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Sorrow Hill DVD update

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23May 10

Sorrow Hill’s official release date is May 31st.  The menus are nearly complete as well as the DVD cover art.  Tom from Thomas Design Studios is working very hard to finish everything up so we can get the DVD’s pressed and shipped.  For all those who pre-ordered the DVD your DVD will ship on May 31st.  I keep getting angry messages and e-mails whenever I announce that the DVD is coming out May 31st asking where their DVD is.  I’m not sure what the mis-communication is but the DVD will not be available until May 31st, the DVD will ship out to those who pre-ordered May 31st.

I just finished up the bonus features and I hope people enjoy what we have put together.  Once again I am sorry for all the confusion.  I hope this clears things up a little bit.

Moving forward

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16May 10

This last week was quite busy/productive for Grindhouse Pictures and For Love of Zombies.  First, I completed all the bonus feature for Sorrow Hill.  Remember our first film that drew over 500 people at it’s one and only public screening.  I still love saying over 500 people…it’s a night I won’t ever forget.  Anyhow, looks like we are on track for our May 31st release date so if you haven’t done so already head over to and pre-order your copy before we are sold out.  We are pressing enough that if we sell out we can pay back our investors in full as well as pay off all the debt I obtained from Sorrow Hill and with a little left over to reward my hardworking cast and crew.  Those who have already pre-ordered, if the DVD’s are done sooner I will certainly ship them out immediately.  Once again thank you for your incredible patience, I promise you will not be disappointed.

This past Tuesday I met with my new DP Doug Cogit and Grindhouse VP Matt DiBiase to break down For Love of Zombies into shot selections.  None of us can draw but Doug did an adequate job in storyboarding some of the scenes.  The meeting went great and all three of us worked extremely well together.  We have an exciting vision for FLoZ and we are anxious to begin filming.  Which leads me to my next announcement, we are delaying filming for a couple of weeks.  Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but we decided as a team to push back the start date of principal photography so we have enough time to acquire the equipment needed to shoot certain scenes and we also scheduled a scouting trip to Evans City so we can finish off our storyboards.  We couldn’t schedule our trip until the first weekend of June because we all have day jobs and we had to coordinate our schedules so the three of us could all go.  After we return from scouting Evans City Cemetery we will sit down and hammer out a production schedule.  It will be challenging because our cast all have different work schedules and we need a lot of zombies.  We need to be really creative with the schedule to optimize all of our time with the zombies.  As soon as the schedule is made I will post how and when you can become a zombie for our film.  A lot of you have contacted me inquiring on how to become a zombie for FLoZ and it’s exciting that so many people are interested.  Believe me once we know the shooting dates I will post them and hopefully many of you will be available.  We need 40-50 zombies so slots will go quickly.  We already have about 20 of those slots filled so the rest will be entirely first come first serve.

The shorts we posted on ZombieVision on the FLoZ website have truly gone viral!  We have been featured on,, and  I can’t believe how many times the shorts have been viewed.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch them.  And I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to email me your thoughts.  For the first time ever the majority of the emails are positive.  As many of you know I get my fair share of emails that inform me that I suck.  Which is fine…they amuse me.  However, every once in a while I get an email that truly makes my day…


I viewed your For Love of Zombie webisodes and I must say I was impressed.  They were funny and your zombies in the third webisode were really well done.  However, I take exception with what the girls said in webisode 2.  In that webisode they were bitching about their boyfriends and how they didn’t like going to the beach.  The one girl said “you’d think they’d want a little color.”  Maybe the color is off on my monitor but those were the palest bitches on Earth.  You’d think they would want a little color before ripping their men.  With that being said they were both hot and I wish the big guy didn’t ruin my night.  Good luck with the movie and are you going to post any outtakes?

Zombily yours,


I left out Chuck’s last name because I’m not sure if he wants to be identified.  But I must say I really enjoyed his email and for making my day Chuck you have a FLoZ T-Shirt heading your way.  Also, no I will not be posting any outtakes at this time.  Perhaps after we shoot the actual film but not before then.

Anyway, have any thoughts like my buddy Chuck?  Feel free to email me:  Who knows maybe your email will be good enough to land a t-shirt.

What a weekend!

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10May 10

This weekend was fantastic.  We had a great fundraiser on Saturday.  I’d like to thank everyone who came out and supported us…your contributions will be put to good use.  And to the idiot who stole money from us…you’re a piece of crap.  However, I will not let that transgression ruin what was a great night nor will I let it stop me from making an incredible Zombie Movie.

I have put all three For Love of Zombie prelude shorts up on the For Love of Zombies site and so far over 18,000 views!  Thanks to everyone for checking them out!  If you haven’t…go to the zombie vision page and check out the zombie goodness.

I am so excited for what lies ahead.  The shorts have been really well received and have really inspired me to make For Love of Zombies not good but GREAT!  And believe me…I am going to do whatever it takes, make every sacrifice to ensure that For Love of Zombies is going to kick you ass!

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