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Change is good.

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31Jul 10

I promised in my last blog some news and now it’s time to deliver.  If you cast your eyes to the top of the page you will see that my company is no longer called Grindhouse Pictures.  I love the name and it is was not something I really wanted to do but it finally got to the point where the friendly cease and desist letters became more threatening and quite frankly at the end of the day this is one fight not worth fighting.  So going forward Grindhouse Pictures will now be known as Little Red Wagon Films.  And I am excited to announce that For Love of Zombies will be the first film under the Little Red Wagon shingle.  I can’t think of a better way to launch the new production company.  For Love of Zombies is shaping into a really good short film.  One I am proud of and one that is good enough to enter into some big time competitions and festivals.

I have something else to announce.  I am expanding Grindhouse Radio.  Right now we only feature the Random Ass Podcast but I am going to add more podcasts with different hosts.  I will still be doing the Random Ass Podcast with Teddy and I will be doing a separate podcast that will focus on everything indie film making.  I will have interviews with local film makers, writers, actors as well as featured guests.  I plan on that being a weekly show.  I am looking to add possibly a sports podcast and who knows what else.  If it’s a good podcast I will put it up.  So if you think you have what it takes to do a compelling one hour podcast weekly hit me up.  I am very excited about this expansion and adding talented people to the GHR family.  Yes I am still using Grindhouse Radio…I’ve never been told otherwise so I am keeping it.

I feel now is the perfect time for Grindhouse Radio and for the name change to Little Red Wagon Films.  For Love of Zombies is the perfect launch and the first feature film that will be produced by Little Red Wagon Films is…that announcement will be later this week.

What a week

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25Jul 10

This past week was a little crazy even for me.  I am a healthy person.  Now don’t take that to mean I am a work out fanatic or that I eat properly.  Because I don’t.  But I am in reasonably good shape and I am proud to say I don’t get sick…ever.  I don’t get flu, colds, sniffles, viruses anything like that.  I am just very fortunate that I have a kick ass immune system.  However this week I had quite a scare when out of the blue I started having chest pains for a few frightening moments I thought I was having a heart attack.   I went to urgent care and they ran a bunch of tests and they all came back negative.  So the conclusion was drawn that I had a panic attack.  Never really had one before.  Been stressed out before, been depressed before but it never led to a panic attack.  Not a fun thing let me tell you.  I’ve been stressed a lot lately so that’s what probably did it.  Guess I have to learn to relax and maybe take a few things off my plate.  Hard to do with so many things left to do.  For the time being I am just focusing on relaxing and finishing my project.

Working hard on the FLoZ edit, filming another horror short for a competition I want to enter, and of course marketing Sorrow Hill.  Even though I wonder why I bother.  I am working hard to sell DVD’s and the majority of the people involved with the movie don’t even promote it in anyway.  Now, I’m not asking for the world, just maybe mention on your Facebook page that the movie you were in is now available on DVD.  Instead all I get are emails wondering when they are getting their free copy.  Drives me crazy how people only care about themselves.  I guess they don’t understand the simple concept, the more movies we sell the more money they could potentially make.  One thing I learned recently from my entire Sorrow Hill experience, don’t make movies and expect to make friends…not gonna happen.  There will be exceptions and there are a few when it comes to Sorrow Hill but if you are going to make a film just remember the majority of the people involved are not your friends.  They are there for themselves.  Now after the film wraps they may still keep in touch that’s only because they are hoping you can still do something for them.  But once they decide your usefulness has run out, they will leave you high and dry.  Trust me on that.

Sorry to rant but it’s just frustrating and sad when people you thought were your friends turn their backs on you.  They will regret it someday.  They will need something from me or even want to be in one of my future projects and they will be disappointed when they see I don’t give second chances.  So they can continue with their aspirations,appearing in films no one will ever see, get involved with production companies that can’t promote and draw a crowd like Grindhouse can.  Because say what you want about our sluggish DVD sales the fact remains over 500 people came out to the Sorrow Hill premiere on a cold, wintry, February night…in the middle of the week.  While other production companies attract 9 people to a screening I’m packing the Pitman theater.   I was upset for the longest time trying to figure out why people that I thought were my friends had suddenly vanished.  Now I am just pissed and I am hellbent on making them regret their choice.  There a few people from Sorrow Hill who I remain close with and there is one actor who I can’t wait to work with again and that’s Jon Bershad, as for the rest I wish them the best of luck and at the end of the day we will see who has had the most success.  I didn’t mention names of those who have turned their back on me and Grindhouse Pictures because that’s not what I’m about.  They know who they are and that’s all that matters.  My doctor said my panic attack was brought on probably from stress and my tendency to hold things in.  That is why this blog was written…I needed to get a lot of things off my chest.  This blog was indeed truly cathartic.

