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Busy, busy, busy…

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29Mar 10

Things are really starting to shape up.  For Love of Zombies pre-production is in full swing and the to do list gets longer each day.  There is a production meeting scheduled for this Thursday to go over the test make up and other things that need to be accomplished before principal photography.

The past couple weeks we have filmed footage for webisodes and teaser trailers and it has gone smooth.  I hope the filming of the actual movie goes as smoothly.  My cast has been well prepared and fun.  They are a talented group that have developed a strong chemistry thus far.  Each of them have brought a unique quality to their respective characters and they have all worked hard to give their characters a distinct voice.

I really like how the webisodes are turning out.  Those webisodes are going to do a great job leading up to the actual film.  They will get the audience familiar with the story and the characters.  I can’t wait to start rolling them out.

We have also been busy scouting cemeteries.  We may not be able to shoot all of the film at Evans City so we are looking for a local cemetery to film pick up shots, b roll, and some of the zombie goodness.  There are some really creepy cemeteries in the South Jersey area.  Actually found one that is very similar to Evans City and should work nicely for what we need to do.

I was going to blog about a lot of other things but I just got done working 12 hours on the graveyard shift and I can’t think straight.  I will blog again later after I get some much needed sleep.

New Random Ass Podcast

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25Mar 10

The Grindhouse Radio page is temporarily down so we will post the podcast the old fashioned way…in the blog.  Click below and catch up with everything that is going on surrounding Grindhouse Pictures and it’s latest production For Love of Zombies.

The Radio Page will be back up later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for your support.

Things are beginning to heat up.

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21Mar 10

This week promises to be an exciting and busy week at Grindhouse Pictures.

Working hard to launch the For Love of Zombies web site.  Tom from Thomas Design Studios has come up with a kick ass logo and design concept for the site.  There will be a lot of content on the site, we truly want to make this a fully interactive site for all the visitors.  We are going to document everything that happens during the production.  That begins this week with webisode re-shoots.  There will be a lot of behind the scene photos as well as video diaries. Once the site is launched each cast member will have their own blog.  One other feature I am working hard on is For Love of Zombies Flash game.

We also have a lot of fun events planned to help promote and raise financing for the film.  From a Brains and Beer to a Zombie Bikini Car Wash.  We hope to see all of you there.

We have set up an indiegogo page on  Click here and you will be magically transported to the For Love of Zombies fund page.  There you can check out all the ways you can help For Love of Zombies and also become part of  Zombie movie history.

Sorrow Hill DVD is still coming along.  No word on distribution.  Hope to have some news on that soon if not will self distribute and just keep moving forward.  May enter Sorrow Hill in some horror festivals but I’m not entirely sure.  Not sure what the future is for Sorrow Hill but as soon as I do I will post it.  One thing I do know those who pre-ordered their DVD’s so long ago will receive a nice DVD package once the menus and bonus features are done.

Finally…a new blog.

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13Mar 10

Things have been rather hectic here at Grindhouse Pictures.  We’ve been busy with the pre-production for our next project For Love of Zombies.  Auditioning actresses, filming teaser trailers and webisodes, planning fundraisers, scouting locations, hiring crew…it’s been a madhouse but it’s a rewarding one.  Pre-production, although chaotic, is very rewarding.  You start to see the results of all the hard work and you really begin to believe that this film is going to happen.  The foundation is set, now I just have to execute.  I met with most of my cast this week when we filmed an upcoming For Love of Zombies webisode and I told them to visualize the goals I have set out for this film.  I have lofty goals for this film, the script is solid and so are the actors and crew so I know we can achieve them…we all just have to be positive.

We shot a lot of great footage this past Wednesday.  A lot of funny stuff for the next webisode and teaser trailer.  I still have a couple pick ups to shoot for the webisode but the new teaser trailer will be up by the end of this week.  A few people have asked me what the deal is with the webisodes.  So, here is an explanation of what we are planning.  The webisodes are being utilized to help build momentum and anticipation for the short film For Love of Zombies.  The webisodes will provide back story and character development as well as give our audience an introduction to our talented cast.  There will be 5 webisodes each one a chapter in the For Love of Zombies narrative with the short film being the culmination.

I have purchased the domain name and hope to have a little something up there shortly.  Once the site is up each webisode will debut there.

The DVD is being putting together for Sorrow Hill.  I have been compiling a few things for the bonus features and Tom from Thomas Design Studios has been designing the DVD cover and DVD menus.  If a distribution deal is not in place by June then I will be self-distributing.  I plan on entering Sorrow Hill in a few horror film festivals so keep checking back for Sorrow Hill updates.  I have watched the film several times and I am extremely proud of all the hard work the cast/crew put into the movie.  The movie has it’s flaws but for my first feature I am proud of all that was accomplished.

The random ass podcast returns this Tuesday.  Teddy will be driving down to Grindhouse Studios to record some VO for the teaser trailer so while he is there we will be bringing you a new episode of the Random Ass Podcast.  We hope to have a huge announcement concerning the cast of For Love of Zombies.  Besides the potential cast announcement we will be discussing all the news concerning FLoZ as well as giving you our thoughts on some movies we have watched lately.  The Crazies, Dead Snow, and The House of the Devil will all be discussed.

Lastly, I have begun the process of changing the name of my production company.  I’ve already discussed at length in previous blog postings why I have to change the name of the company so I’m not going to get into it again.  I am filing the paperwork this week to dissolve Grindhouse Pictures as an LLC and we will file the new paperwork to create my new LLC.  What will be the name of the new company?  I am not entirely sure yet but I have narrowed it down to a short list.  Stay tuned.

That’s all for now.  I’m sure there is a lot I forgot to mention so I will blog again later…

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