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Busy week.

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9Aug 10

Last week ended up being busier than I anticipated.  Hence I didn’t have the time to record my new podcast or even write a blog.  This week I will be just as busy but I will find time to either record a new Random Ass Podcast with Teddy or my new podcast.  Who knows maybe both.  Since my last blog I have received a lot of proposals for podcasts that will air exclusively on Grindhouse Radio.  Some great, some…not so much.  However, I have come up the most diplomatic way I know of to fill out the rest of the Grindhouse Radio roster.  I will have my top 10 proposals do a 15 minute sample show, I will air them on and I will have our listeners vote.  I will hopefully have that up and going by September.

The next month promises to be really busy starting with this week.  I have to finish editing my contest entry.  It’s a 3 minute short that I am really proud of.  I think I have a really good chance to win.  I am really confident in my editing skills now that I have several projects under my belt.  I may go back and re-edit Sorrow Hill at some point…not any time soon but someday.  We will be finishing FLoZ in the next couple of weeks in Evans City so Ryan Burnett and I can get it edited and perfect for the Sundance deadline September 20th.  That’s right we plan on entering For Love of Zombies in Sundance.  Are we aiming high.  Hell yes we are.  I am that confidant in FLoZ.  I truly can’t wait to show the world what we have accomplished.

I have received a lot of feedback on the company name.  I’m glad so many of you noticed.  I am working on a new logo but unfortunately I am not a graphic designer and it’s hard for me to make my ideas come to life so for now I will be using something basic.  I am hopeful that I will be working with Thomas Design Studios again in the future but right now it isn’t an option.  Tom is amazing and the reason why everything from my web site to my movie posters look professional.  Without Tom I would not be where I am right now.  Anyone who has an graphic design needs should contact him. You will not find a more professional, talented, or reasonable individual.

As for the first feature film for Little Red Wagon films is still being discussed internally.  I hope to announce what that will be on my next podcast.  Thanks again for reading.

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