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29May 09

Tune in starting at 11 for Rick and Ron radio, then at midnight Grindhouse Radio takes over.  I will have lot’s of updates concerning everything Grindhouse.  Listen to me vent…I’m in a foul bleeping mood.

or listen live in the Delaware Valley at 92.1 WVLT.

Zombie audition update!

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23May 09

Unfortunately we will not be holding open auditions next Saturday May 30th.  It’s just too much to try and cram into one weekend so this is what we are going to do.  Anyone who comes out to the party Saturday night and is interested in being a zombie in our upcoming production For Love of Zombies can sign up with me and I will contact everyone personally and set up individual auditions.  That way I can schedule the auditions around my hectic schedule and everyone will get a full, not rushed audition.  This is the only option right now so come to the party, talk to me, sign my list and I will schedule an audition.  Also, if you can’t make the party and would like to be a zombie and still audition email me or contact me through Facebook.  Sorry for the cancellation but I want to give everyone an equal, fair shot at being a part of this exciting production.

Lots of news surrounding Grindhouse Pictures next production, For Love of Zombies.

First we are holding a production kick-off party May 30th at The Rail in Richland NJ.  Click here for directions and information on The Rail.   The party begins at 7PM and Love Monkey will be performing live.  We will be holding a huge raffle as well as other give aways so don’t miss it.  This is our one big fund raiser to help produce the movie so come out and support independent film.  Raffle tickets are only $5.00 and that ticket will make you eligible for all of the main drawings.

Secondly, also on May 30th we will be holding our auditions/open casting call for ZOMBIES.  I will lockdown a location later this week and post here and on Facebook.  The casting call will be during the day and we will announce later that night at our pre-production party those chosen to be zombies in our film.  Now a lot of you are probably thinking how hard can it be to play zombie…well it is.  And we have specific ideas on how we want our zombies to act in our film so if you want to audition be prepared to take some serious direction.  Also, any member of the For Love of Zombie facebook page get’s audition priority.  So if you are on Facebook, want to audition, but aren’t a member of the For Love of Zombie’s fan page I would join now.

This is going to be a huge opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an actor or involved with the independent horror film scene.  Don’t take this chance lightly, Grindhouse Pictures is doing very well and continues to develop high profile, high concept films.  This is your chance to be a part of the Grindhouse Family…as dysfunctional as it may be.

Oh…one last thing…4 extended scenes from our upcoming DVD release, Sorrow Hill, will be shown through out the night.  I look forward to seeing all my friends and making new ones on May 30th!

Vyslech is up for viewing!

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15May 09

Enjoy the movie we made for the 48 hour film competition held recently in Philadelphia.  We drew the genre foreign film.  After drawing the genre we had 48 hours from that point to write, film, edit, and score a film.  Below is what we accomplished.  Enjoy!

Coming soon…

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14May 09

I know I said I would have Vyslech up today but unfortunately I never got to the end credits or title card.  I am working on that stuff tomorrow and will get Vyslech up as soon as I can.

Vyslech was our entry into the 48hr film competition and we are all very proud of it.  It screened last night along with 10 other entries and it was an interesting night.  Our film was the 10th one shown and it received a very loud and enthusiastic response when it ended.  A positive one, they weren’t cheering because it was over.  Anyhow we left the screening feeling pretty positive about our chances at winning but we were soon to be disappointed.  Now I don’t make movies for awards.  I make them because I like to create things that may bring joy and entertain others.  That being said this was a competition and of course I wanted to win.  However it wasn’t in the cards.  I could go through all the reasons we should have won and how we got screwed but I don’t believe in sour grapes and that’s what any complaint would sound like.  However I did find out that Vyslech was up for best film of the competition and I was considered for best director…either one would have been a fine feather in the Grindhouse cap but we fell short.  Now I have heard from people in the know that there were some issues with the final judges decision but once again there isn’t any need to air those, we lost, congrats to the film that beat us and you know what…we will bring our A game again next year.

We received lots of compliments last night from other filmmakers and that is always nice.  When your peers are coming up to you and saying “Wow, your film kicks our films ass.” That is high praise, praise I don’t take lightly.  Everyone involved with Vyslech worked hard and diligently and without all of their talent and support our movie would not have received all the praise it did.  I will be posting the film later today or tonight.  I want to make a nice title card and make up the end credits.  Our movie screened last night without credits because I ran out of time and had to get the movie in before the deadline.  I can’t wait to post the movie and hear everyone’s opinion.  Good and bad.  Like I said before I am truly proud of this short and will always feel we deserved better Monday night.  As one of the judges told me in confidence who enjoyed our film…”Your team was one of a couple that truly made a film, everyone else made an SNL skit.”

