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25Oct 09

It’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote a meaningful blog.  I figured it’s time to catch everyone up with what’s going on with Sorrow Hill, Grindhouse Pictures, and myself.

Sorrow Hill is almost done.  I know I have been saying this for a while and each time it’s true but suffice it to say every day brings me closer to being finished.  The editing process has taught me a lot about being a complete filmmaker.  The mistakes I made during the filming of Sorrow Hill were numerous and editing has shined a bright light on those mistakes.  Going forward with future projects I will not make those mistakes and it will make the overall experience more enjoyable.  I can’t wait for the movie to premiere, I can’t wait til the movie is distributed, and I can’t wait to start my next project.  Whichever one that may be.  I really want For Love of Zombies to be next up but we may need to wait until spring to shoot because it is an outdoor film.  In the meantime I have a couple other short projects I would like to film.  So who knows.  I just know I want to get back behind the camera.

We shot B-reel footage this past week from the RV’s perspective driving down the road.  Matt DiBiase and Tom Carty were cool enough to lend a hand in that.  It was interesting since we no longer have access to the RV we used in the original filming, so we had to get creative.  I got to hang out of Matt’s sun roof and film.  It was a little difficult but the footage looks good and it is more than acceptable.  I really don’t know where I would be without Tom.  I am very fortunate to have him as a friend.  Not only does he do all the incredible graphic design for Grindhouse Pictures but he was kind and generous enough to allow me to set up shop in his office so I can finish editing Sorrow Hill.  I recently sold my house and due to some mix-ups I found myself without a place to live….let alone edit.  I will get to my living arrangement next but Tom knew what I was up against trying to get the movie completed and appease all the people who have been waiting for me to finish and he stepped up big time.  I will never be able to repay him for all he has done.   Also, I would like to thank Matt DiBiase for continuing to be there for me every time I need a hand with something whether it be helping me film B-Reel footage or being a second pair of eyes to go over the edit Matt has never said no when I have called him.  Thanks Matt!

Now on to my living arrangement.  I have another great friend who knew my situation and offered me his apartment down in Ocean City NJ.  It’s off season and it was empty and he rented it to me at a very reasonable rate.  I thought my living arrangements were settled, even if it was only temporarily.  Then Wednesday after filming the B-Reel footage Matt and I drove to the apartment so I could pick up some things and when we arrived we saw that someone had forced their way in.  The door was pryed open.  Luckily nothing was missing, I only have my clothes there at the moment and if you have seen the way I dress you know no one is going to steal my wardrobe.  So, not feeling comfortable at this apartment any longer I have packed up my things and will be staying in hotels once more.  All my earthly belongings are in storage, my editing system is set up at Tom’s and I lay my head down in a different town just about every night.  This is going to be an interesting couple of months.

Even with all the stuff that’s been going on I am only a little behind schedule on Sorrow Hill.  There are several people who won’t be happy to hear that but I have to stop worrying what everyone thinks and says about me.  I can only do what I can…I am but one person editing an entire film from soup to nuts and I want it to look and sound the way I always envisioned it, I can’t sacrifice quality just to be able to say it’s complete.

That should catch everyone up for the most part.  Thanks for reading.  Back to editing…

Sorrow Hill update

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9Oct 09

Color correction…Check.


Special effects…Check.

Next up the audio, which includes music and foley.

Each day brings me closer to the completion of  Sorrow Hill.

I owe a lot to Tom Carty.  He has been nice enough to put me up in his office to finish the movie.

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