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48 Hour Film Competition is Nigh!

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30Apr 09

Tomorrow night at 7PM, team Grindhouse will choose their genre from a hat.  From there the chaos will ensue.  I cannot wait for this.  I have been aching to get behind the camera again and work with a lot of the people from Sorrow Hill once more.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 48 Hour Film Competition it’s pretty cut and dry.  We pick a genre on Friday at 7PM, then from that point we must make a 4-7 minute movie and hand it in by 7PM Sunday.  Sound crazy?  Maybe a little but this is going to be a great exercise for everyone involved.

I will be posting constant updates via Twitter and Facebook all weekend long.  So become my friend on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter.

This is gonna be fun…a lot of fun.

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28Apr 09

What is SCENT you may ask…well it was the screenplay that launched my work to the next level.  It won several contests and placed high in many others.  It made the rounds and a few companies showed interest but nothing substantial.  Well I recently dusted off this screenplay and gave it a nice polish and began the process of submitting it to production companies.  The reason being vampires seem to be all the rage again and SCENT is a vampire movie…unlike any vampire movie ever made but a vampire movie none the less.  I got a promising e-mail today from a company that I have had prior dealings with in the past and I believe there is a good chance SCENT will finally be optioned…I will keep you posted.

If SCENT is made I am going to push hard for the actor appearing in the video below to be the lead…behold the awesomeness of

Superstar Rajini Kanth

Song of the day…

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26Apr 09

One of my favorite Beastie Boy songs and it was the first song that popped up on my Ipod when I hit shuffle.  So enjoy!

Oh so much to say…

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26Apr 09

Well a lot has happened the last couple of weeks.  I don’t even know where to begin.  First off the table read went extremely well for the next Grindhouse Pictures Production For Love of Zombies.  I was pleasantly surprised by how prepared everyone was and how they each gave their respective characters depth…it was a lot of fun but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  I will be updating the pre-production progress whenever something of note occurs so stay tuned.

Sorrow Hill’s rough cut will be completed by May 30th.  I recently opened up a lot of time on my schedule by leaving my day job.  I enjoyed my time with that company but it was time to move on.  I am working tiredlessly to complete a rough cut for May 3oth because…that will be the night I will be hosting a For Love of Zombies production kick-off bash.  It is tentatively scheduled to be held at The Rail in Richland NJ and on that night there will be lots of food, fun, and prizes as well as 4 teaser scenes from Sorrow Hill.  These will be 4 completed scenes completely touched up, scored, and all effects applied.  These scenes will be shown throughout the night so don’t miss it.  I will be coming out with more details concerning this huge production kick-off party during the week.   It will be a great time if our last blow out is any indication.

The mail bag.  I will continue to do the mailbag, seems to be popular.  However, going forward, if you don’t sign your name to the e-mail or to a blog comment they won’t be posted.  I’m tired of the annonymous bashing.  If you want to bash me use your name and don’t take the cowards way out.  Because honestly…what harm could come to you by identifying yourself?  None.  So no more phony names and e-mail addresses.  If you aren’t goint to indentify yourself don’t waste your time because I’m not even going to read it.

I’m going to start a few new features in the next couple of weeks on the blog.  The posting I’m going to do next will be my song of the day.  Basically, it’s whatever I’m listening to while I’m writing a screenplay or editing Sorrow Hill.  I have a rather ecclectic taste in music so God only knows what will pop up on my song of the day.

Auditions are coming up soon…right after the 48hr Film competition, so if you’d like to be For Love of Zombies be sure to check back here for audition times, dates, and locations.

I wanted to say a lot more but I’ve gone on long enough…next blog I will tell you how one day last week for about 1 minute I truly was Spider-Man.  Is that a good enough tease to get you to come back…I hope so.

Thanks for reading.

Live Chat tonight at 11PM!

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24Apr 09

Go to www.grindhouse-radio tonight for a live chat during Rick and Ron Radio.  I won’t be on the air but I’ll be in the chat!  So log in and join in the fun that is the live chat!

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22Apr 09

I apologize for taking so long.  I have had so much trouble with the website this week and my webmaster is very busy with other projects so I feel bad always asking for his help.  The radio page doesn’t have the show posted because honestly I keep messing up the player every time I fool with it.  So here is the Jonathan Maberry interview in it’s entirety.  Took me forever to get the audio right but it was worth the wait… Mr. Maberry was a fantastic guest!  Anyhow click below and enjoy!

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17Apr 09

Be sure to tune in tonight we have a great guest lined up.  Horror writer and Marvel comic contributor Jonathan Maberry will be calling in to talk about his work, zombies, and what he has planned next.  He is an incredibly talented award winning writer and it’s going to be an informative, fun interview.

Also, updates a plenty about Sorrow Hill and For Love of Zombies.

The fun and madness begins at 11pm, Mr. Maberry will be on at Midnight so tune into or if you are local in the South Jersey area tune into 92.1 WVLT.

Grindhouse Mailbag part deux!

