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Filming recap…

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18Jun 10

This past week has been a little bumpy and really stressful.  First off, if you have never attempted to make an independent movie just know going in…it isn’t easy.  Things will not go smoothly, trust me.  There will always be things, big and small, that arise that will slow down production or even threaten it.  How you handle those bumps will determine whether or not you have what it takes to see the project through.  You could be the most talented writer, director, actor, producer, or sound engineer in the world but if you don’t have the gumption to battle through rough spots then you will never make it.  I am proud to say that the cast and crew of FLoZ have not only the gumption but the will to finish this project.

We had an unfortunate set back this week.  The vehicle we were using for the interior/exterior truck scenes unexpectedly became unavailable.  This was a blow because we had filmed roughly 75 percent of the truck scenes.  I watched the footage several times trying to figure out a way to be creative with my editing so we could make it work.  I couldn’t do it.  We would either need to find an identical vehicle and finish the remaining 25 percent or we would have to re-shoot all the footage with a different vehicle.  After asking around on social networking sites to see if anyone had a similar vehicle to lend and after calling every car rental agency in south jersey we came up empty.  So we decided we would have to re-shoot all the car footage.  This meant adding another day to the shoot which would require cast and crew to commit to another full day of shooting.  It was an amazing feeling when everyone in the cast/crew was completely behind and committed to whatever we needed to do.  No one complained, no one whined every person said basically the same thing…we will do whatever we have to to get it right.  Needless to say that showed how fortified we are as a team.  I am so lucky.

The other smaller bump we hit this week was with our “main” zombie.  I main zombie is played by Ryan DiBiase and he has done an incredible job so far.  Whatever we have wanted to do he has been completely up for it.  We filmed all day Monday and it was all stuff we needed with Ryan so we could wrap his scenes.  However, after reviewing the footage I realized we missed a couple of shots that I really wanted.  We had to rush a little bit that day because of some scheduling issues with some of our other cast members and I missed a small section of shots on my shot list.  Ryan is getting married the weekend of June 25th and will not be returning from his honey moon until early July so I had to make the decision do I just go with the footage I have and work around the shots I missed or do I try and schedule a day in July to get what I needed.  I spoke to my cast including Ryan and once again all of them said whatever we needed to do to get it right.

This dedication to FLoZ has reinforced what I knew all along, that this is a special script.  Everyone involved with the production believes in the script and in the fact that if we shoot it correctly, we will have something pretty special on our hands.  The footage we have so far has me really excited and when it is all edited together…let’s just say I can’t wait.

June 26th and June 27th is only one week away and we still could use more ZOMBIES!  We are shooting all day both days and we are still ironing out the call times for the various zombies.  If you are interested in being a zombie and you want to be a part of this exciting film contact Elisha Jachetti.  Her email address is  Next weekend promises to be a lot of fun as we shoot the climatic scene to our movie, so come on out and have a blast.

Also, just a reminder Grindhouse Pictures first feature film Sorrow Hill is available on DVD.  Order your copy now at  Also, help the production of FLoZ by ordering your own For Love of Zombies T-Shirt.  Order yours now at

Get caught up with all the For Love of Zombie news and listen to the song we play during our music break…one last F-You to the man!  Click below and behold all the podcast glory.

The Sorrow Hill DVD is here!

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2Jun 10

I messed up a little on the release date.  May 31st was Memorial Day and so I didn’t get my shipment of  DVD’s.  However, I did get them June 1st and we are in the process of putting the cases together and all the pre-orders will be shipped by the beginning of next week.  Once again thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and for your patience as we put the DVD together.  I believe once you see the movie you will realize it was worth the wait.

We will be having a DVD release event today at the new Capes and Cowls Comic Book Store in Bensalem PA.   Their address is 527 Bristol Pike.  We will be selling the Sorrow Hill DVD,  you can meet some of the cast from both Sorrow Hill and our next film For Love of Zombies.  We will have raffles and giveaways as well For Love of Zombie T-Shirts.  The event starts at Noon so come on out and see us.

If you can’t make it out to Bensalem you can of course still order the movie at  The movie is only $15 and shipping is FREE.

For Love of Zombies begins principal photography this Saturday.  I am looking forward to being behind the camera again.  We have a great cast and crew who are all dedicated to making a great film.  This experience has already been a lot different than Sorrow Hill.  In a good way.  We will be posting  a lot of pictures and behind the scenes video on the For Love of Zombies web page as well as the For Love of Zombies Facebook page.  Keep checking to follow along with our progress.

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