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An Uphill Battle

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27Feb 11

So much to talk about concerning For Love of Zombies.  For weeks now I have been working the internet and the phone lines trying to track down the copyright and license holders for the music that appeared in the original Night of the Living Dead.  Each piece has a different composer, is owned by a different entity.  Each time I feel like I’m getting close another hurdle is place in front of me…another hoop I need to jump through.

Earlier in the process I was in the process of obtaining the rights to “It’s a Sunshine Day” by the Brady Bunch.  It would  have been the perfect song for the scene it would have played under.  Unfortunately the fees to license and to use that song were well out of our price range so we had to move on.  I have since put together some public domain classical pieces that work just as effectively for the scene.  It stinks when money is a factor in achieving your vision but you move on and you work within your means to still accomplish the desired result.  I believe I have.

When it comes to the Night of the Living Dead tracks I want to use, well let’s just say it isn’t as easy to move on.  I have found alternatives that will work but they just don’t deliver the impact that the NOTLD tracks do.  I am hoping this is the week when I finally have a definitive answer on the music.  If I don’t obtain the license for the NOTLD music by the end of this week I will move forward with the alternatives and not look back.  I need to meet festival deadlines and I just don’t have the time to keep pursuing these elusive copyright holders.  I am only one person and I need to start devoting more attention to the pre-production of my next short film Truth or Dare.  I have a dynamic cast.  A cast that is going to really take my work to the next level so I have to start devoting large chunks of my time to the Truth or Dare pre-production.

I love For Love of Zombies.  I feel it is my best film to date and the music cues are such a large part of what makes a film memorable.  I just hope that I’m able to enter my film the way I envisioned it from the start.  Keep your fingers crossed for me…I will update everyone later this week with my progress.

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17Feb 11

Catch up with everything that is going on with For Love of Zombies.  Also, listen in and find out all about our latest project Truth or Dare.  We talk about the first table read and the cast of Truth or Dare.  Teddy and I also discuss The Rite and some of the other latest horror movie releases in theater and DVD.  So click below and behold podcast awesomeness.

Updates a plenty

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6Feb 11

For Love of Zombies is completed…well in my opinion it is.  Just need fellow editor Ryan Burnett to sign off on the final product.  There may be a couple more music cues that need to be added and an effect or two to be tweaked but that’s it.  I’m very excited to show off what we accomplished.  As soon as we get clearance for one of the songs we want to use in the movie it is off to the horror festival circuit.  I know we are going to have a successful festival run and after that a huge theater premiere along side our newest short Truth or Dare which is currently in pre-production.

Truth or Dare is shaping up nicely.  We have put together a very strong cast.  Two of the actresses I have worked with before Sarah Albertson and Annmarie Kerstetter.  They are both very strong actresses with a ton of talent.  We also have cast two newcomers to Little Red Wagon Films, Victoria Baccini and Ashley Major.  Their enthusiasm and talent will help make this short really good.  This weekend is our first table read and I am anxious to see my cast together going through the screenplay.  As a writer, nothing is more exciting than seeing talented people bring your words to life.  It is truly one of the best parts of the process.

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