Anyhow, I should end on a positive note.  I will have two big announcements this week.  One concerning my next project and one concerning the future of Grindhouse Pictures…stay tuned.

Insert blog title here.

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18Jul 10

It’s tiresome to always come up with a blog title.  I mean how many times can I name it Sorrow Hill updates or For Love of Zombies news because that is basically all I blog about anymore.  I use to talk about things going on in the horror world or movies I have seen but I found that with every opinion I gave I had some idiot emailing me telling me I didn’t have a right to criticize because I am a filmmaker.  Seems like people live to troll all that I do…quite pathetic.  I use to enjoy all the hate I received via email, in some weird way it fueled me.  I love to prove people wrong especially childish, idiotic trolls who have never accomplished a thing in their worthless lives.  Lately the venom directed towards me has even begun to wore me down.  It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even open emails from those I don’t recognize.  Not sure why the insults have begun to get me, I guess even I have a breaking point.  So all of you can continue to email me all of your hate and post messages on the blog that never get approved if that’s what makes you happy, just know I won’t be reading it anymore.

Sorrow Hill DVD sales have been sluggish to say the least.  It has received some very favorable reviews and has a lot of extras so it’s a great value at $9.99.  It’s only gonna be available at that reduced price for a limited time so click HERE to order your copy.  The DVD has received lukewarm interest from distributors so hopefully something will happen on that front.  I am proud of my first feature film.  I am proud what everyone involved accomplished on such a limited budget.  I am working hard to reward everyone who was involved with the project.  Even though the majority of those have turned their back on the project since it wrapped.  However, I am loyal and will not turn my back on those who made Sorrow Hill a reality.  So if and when the movie makes money they will be rewarded.

For Love of Zombies continues to gain momentum.  We are close to wrapping and we have filmed some really good footage.  Very excited to see what we can put together in the editing phase.  We have a strong following on Facebook and the For Love of Zombies web site sees a lot of traffic so thanks to everyone who keeps up with what we are doing.

And to the thousands who read my blog thank you for reading.

Been a while…

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15Jul 10

I know it’s been a while since I blogged but I do have a good excuse…been busy filming.  So close to wrapping For Love of Zombies, we only have one day of filming left in Evans City and then it’s off to post where Ryan Burnett, Tim Somers, Matt DiBiase, Matt Lo Re and myself will be hard at work to finish the film by certain festival deadlines.

I’ve been editing FLoZ as filming has gone along.  Sorrow Hill I didn’t edit while I filmed and it hurt me in the end.  I was so exhausted after a day of filming Sorrow Hill that I rarely looked at dailies…huge mistake.  I have been diligent when it comes to viewing the dailies and because of that I was able to re-shoot certain scenes if need be.  One thing I will say about myself, I always learn from my mistakes.  I have gotten a little better at scheduling but that is something I still need to improve upon going forward.

As with previous projects I learned a lot while filming FLoZ.  The most important thing I learned was who my true friends really are.  Now I won’t get into specifics but quite a few people showed their true colors and it’s sad.  There were several people I considered friends but now…who knows.  What I have found out is who truly has my back and that’s most important.  I have been privileged to work along side some very talented/creative people on FLoZ and so far we have some incredible footage that will certainly make a fun/zombierific film.

If I wasn’t busy enough I’ve decided to shoot another short for a contest that was forwarded to me.  I will be filming it this weekend and then it’s off to post.  I wrote a very scary 3 minute film that if edited and shot correctly should give me a good shot a winning.  If I was fortunate enough to win this contest it would certainly help FLoZ and Sorrow Hill.

If you haven’t done so already, support independent film making and Grindhouse Pictures by purchasing the Sorrow Hill DVD.  Right now we are running a weekend special where you can purchase Sorrow Hill for only $9.99.  Click HERE to order.  A big thank you to everyone who has already ordered the DVD.  I hope you enjoyed it.

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Sorrow Hill wrapping we are putting the DVD on sale for a limited time…only 9.99.  So if you haven’t ordered the DVD people are calling “A groundbreaking achievement in low budget horror film making” now is the perfect time.  Click below to order your copy and to take advantage of this limited time price.


The Latest Random Ass Podcast

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8Jul 10

Click below and check out the latest Random Ass Podcast.  Lots of tales from the set of For Love of Zombies.

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