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23Feb 10

Check out the latest installment of podcast awesomeness.  Click on the link below, which will take you to the new and improved Grindhouse Radio Page.  From there you can listen to the latest installment of the Random Ass Podcast.   On this weeks show,  For Love of Zombie’s updates as well as a contest with fabulous prizes.   Just listen to the podcast and email us the answer to our question and you could win.

Or if you are too lazy to follow links just click below for the podcast.

After a weekend of working on the Grindhouse Radio page I think I finally have it close to the way I want it.  I am still working out a couple of bugs I have encountered with the FLoZ trailer playing on Internet Explorer.  In the meantime head on over to and check out archived episodes of The Random Ass Podcast and some of my earlier radio work including interviews with William Katt, Courtney Gains, and Kristina Klebe.

We are also featuring an old time horror radio show from the golden age of radio.  This weeks episode is titled “Poltergeist” and it is sure to make your spine tingle.  We will feature a new old time radio show each week as well as debuting a new Random Ass Podcast so check back with often to catch up with the latest news and fun.

Some quick updates

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18Feb 10

Still haven’t heard back from potential distributors.  I know I must have patience and I am sending Sorrow Hill out to a couple more this week.

If you look on the homepage of you will see that I have some google ads and also a banner to sell t-shirts for a company called t-shirt hell.  I have added these in order to raise revenue for upcoming projects.  Feel free to click on the google ads as often as you like.  Make a couple pennies per click and it all adds up trust me.  Also, if you click on the t-shirt banner and end up buying a shirt I get a commission.  It’s a pretty sweet deal, each shirt sold through my banner earns Grindhouse Pictures $5.  I plan on donating a portion of each t-shirt sale to a local charity so check out the t-shirts some of them are pretty funny.

When I meet with Tom in the next couple of days we have a lot to accomplish.  I want to design a For Love of Zombies t-shirt…actually a couple.  I have sold t-shirts in the past but this time I want to offer more options.  Be on the look out for these cool t-shirts to help support the production of For Love of Zombies.  We are organizing some really cool events as well for fundraisers and there will be more information coming your way through this blog and of course through the Random Ass Podcast.

Speaking of the Random Ass Podcast…our latest installment posted two days ago and our numbers are through the roof.  Thanks to all who have listened so far and if you haven’t…what are you waiting for?

Pre-production is going a little slow for FLoZ (For Love of  Zombies) due to the weather.  Haven’t had the opportunity to get my entire pre-production team together in one shot been speaking with them mostly individually so we have some things in the works but we need to really get the wheels turning so we can start filming this May/June.

A lot of exciting things are on the horizon for Grindhouse Pictures so check back daily for the latest news and podcasts.  And help us out…click on those Google Ad’s on the homepage.

New Random Ass Podcast available

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16Feb 10

Teddy and I have just wrapped up another edition of the Random Ass Podcast.  Click below and give a listen.  Lots of For Love of Zombie updates and we also discuss upcoming zombie movies and books.

Random thoughts…

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13Feb 10

Working the graveyard shift has it’s advantages.  One, I get to work by myself in a huge empty office building which can be creepy at times…I love it.  Two, I get to work on screenplays in between running reports and monitoring the system.  Three, I get to be alone with my thoughts.  A lot has been running through my mind lately, pre-production on For Love of Zombies, the Sorrow Hill Premiere, and pending distribution deals for the Sorrow Hill DVD.  The one that seems to be front and center on my mind continues to be the Sorrow Hill Premiere.  Since the premiere occurred a little over a week ago I have received a lot of feedback.  Most positive. But I’d be a fool if I thought there wouldn’t be some negativity surrounding the movie and the premiere.  I usually let negativity slide by without paying it much mind…but I feel like I need to say this and then maybe I can finally put Sorrow Hill to bed…at least until the DVD comes out.

