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27Dec 09

I know what a lot of you are thinking…you’re crazy.  And in a lot of ways you would be correct but after watching the movie over and over again there was something that seemed to be missing and then it hit me.  Now I don’t want to give away what that something is just yet.  I just know I need to shoot this additional scene in order to make Sorrow Hill as good as it can be.  I put the call out to interested actresses and man did I get a response.  Social networking is an amazing entity.  So, this week on Tuesday and Wednesday I will be auditioning actresses for this scene.  It’s always great meeting new, talented people.  I hope I have a hard decision to make.

I’ve already heard from people who saw the announcement on Facebook about the shooting of an additional scene for Sorrow Hill.  They feel there is no way I can shoot this scene, edit it, and incorporate it into the film before the February 4th premiere.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I’m not going to argue with people anymore or try and justify my decisions, it’s too tiring.  Hopefully I will prove them wrong…only time will tell.

Tickets have been designed and printed.  They look amazing.  It is truly unlike any movie ticket ever made.  Except for one flaw and it’s entirely my fault because I sent the text that needed to appear on the ticket.  I spelled February wrong.  When I sent the information  I spelled it Feburary.  Ugggh.  I’m an idiot.  And I didn’t catch the mistake until over 600 tickets were printed.  So, I have a dilemma…do I send out the tickets with the misspelling or do I pay more money to get the tickets reprinted.  Funds are little low right now at Grindhouse Pictures.  The premiere is costing me a lot of money, with the theater rental and event insurance.  I just don’t know if reprinting the ticket is a priority right now…I have to decide quick because a lot of  orders have come in and I want to send the tickets out.  Any suggestions?

I can’t wait to get behind the camera again.  I learned so much from editing Sorrow Hill.  I can’t wait to incorporate when I shoot this additional scene.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Everyone at Grindhouse Pictures would like to wish you and yours a very healthy and happy holiday season.

I will be working tonight starting at midnight so I will need to pass the time before I head home to watch my incredibly excited daughter unwrap her bounty.  So tonight I will be watching these holiday movies to get ready for Christmas…

Black Christmas…both versions and Die Hard.  I know, the traditional holiday fare but it will get me through a long un-eventful night at work.  I guess could watch Silent Night, Deadly Night…

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23Dec 09

I honestly can not remember the last time I did an email bag.  I could look back in the blog archives but I’m feeling lazy right about now so I will just answer some of the questions I have received over the past months.  As always they are unfiltered and copy and pasted from the actual emails I receive.  Before I do that however I just want to say thank you to all you who have already bought tickets for the February 4th premiere of Sorrow Hill.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Now on to the questions:

Question 1 from Barbara C. in Salem NJ.


How come I have to register on the blog to post a comment?  If I register will you turn around an sell my email address to a mailing list.  Good luck with editing.

I have received this question quite a bit.

Well, Barbara I am sorry to inform you that you indeed have to register in order to leave a comment.  I did this to cut down on the number of spammers.  Adding the extra step of registering has helped eliminate the spamming.  And I would never sell anyone’s e-mail address.  I am humbled by how many people read my blog and would not betray them by selling an email list.

Question #2 from Cynthia in Philadelphia.

When is the DVD coming out?  I pre-ordered the movie and since I seen you were finished editing is the DVD soon to be released?

Ah…another question I have received a lot.  I honestly do not know when the DVD will be released.  I am fortunate to have several distributors interested in Sorrow Hill so I am at their mercy.  Once a distribution deal is in place a release date will be forthcoming.  Now, with that being said I want everyone who pre-ordered to know that you will be taken care of for your patience.  I am putting together an impressive package to accompany your DVD once they are released.    Even though this wasn’t part of the question I feel it’s necessary to explain why I did a pre-sale of Sorrow Hill.  I am a newbie when it comes to the distribution side of films.  I always thought I would have to self-distribute the movie.  Which is still an option if distribution falls through but that’s neither here nor there.  So I did the pre-sale to gauge to how many copies I would initially need for a first pressing.  When I was contacted by a distributor I was told to cease the pre-sale or it would affect any agreement that would be reached.  I was told I could honor the pre-orders but couldn’t take anymore.  I have said this several times before but if any one who pre-ordered wants a refund I will refund their money.  I understand it’s been a while since the pre-sale and I understand any and all frustration but I promise you the package I put together for you will be worth the wait.

Question 3 from Jessica in Atlantic City.

How can I be in your movies?  I love horror movies and have always wanted to be in one.  Do you need expereince or do you hire anyone?