Happy Mothers Day!

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10May 09

I am too lazy today to make up a new list so I am just re-posting last years mother’s day post, it was one of the my most read blog postings…enjoy the Top 10 movie moms in my humble opinion…

10. Dakota Block- Planet Terror (2007)

I know, I complain all the time about being asked the question on whether or not I am associated with the Grindhouse Movie and no…I am not…it’s a generic term for…nevermind. On to my number 10 choice. She makes this list for one simple reason, she gives her son a loaded gun, leaves him alone and then is devastated when he blows his own head off.

9. Mother Firefly – House of 1,000 Corpses & Devils’ Rejects (2005)

Now that’s a mama. She protected her babies like no other. When she is face to face with the sheriff played by William Forsythe their back and forth was one of the highlights of the movie. Oh, and she was one bad ass woman, I never seen a woman handle a firearm like her before. Top notch horror mama.

8. Rachel Keller – The Ring (2002)

Now I’ve never hid my general disdain for this remake of this Japanese classic, however Naomi Watts is what a mother is all about. Doing whatever she has to do to protect her child. The depths and horrors she went through are inspirational to a generation of mothers…not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous.

7. Chris MacNeil – Exorcist (1973)

Chris Macneil

Another example of a mother who will do anything for her child. She is a successful actress, with a lot of fancy friends and yet she finds time to help her possessed daughter. She endures projectile vomit, urine, and the sight of her daughter using a crucifix as a…well we all know the rest. We salute you Chris Macneil…Regan is a very lucky child.

6. Barbara – Shaun of the Dead (2004)


I had a hell of a time finding a photo for one of the coolest mom’s in horror movie history. Her comedic timing and dead pan stare during the most dire of circumstances was incredible. But what makes her a great mom is after getting bitten by a zombie she doesn’t tell her son, because she doesn’t want to be a bother. What a mom!

5. Mother Bates – Psycho (1960)

mother bates

Beauty, grace, style…mother Bates had it all. Most of all, the ability to control her deranged son, in spite of being a corpse in a attic. MILF alert.

4. Henrietta Knowby – Evil Dead II (1987)


She escaped from her tomb as a deadite and killed hillbilly Jake. Luckily she failed in her mission to kill Ash. However her determination in trying to make sure Ash was dead by dawn shows the fighting spirit all moms should possess. Oh, she qualifies for the list because she was Annie’s mom.

3. Margaret White – Carrie (1976)

Margaret White

Bottom line, even though she was an overbearing religious nutcase…she was hot. I have always had a thing for Piper Laurie. Anyway…when you think about it, she was only trying to protect her daughter from the evils of that devil dance known as the prom…if Carrie would have listened to her mother things would have been a lot different.

2. Kathy Lutz – Amityville Horror (1979)


A few of you might wonder how this mom made it so high on the list well I’ll tell ya…because if she wasn’t an incredible dumb ass we never would have had a horror classic. Any woman who puts a big new house, a new husband, and ignores all the signs that everything is about to go fubar ahead of her kids makes her horror goddess. Screw the kids, I got a hot new man and a big new house.

1. Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th (1980)

pamela voorhees

Was there even a doubt. First, she is the mother of Jason Voorhees, who will forever be a horror ICON. Second, she killed a bunch of people in the name of vengeance. Her little boy drowned because of teenage foolishness…so they must die…God I love this woman.

Well there you have it. Happy Mothers Day!

What a weekend!

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4May 09

The 48 hour film competition has officially been closed for 24 hours and I am still reeling from this amazingly stressful but at the same time wonderful weekend.  Here is a breakdown of this weekend’s events just in case you don’t follow Grindhouse Pictures on Twitter or Facebook.

We arrived at 7PM to pick or genre.  Sarah Albertson, one of the Grindhouse family, chose for us and she pulled….Musical/Western.  Which meant we had to write, shoot, and edit a musical or western by Sunday night.  We decided to trade in that genre and pull a wild card.  I chose this time and I picked Foreign Film.  We were relieved and we were off and running.

