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Pre-production highs and lows.

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28Apr 11

One of the most exciting and frustrating times for a film maker is pre-production.  Pre-production is where you get everything in place for filming.  That includes casting, location scouting, location lock down, lining up crew, getting whatever finances you can in order, props, make up, scheduling,story boarding…the list goes on and on.  Last year I was very lucky while filming For Love of  Zombies to have two very professional and hard working people help with a lot of those tasks, Elisha Jachetti and Mary Iannacone.  This year those two wonderful young ladies are in Europe so they are not able to help.  So all of these tasks fall to me.  I’ve done it before but it’s very tiring and frustrating.  So imagine trying to do all of these tasks for 3 short films you would like to film over the summer.  Yes…I am an idiot.

I have casting pretty much completed for the 3 films.  Locations not so much.  I am trying to schedule production for the first film I wanted to shoot Truth or Dare but so far I can’t seem to get my cast to respond to my emails regarding their schedules.  I am beginning to think I will have to personally call each cast member and get their schedule which is time consuming.  That is why I rely on email communication.  I can reach everyone at once and when they respond I have an email to reference when I put the shooting schedule together.  But as of this blog I have heard from only one of my actors.  So I haven’t been able to put a schedule together.  I guess today I will be calling everyone…so frustrating.  I may have to switch up the order in which I shoot my films.  I really want to shoot Truth or Dare first because it is fully cast and 90% of the locations are locked in but if I can’t schedule it I can’t shoot it.

The reason I am so ambitious and anxious to shoot 3 films this summer is so I can have a nice line up for when I premiere For Love of Zombies at the Landis Theater.  Teddy gave me a great idea of what to call this little film festival…Quadrilogy of Terror.  I want to premiere 4 short films in October as close to Halloween as possible.  If I complete all 4 films I will have 2 zombie films, my first slasher film, and a short that doesn’t have any dialogue but uses the tension and acting to drive it…that film is hard to categorize but those who have read it said it was like a Twilight Zone episode.

It’s going to be fun and stressful to see if I can pull this off.  Trying to put together 3 films and enter FLoZ into festivals as well as all the other things I need to do…like work and pay bills  is going to spread me real thin.  However, when I do accomplish this monumental task this may be what finally puts us on the map.

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26Apr 11

Little Red Wagon Films and Thomas Design Studios are working hard on a new website.  The website hasn’t changed all that much since we changed our name from Grindhouse Pictures to Little Red Wagon Films but it is time and I for one can not wait.  The creative genius that is Tom Carty always has cutting edge design ideas and one can only imagine what he will cook up for the new Little Red Wagon site.

I want to try and make the new site more interactive and encourage the thousands that read my blog daily to join in on discussions and also give their thoughts on what they would like to see in a horror movie.  I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog it makes me realize that their are people out there interested in what I am doing and as long as you keep visiting I will keep doing what I do.

I am really excited to begin our next film.  I have a great cast in place and my usual incredible crew to back me up.  I feel as long as I keep improving with each finished project we will eventually get noticed.  The ultimate goal for any filmmaker is to tell a good story with well rounded, unique characters with For Love of Zombies and our many future projects I feel that goal is very attainable.

Scream 4 review and updates!

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25Apr 11

The past two weeks I have seen two horror movies in the theater.  Insidious and Scream 4.  I already spoke on the Random Ass Podcast about how I thoroughly enjoyed Insidious and thought it was by far the best horror movie released in theaters recently.  It had great acting, great soundtrack, good scares, and an  excellent plot.  I highly recommend seeing this gem in the theaters.  I can’t say the same about Scream 4.

Spoiler Alert! *

I’m not going to give a lot away but in order to accurately voice my thoughts I have to give a couple of things away.  First of all Courtney Cox and David Arquette need to just stop.  Their performances were cartoonish and over the top.  Courtney Cox’s constant bad one liners were annoying to the point of distraction.    David Arquette has never been mistaken for a good actor and his performance in Scream 4 will continue that legacy.  The movie tried too hard.  It went out of it’s way to try and be clever but their attempt was transparent and forced, needless to say they could not recapture the charm of the original Scream.  The plot was nonsensical and the ending completely ripped off All the boys love Mandy Lane.  The biggest eye roll moment for me had to be when after one of the characters  got stabbed in the forehead with a butcher knife he was able to stagger away and utter a stupid one liner before dying…if I wasn’t a glutton for punishment I would have left at that moment.  I should have known this movie was going to be a stinker when numerous re-writes and re-shoots were ordered.  I had hope because Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson were in charge of this film but in the end they failed…miserably.  I know they were hoping Scream 4 would re-boot the franchise but how can you re-boot a franchise when you kill off every new character you introduce?  The only part of the movie I enjoyed were the 20 seconds of Shaun of the Dead that were shown during one of the scenes.  Aside from that the other 94 minutes were akin to oral surgery.

I know a rough review.  But when you have a horror master like Wes Craven directing and Kevin Williamson producing and writing the screenplay you hope for better.  The poor box office and the flood of negative reviews should effectively put the Scream franchise to bed…one can only hope.

I have recently made changes to  I’ve added a bunch of images to the gallery page as well as put up a link to buy the awesome For Love of Zombies poster!  A portion of the proceeds from each sale go to The Make a Wish foundation.  Posters are $20 but shipping is Free and they are full-size and full color.  Click the image below to order yours now!

floz final poster

I am so excited that For Love of Zombies is finished and ready for festival entry.  I will be posting all festival information as soon as we know it.  Wish us luck!

We will begin principal photography in June on our next short Truth or Dare.  My first foray into the slasher genre.  I can’t wait.  We will also be filming 2 other shorts this summer.  A new zombie short which is going to be a lot of fun…if you want to be one of our zombies contact us at  The third short is a film I wrote that doesn’t have any dialogue…no it’s not a silent film but as a visual storyteller I want to challenge myself to tell a story with just my camera.  If I want to make my mark and have people notice me then I have to start taking chances.  This will be a big challenge.

As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out The Random Ass Podcast where you can hear more of my musings as well as those of my partner Teddy Wycheck!

We have a new Random Ass Podcast up for your listening pleasure.  In this edition of RAP we interview former NFL all-pro tight end Frank Wycheck.  We discuss the ongoing labor dispute in the NFL, as well as his involvement in one of the greatest plays in NFL history the Music City Miracle.  We also talk about his role in the upcoming zombie movie, For Love of  Zombies!  So Click HERE and listen to another great edition of the Random Ass Podcast.

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