What we were able to accomplish with the limitations we had is astounding.  There isn’t another movie with a comparable budget that can stack up to Sorrow Hill.  If there is one I haven’t seen it.  I know the movie has it’s flaws but I defy you to show me another movie that was shot with the same budget that delivers what Sorrow Hill delivers.  So for people to be writing me emails telling me how my movie doesn’t compare to those of Rob Zombie…all I can say is you’re right.  I made a movie for 4,000 dollars.  That’s what is typically spent on food for 3 days of shooting on a typical Hollywood set.  Rob Zombie had budgets in excess of 30,000,000…so no I can’t come close to matching the production values of a highly financed Hollywood movie.  I don’t think the comparison is fair but as a filmmaker, especially one in the horror genre,  it is inevitable that people will compare me to others.  So for the e-mailer who called my film amateurish and lacking in production values compared to Rob Zombie films you’re right…but I guarantee you with a 1/10 th of that budget I can make a better film.

In that same email, I was mocked for not selling out the Broadway Theater.  I tried my best but the emailer was correct, I didn’t sell out the theater.  The Broadway theater seats 1,000 people.  I only used this blog and Facebook to advertise the film’s premiere.  That being said, on a Thursday night…in Pitman NJ…which isn’t exactly a thriving metropolis, I was able to draw over 500 people to the Sorrow Hill Premiere…not to shabby in my book.  In fact I am proud of what we accomplished that night.  I may not have sold out the theater…but I came damn close.

It is now onward and upward with For Love of Zombies.  This past week several actresses have contacted me expressing interest in reading for a role.  Pre-production can be the most frustrating but at the same time the most satisfying part of a film.  I have several hard working people lending a hand and I know at the end of the day we will have everything in place before principal photography begins.  I can’ t wait for filming to begin…

One last thing about that emailer…he/she didn’t sign it and when I responded their email was no longer active.  So once again I am attacked by a nameless, faceless person.

Random Ass Podcast up now!

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9Feb 10

Teddy and I have a final discussion about Sorrow Hill and the premiere that took place February 4th.  We also discuss what is on the horizon for Grindhouse Pictures.  So click below and catch up with all the latest goings on at Grindhouse Pictures.

Also watch the For Love of Zombies teaser below.

This past Thursday night was surreal.  Watching Sorrow Hill on a big screen in front of a packed house was an amazing feeling.  One I will not soon forget.  So much to discuss.  A lot of which will be covered on the next Random Ass Podcast.

I would like to thank everyone who came to the premiere and made the evening the incredible event that it was.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and I hope you enjoyed the film.  So many people worked so hard on Sorrow Hill and I hope Thursday night was as rewarding to them as it was to me.

Not sure what lies ahead for Sorrow Hill.  I will be entering the film into several horror film festivals that much is certain.

Waiting on distributors to decide if they are interested in Sorrow Hill.  I will be working on the DVD during the next couple of weeks so I can honor the pre-orders.  I will be sending out DVD’s hopefully by the end of February so if you pre-ordered you will receive your movie shortly.  If I don’t have a distribution deal by the end of spring I will probably go the self distribution route domestically.  Foreign distribution is just about a done deal which will be neat…Sorrow Hill in Chinese, pretty cool.

Pre-production is now in full swing on our next project.  Our short film title For Love of Zombies.  We have high hopes for this short.  The script is solid and I can’t wait to get behind the camera and incorporate all that I have learned from Sorrow Hill and other shorts I have done since Sorrow Hill wrapped.  I have 3/4 of  the  main cast but I am still looking for one more female lead.  Any one interested email me:  Keep on the lookout for the For Love of Zombies webisode.

A few people have emailed me critiques on Sorrow Hill and all of their criticism is welcome.  However, I will stand by the finished product.  At the end of the day we made a 4,000 dollar film that delivered a strong story, strong acting, and a finished product that entertained a packed theater.  I know it has flaws, and it is far from perfect but I will put this film up against any other film with a comparable budget and show that we made a superior film.  We didn’t go for the cheap scare or over the top gore.  We didn’t go out to try and shock people.  We set out to make an entertaining film…mission accomplished.

Tickets still available.

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3Feb 10

Tickets are not sold out!  Paypal does not allow one to sell an item 24 hours before the event for shipping reasons.  Even though I have a will call window those are their rules.

Tickets will be available at the door.  We are not sold out!

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