We settled into a wonderful little bar around the corner, Silk City, and started brain-storming ideas.  My crew seems to work best under pressure and intoxication.  After about 90 minutes in the bar we had our plot and general story direction.  During those 90 minutes John DelRosso locked down both of our locations…Silk City the bar we were drinking in and his basement.    We all then headed to my house to write the script.  We wrote it in 3 hours and agreed to meet the next morning at 10:30a at Silk City to begin shooting.

Shooting went amazingly smooth.  Miranda Laielli our make-up girl got everyone ready and all of my cast was on time…very important when you only have 48 hours.  My cast was as follows: John Heist was the protagonist Dana Crocker, Nicole DelRosso was our seductive bartender, Mike Roberts was an interrogator, Giovanni Pettinelli as lead interrogator, Sarah Albertson as a lady of the evening,  J. Michael Polisano as a rude American bar patron, and  Miranda, Kristie Lee Achuff, Annalise Brown, and Ashley Freed played bar patrons.  Won’t get into details about the shoot…you have to watch the movie.  Apparently everyone at Silk City were pleased at our professionalism and gave us a glowing review to the competition.  We were now off to shoot the basement footage and our outdoor shots and once again everything went very smooth.  When we got to John’s to shoot the basement footage his wife Lydia has a ton of food waiting for us.  It was appreciated by all.  While we ate John locked down the outdoor shooting location.  Progressive Coffee House in Glassbor.

John Heist was amazing and I can’t wait for everyone to see his performance.  We wrapped at 8:30 pm on Saturday.  I was really pleased at how soon we wrapped and how smooth everything went…that was soon to change once I began to edit…what a horrible four letter word.

I got home at 9:30 and immediately went into my office and dumped the footage into my computer.  Then I hit the first snag of many.  Tim Sommers my amazing sound engineer arrived and was going to download all the audio to my computer….I had the wrong firewire.  So Timmy had to go home and dump it to disc for me.  No big deal I usually do audio last anyhow.  The rest of the night went ok I laid out the entire movie.  I chose all my clips and placed them in sequence and even did a little color correction.  Then the phone rang…before I tell you the details of this conversation let me first backtrack.  The competition gives each team elements that must appear in the movie, a character name, a prop, a line of dialogue, and an occupation.  The characters name was Dana Crocker.  It hit us at around 2am that we never said the characters name in the film.  Big mistake…one that could get us disqualified.  We brain stormed and figured out a perfect solution and all was well again.  I edited for 3 more hours looked at the clock…5am…so I decided I earned a two power nap.

I woke up at 7, walked the dog and got some coffee.  Called Mike Roberts and he was gracious enough to pick up the audio from Timmy and record some extra audio we needed for our Dana Crocker mistake that act saved me at least 2 hours editing time which as it turns out was desperately needed.  Sarah texted me to see how it was going.  I told her about the character snafu and that’s when she dropped a new bombshell…she remember the character name and occupation had to match.  Crap!  We forgot that so now we had to figure out a new way to place the Dana Crocker name in the movie without re-shooting any scenes.  We came up with a solution…not a great one but one that would suffice.  So I wentt back to editing and fixing some major color issues on the outdoor scene.  Mike arrives with audio in hand around 11:30.  Plenty of time…drop off is at 7:30 PM.  The audio editing is very tedious and time consuming but I got it done.  I did all of the subtitles because after all it was a foreign film.  Film is edited and in the can.  We came up with a new way to solve the Dana Crocker problem and it actually added to the story and didn’t appear shoe horned in.  It is now 5:45 and I hit render, it renders.  I go to burn the file to DVD and blip…my program dies and my computer locks up.  F–K!  I immediately reboot and luckily everything was saved properly. But it is now after 6 and time is precious.  I try to reopen my authoring program…no dice.  I start racking my brain for solutions and one finally hit’s me I re-render the movie as an AVI and burn it to disc using Roxio.  It is now 6:50, I’m roughly 40 minutes from Philly which means if I’m lucky I’ll get there right at 7:30.  John and I hop into the Hummer and we are off.  John made fabulous time, obeying all traffic laws mind you, and we hit Philly at 7:22.  We hit a red light and I see the drop off point in the distance.  John looks to me and says RUN!  I hop out of the truck and sprint across Spring Garden street dodging cars and the homeless.  I burst through the door and run up to Scott Johnston, he smiles broadly and says “Relax…you made it.”  I look at my watch it says 7:23…we made it…oh yes we did!

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