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25Sep 09

It’s the latest edition of the Random Ass Podcast, so click below and find out the latest news concerning Sorrow Hill.  Also, on this episode listen to Teddy and I talk about the slasher film genre and anything else that pops into our heads…that’s why it’s called Random Ass.

New movie poster!

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21Sep 09

I unveiled the official one sheet for Sorrow Hill to most of the cast and crew this past Friday night and it went over big.  The poster is amazing, the photo was taken by Kristie Lee Achuff and the poster was designed and laid out by Tom Carty from Thomas Design Studios.  He did an amazing job and I’m proud to have his poster design represent Sorrow Hill.

Color correction is nearly complete!  The film has a fantastic look that really adds to the mood I was trying to set for the film.  After that I will finish up the audio and special effects in time for our planned November premieres.

I will be talking about all this and more on the latest podcast that will be recorded Tuesday and posted Tuesday night.  Lots of news concerning Sorrow Hill and Grindhouse Pictures.  Tune in.

The official Sorrow Hill one sheet.

Sorrow Hill update.

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14Sep 09

Film is nearly color corrected.  I’ve worked very hard to give the film a distinct look and so far so good.  Tomorrow promises to be a really good day.  I am getting together with my great friend Tom Carty from Thomas Design Studios and we are going to be designing and printing out the new Sorrow Hill movie posters.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with.  It’s been a while since Tom and I worked together so tomorrow will be great.

This week I will be getting together with most of the cast and crew from Sorrow Hill to show them some extended clips as well as have them sign the movie posters.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a lot of the cast members so this should be a lot of fun.  Every day my dream of debuting a movie I wrote and directed comes closer…I truly can’t wait.

Lots of news…

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6Sep 09

Grindhouse Pictures is currently planning several premieres in various locations.  Matt DiBiase and myself are dilligently looking into venues that would be condusive for an exciting premiere.  Those who listen to the podcast know I am trying to debut the movie at the Delsea Drive-In.  It’s going to be difficult but we won’t stop trying.  We are also looking into the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, the Pitman Theatre in Pitman, and a few others.  The DVD will be released after the premieres except for those who pre-ordered.  Those who pre-ordered will get the DVD and a free pass to one of the premieres because of their incredible patience.

Looking forward to getting most of the cast and crew back together in the very near future to sign all the movie posters that will be sent out with the DVD’s as well.  Things are moving really fast now.  Since I finally got all the video together everything else is quickly falling into place.

Once Sorrow Hill is completed we aren’t going to be resting on our accomplishments.  We have several projects in pre-production, and first on that slate is For Love of Zombies.  I can’t wait to film that one.

First 20 minutes color corrected!

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5Sep 09

I’m on a roll now.  The first 20 minutes of Sorrow Hill is color corrected and it looks pretty cool.  I’ve chosen a pretty radical look and color scheme for the film.  I’m taking a chance but I think it’s going to help set Sorrow Hill apart from other low budget independent horror films.

I wanted the film to have a gritty, visceral look and I think I’ve achieved that so far.  I expect a lot of opinions and criticism thrown my way once the movie premieres but I confident that I’m going in the right direction.  I want a finished final cut done within the next 2 weeks and if I keep this pace up I will definitely reach that goal.

Before I go I want to thank everyone who read the previous blog I posted yesterday.  My web traffic was through the roof once again…please keep reading.

Rough edit complete…

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4Sep 09

That’s right…a rough edit of Sorrow Hill is complete.  I still have work to do but all the video is together and now comes the sound mix, the music, foley effects, and some special effects.  I have some big ideas for how to premiere the film and hopefully they will come to fruition.

I am looking at an October premiere and there are a lot of things I need to accomplish before that happens but now that the finish line is in sight I’m more determined than ever.

I’ve learned a lot while editing Sorrow Hill.  Things that will help me as a filmmaker going forward.  All in all Sorrow Hill has been an incredible ride…but man there are a few things I’d do over.  Two things that will be vital in my future productions, a person who runs the slate properly and consistently and hiring a person who sits on set with the script and a shot list.  Those two things will make the next production much more efficient.

I will be blogging a lot more in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Time to start promoting again.  I need to get my web stats up to where they used to be.  The website traffic was through the roof during the filming of Sorrow Hill and also during the height of Grindhouse Radio’s popularity, but now the numbers are down and I hope I can get them back to their previous levels.  The podcasts have been enormously popular and that has helped keep our numbers respectable so a big thank you to everyone who has listened.  Teddy and I have huge plans for the podcast going forward…we hope to have a huge announcement within the next month so stay tuned.

That’s about it for now…it’s a little after 2 am eastern time and I want to do some more work on Sorrow Hill before hitting the sack.  Thanks for reading and keep checking back…more to follow.

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