.  We are very proud of the finished FLoZ product and we are confident everyone is going to love this incredible short film.

Sorrow Hill, my first feature that I shot in 2008 and premiered in 2010 is going to make it’s Minnesota debut this weekend.  The Maverick Theater in Mankato Minnesota will be showing Sorrow Hill all weekend.  This an exciting development for Little Red Wagon Films and are thankful for the opportunity to show our film.  Check out their website and the showtimes for Sorrow Hill by clicking the banner below.

Maverick 4 Theater

Maverick 4 Theater

We can’t thank Russel Glen enough for this opportunity so if you are in the Mankato area show your support for independent film and go to one of the Sorrow Hill showings.

We begin principal photography this weekend on Truth or Dare.  I can not wait to get behind the camera again.  This is the first film we are shooting in HD and I am very excited.  This camera takes phenomenal footage and will help take our films to the next level.

The Random Ass Podcast is really starting to attract some listeners.  I am floored by the numbers we are getting and hope Teddy and I can continue to entertain all of you that tune in.  We are just a couple of geeks talking about whatever comes to mind and might I add, we have had some pretty awesome guests thus far so surf on over to the Random Ass Podcast Page and give a listen.  You will not be disappointed.

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