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12Apr 09

I know I promised one of these once a week but last week was nuts so I will post a couple of bonus emails in this edition.  As always if you have a question, want to rip me, or God forbid praise me you can reach me at  Just a reminder if your email is posted on this blog you get a t-shirt.  Whooppee!

The first email comes from anonymous.  Before I post this I just want to put out that this gutless turd sends me the following email without signing it and sends it from a bogus email address.  How do I know?  Because when I tried to respond to the e-mail the account was no longer valid.  Wow, you went through the trouble to set up a bogus email account just to rip me…you sir have too much free time on your hands.  Anyway here is his email verbatim…I cut and pasted it because I didn’t want you guys to miss his/her glorious spelling and grammar.


No one cares about you or you’re company.  I’ve watched your trailer numrous times and I just don’t see the appeal.  It is boring and tired and nothing new.  How long does it take you to edit anyhow?  Shouldn’t this thing have come out already?  I know why it hasn’t…your a loser.  It’s obivous.  You wife left you, you have no job, and obvioulsy no talent.  Your radio show sucks as well…i will never figure out how you get guests.  the staton should fire your ass.  your wife was smart to leave you and i feel sorry for anyone who is dumb enough to get involved with you.  i bet that stings doesn’t it asshole.  i’m just trying to help, haven’t you been a big enough failure already…stop trying to be a filmmaker and do something your good at…i have no idea what that could be but you gota be good at something…oh wait i forgot your a loser! haha

Where do I begin…oh yes his questions.  It has taken me a long time to edit Sorrow Hill, I agree.  However I am working two full time jobs to make up for the salary that left along with my wife.  I will have Sorrow Hill finished soon and it will be a success.  I get the guests for my radio show for one simple reason…ratings!  The station won’t fire my ass, I generate too much revenue.  Last but not least, I am good at something…knowing how to use the words you’re and your properly.  Go back to second grade dickhead.  Anyway if you’re brave enough to call in to the radio show or write me back I will gladly give you a shirt.  One other side note, I do believe I know who this is and if it is that person…you know how to reach me you pathetic coward.

Email #2 comes from Alan in Philly.  Allen writes,

Why are you starting a new zombie project when Sorrow Hill isn’t finished?

Great question.  One I get a lot and honestly the only answer I can give is because I feel like it.  I am editing Sorrow Hill and it is a long process.  I need a fresh project to get the creative juices flowing again so I can deliver the best possible edit of Sorrow Hill.  Hope that makes sense…if it doesn’t GFY.  Expect your shirt when Sorrow Hill comes out on DVD.

Email #3 comes from  Jillian in South Jersey.

Dear Mr. DiPrimio

I have written several screenplays and short stories and was wondering if you’d be interested in reading them?

Jillian I would love to read your work but you need to go through proper procedure.  I get a lot of scripts sent to me unsolicited and unfortunately I can’t read them for a variety of legal reasons.  So protect you and myself the procedure is this:

Send me a querey letter with a synopsis.

If I like what I see.  I will send you a release form and request your work.  After I receive the signed release form I will then read your script.  Pretty simple and protects both of us.

Email #4 comes from Ashley in South Jersey,

Dear Ron,

I watched you trailer and it sucked.  I was going to contat you about acting in one of your projects but I wouldn’t be caught deed in one of your films.  How is it something so suckish is so populer?

Well Ashley it’s quite simple.  I have embedded a subliminal message in my trailer.  Obviously your superior intellect and iron will are resistant to my mind control…too bad.   Damn I need to invent a sarcasm font.  I have a question for you Ashley did you go to the same English class as our first emailer?

Anyhow, that about does it for another edition of the email bag.  I hope you guys enjoyed the hate I get on a daily basis…I know I enjoy it.  (because they all follow every move I make)

What is Ron watching?

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12Apr 09

Well tonight kiddies, to erase that horrible image of Tokyo Zombie from my mind I will be watching the zombie masterpiece Shaun of the Dead.  I have seen this movie over 100 times and I will continue to watch this brilliant film over and over again until they put me in the ground…and then I will come back as a zombie.

Huge news!

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11Apr 09

Million Dollar Matt, aka Matt DiBiase executive producer and vice president of Grindhouse Pictures has landed a huge deal for Grindhouse Pictures.  For Love of Zombies, the next Grindhouse production, will be shooting at the Evans City Cemetary!

Why is this a huge deal?  Well if you have to ask shame on you.  But just in case all of you reading this aren’t zombie geeks like myself and my crew, Evans City is the cemetary used in the opening of the greatest zombie masterpiece of all time, Night of the Living Dead.  Matt has been working the higher ups in Evans City for a month now and he convinced them to allow us to shoot our film there.  Great job Matt!  Shooting there will give our film an added authenticity that the story truly needs.  I can’t wait to begin shooting.

I will be updating the blog and the For Love of Zombies Facebook page quite a bit going forward so keep up with the pre-production of Grindhouse Pictures next  project.

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