Well Jessica experience always helps but it isn’t necessary.  I found my entire cast of Sorrow Hill from an open casting call.  And while most of them were theater students in college most had never done a movie.  I will hire anyone who has the energy and drive to do what is necessary to make a movie.   It isn’t an easy thing to accomplish so you must have individuals who are dedicated and not there to just pass the time.  I will continue to have open casting calls when necessary but if you’d like to be added to my audition mailing list all you need to do is contact me at

One thing I will reccommend is to have a headshot and bio ready because I do request those when contacted.

Yes I know these were some softball questions for the first email bag in a while .  I wanted to ease myself back into it and besides you can only answer, “Why do you suck?”  So many times.

Where it all began…

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20Dec 09

As I sit here at work watching the snow pile up I can’t help but think back two December’s  when close to 200 people filled two conference rooms at the Ramada Inn in Vineland NJ.  So much has happened since December 15th 2007.

I met so many wonderful people that day.  A lot of talented people.  I remember going into the open call I expected maybe 50 – 60 people at the most would show…how wrong I was.  I walked out into the lobby outside the conference room and it was a packed.   I remember thinking how the hell are we going to audition everyone.  I decided right then and there that everyone who came out was going to get a chance to audition.  Even if I had to stay all night.

I went up to the front desk at the Ramada and informed them that I was going to need the rooms a little bit longer than I originally planned.  They were really cool about it and didn’t even charge me.

As the day wore on I got more and more excited about Sorrow Hill.  The reason being the steady parade of talented people…I could now pick and choose who would be in my film and would not have to settle for lesser talent.

Come check out these talented individuals on Thursday February 4th at the Broadway Theater in Pitman.  Order your tickets now only $6 to pre-order and $8 at the door if there are any left so order now.

Click here to order.

Can’t wait for the premiere.

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19Dec 09

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to screen Sorrow Hill to a few members of the Grindhouse family and since I have already seen the film hundreds of times it seems like I could just sit back and watch their reactions…all I can say was I felt good when the movie ended.   They jumped when I wanted them to, the cringed when appropriate and even laughed at that right moments.  Now of course they are all going to tell me they liked and I believe them but the faces and reactions don’t lie and I know I have something really good on my hands judging by their reactions.

That is why I can’t wait for the premiere.  So that everyone that has been following the film’s progress and sometimes lack thereof can finally see the finished product.   I know everyone will be impressed by the performances of my talented cast.  People will be amazed at the level of talent we have here in South Jersey.

Everyone who has seen the film, which have only been a few, have all told me the same thing, that the film itself looks amazing.  From the color to the quality, it doesn’t look like it was shot on a video camera.  That was my primary goal.  Even though I was technically shooting with a video camera I made certain that it didn’t have the “video” look.

The premiere is going to be a lot of fun.  Tickets are cheap only $6 if you pre-order and $8 at the door.  We are planning a lot of cool things for the premiere.  We will have some great prize give-aways, you can meet most of the cast, you can meet me if you’re interested, and of course the after party.  We don’t have a venue for the after party yet but we will shortly.  It’s going to be a fun evening and I hope to see all of you there.

Support independent film making and the incredibly talented people involved with this project.  Let’s pack the theatre and have a great time!

Tickets are only $6.  Click the link below and order yours now…while you still can.

Tickets on sale now!

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18Dec 09

You can now purchase your tickets for the Sorrow Hill premiere.  They are only $6 if you purchase in advance $8 if you purchase at the door.

The premiere will take place Thursday February 4th 2010 at the historic Broadway Theatre in Pitman NJ.  Doors will open at 6.  You will then have the opportunity to meet the cast of Sorrow Hill.  The movie will begin approximately at 7:30 with a Q & A to follow.

Order your tickets now and avoid being shut out of this exciting event.

Prize give aways and after party information to follow.

Click the link below and purchase your tickets today!

Random Ass Podcast is now up!

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16Dec 09

Listen to the latest edition of the Random Ass Podcast and get all the latest news concerning the premiere and all things Grindhouse Pictures.

Big News!

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16Dec 09

As I announced on Facebook last night Sorrow Hill has a premiere date and venue!

Thursday February 4th at the Historic Broadway Theater in Pitman NJ.

Teddy Wycheck and I will be doing another episode of the Random Ass Podcast today and it will be posted later tonight/early tomorrow.

We will be discussing all the details surrounding the premiere.

12-11 appearance on 92.1 WVLT

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12Dec 09

Last night I returned to my old stomping grounds at WVLT.  Click below and listen to what transpired.

Tune in live tonight!

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11Dec 09

Tune in tonight at around 11:15 and hear my return to 92.1 WVLT.  You can listen live at and be sure to jump in the chat room.  Or, just simply call in 856-696-0092.

Been a while since I’ve been on the air, tune in and find out all the latest news.

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