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Random Ass Podcast now up!

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17Jun 09

Listen to the latest podcast and be entertained.  Teddy Wycheck interviews yours truly about Sorrow Hill.  He made a list of questions from the random ass emails I get as well as ones he wrote himself.  Hopefully this will answer all the questions I get on a regular basis.  We also talk about For Love of Zombies and the pending name change of Grindhouse Pictures.  So give a listen to podcast awesomeness.


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14Jun 09

At work for a nice long 11 hour shift on a Sunday afternoon so what else is there to do but transverse the interwebs.  While doing so I found this hilarious blog which I have added to my blogroll and included a link to here.  It’s pretty basic but it made me laugh so I figured I’d share…

Give it a look see.  What else do you have to do?

Just can’t take it anymore…

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9Jun 09

I know I promise a while ago that I wouldn’t be posting any more blogs about my personal life…and this isn’t really about my personal life just crap I’ve been dealing with trying to recognize my dream of being a filmmaker.

First, I am really tired of people who have never done anything giving me advice on how I should be running Grindhouse Pictures and what I need to be concentrating on.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind advice but when it’s condescending and delivered with an air of superiority it rubs me the wrong way.  I’m sorry if you know so damn much start your own company, write a screenplay, direct a movie, produce a movie, and edit the movie.  Then maybe you can start telling me how I should be running my affairs.

I am busting my ass to complete Sorrow Hill as well as do pre-production work on For Love of Zombies.  I work crazy hours and I have 9 year old daughter that I love being with.  I am just really frustrated with how everyone just thinks I can wave a magic wand and Sorrow Hill is complete.  They have no respect for the process and all the hard work that goes into editing a feature length film.  Once again, the main complainers are the ones I’d like to see try and do what I’ve been doing.  I promise you they’d fold like a cheap suit.

I am doing everything that is humanely possible to deliver a well crafted movie that everyone who is involved with it can be proud of.  And Sorrow Hill will eventually be finished…breathing down my neck won’t get it here any faster.

That’s right come be a part of the first ever live appearance of the Rick and Ron radio show.  We will be appearing at the Platinum Playground.  It is located at 7685 Blackhorse Pike in Hammonton NJ.  We need everyone to come and support this event and while you are there enter to win a chance to co-host our radio show which airs every Friday night, also enter to win a chance to appear in my next film For the Love of Zombies.

Platinum Playground is our newest sponsor so come out and support them.  This Thursday is a great night at the Platinum Playground as well because appearing live, in their only area appearance are the European Dolls.  This promises to be an incredible night and mention Rick and Ron at the door and get in for only $5.00!

I wanna be honest, gentleman’s clubs aren’t my thing.  I don’t enjoy the atmosphere and I find them kind of disgusting but this place is different and this is why.  First they have two gourmet chef’s on staff and a sushi chef!  This place is cleaner than most restaurants I’ve been in and what really blew me away was how clean the bathrooms are.  And for a gentleman’s club it’s a really laid back setting.  The owner, security, and staff all make you feel welcome and work very hard to provide a chill atmosphere.  I normally wouldn’t take on a gentleman’s club as a sponsor but this one is truly different and I hope everyone comes out to see for themselves.

So don’t forget, this Thursday June 11th beginning at 7pm, Rick and I will be there live doing a broadcast as well as doing a bunch of giveaways so come check us out…and the only area appearance of the European Dolls.

You can check them out at!

Hope to see all of you there.

On the air tonight!

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5Jun 09

Tune into the radio show tonight beginning at 11PM on 92.1 WVLT in the Delaware Valley and of course streaming live at Live Chat begins at 11 and I will be on the air at midnight!

Big changes ahead!

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3Jun 09

First of all thanks to everyone who came out to our production kick off party this past Saturday night at The Rail.  It was a packed house and everyone was on the edge of their seats when we debuted two scenes from the upcoming DVD Sorrow Hill.  The reaction is what I wanted and now the anticipation has begun to grow for the DVD’s release.  It won’t be long now.  Not long at all.

Love Monkey did a fantastic job and had the house rocking all night.  It was great meeting a ton of new people as well as a result I have a lot of new facebook friends.

I have posted a lot of Zombie test make-up pictures up on Facebook.  Be sure to check them out they are pretty gruesome.

As the blog title stated there are some big changes ahead for the website and for my company as a whole.  These changes will be launched shortly and will change the face of the company and the website.  I am looking forward to all the changes and it will take the company in a new and exciting direction.  Stay tuned.

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