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It’s been a long time…

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31Mar 09

since I wrote a blog.  I haven’t been ignoring your emails and no I’m not dead…I always find those emails the funniest.  Anyhow, here’s the thing…I’ve just been completely drained.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, and creatively.  I’ve been in a huge funk and I’m battling through.  I have begun the process of simplifying things in my life and it has helped.  I will no longer be working two full time jobs after April which will do wonders for my well being not to mention freeing up time to put the finishing touches on my Sorrow Hill edit.

I have always had difficulties when it comes to scheduling my time.  However, these last few months of 16 – 20 hour works days has taught me quite a bit about myself and what is truly important.

I have begun weeding out the negative influences on my life and I already see a difference in my overall demeanor.

I will be blogging a lot more going forward for I have a lot of exciting things to announce concerning, Grindhouse Pictures, Sorrow Hill, and all future projects.   Later tonight I hope to post my next edition of the e-mail bag…man I have some whacked out readers.  Should be interesting so be sure to check it out.

Great Success!

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21Mar 09

Another huge audience for Grindhouse Radio last night.  Once again thank you to all of the incredible fans who support the show.  Amanda Crew was a great guest and if you missed the interview…here it is.

March 20th Radio Shows Uploaded

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21Mar 09

Head over to for the latest and greatest shows.  The shows have been split into two parts, so be sure to play them both for the complete show experience.


For those who missed it.  Big Rick was on New York Rocks TV back in February to promote The Rick and Ron show and Grindhouse Pictures.  The show has been posted online for all to see.

View the show here.


And a note about viewing the show, the player is seek able so if you don’t have the time to sit through the whole show you can move the slider to the 44:37 time mark to see Ricks interview




Amanda Crew the star of Sex Drive and the upcoming Lionsgate release The Haunting in Connecticut will be calling in to promote the movie.  She is an up and coming star and it promises to be a fun, informative interview.

Check out the trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut in theater’s March 27th.

First e-mail bag!

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15Mar 09

OK, I promised this a couple of weeks ago so here is the first email answer bag.   Everyone who get’s their question posted will receive a Grindhouse Pictures t-shirt.

First question:  Mindy from Texas writes:  How did you come up with the name Grindhouse Pictures and did you rip it off of Robert Rodriguez?

I named my company after the generic term used to describe movie theatres in the 70′s that played the type of movie that couldn’t get mainstream distribution, the ultra-violent over the top in your face type of cinema that I believe truly launched independent film making.  I didn’t rip the term off and technically my company existed before they copyrighted the term.

Second question: Shirine from England writes:  Ron it’s been a long time since we chatted, anything new with SCENT?

A little background first, Shirine works for the Spice Factory a production company in England.  At one time they were going to launch Fear Factory, it was to be their horror branch of the company.  They were very interested in SCENT and at one point SCENT was going to be the movie that launched the brand.  Unfortunately that never happened.  So to answer Shirine’s question…No, nothing has happened with SCENT, I still shop it occasionally but I am holding out for the perfect situation for that screenplay, it’s my baby.

Last question comes from Jeremy in New Jersey.  Jeremy asks, I’ve watched your trailers, read your blogs, listened to your radio show and quite honestly I don’t get it.  You aren’t doing anything ground breaking, your movie looks rather generic, and the radio show is borderline terrible at times.  I should know I’ve heard every episode.  So tell me why should I waste 15 dollars on your movie?

Well Jeremy, first of all thanks for listening to every episode of Grindhouse Radio even though it’s terrible.  Secondly, the reason you should but my film is simple…because it kicks ass.

There you go…first email bag of many.  I get hundreds of emails a week and most of them are pretty entertaining.  I plan on doing one of these every week so stay tuned.  If you have a question feel free to email me at:

If I pick your question you get a shirt.  Thanks for reading

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8Mar 09

First off I would like to thank Kristina Klebe for calling into the show and spending an hour with us.  She was a great guest and we look forward to having her on again.  If you haven’t heard the interview head on over to and click on the March 6th Grindhouse Radio broadcast and listen to the interview.  The first hour of the show is also available, it had to be seperated because we couldn’t upload it properly together.


The interview has been downloaded a ton of times and we had our highest listenership online to date for the live interview on Friday night.  Our show continues to grow in listenership and we can’t thank all of you enough.  Keep listening.


We will continue to deliver a great show and high caliber guests going forward.  Thanks again for listening.


You can also listen to the interview in our podcast player below.

There was a problem with the original upload this morning.  We have split the radio show into parts, Part 1 being the Rick and Ron show and part 2 being Grindhouse Radio with the interview with Kristina Klebe.


Let me warn you, there seems to be some audio glitches during the playback of the show.  I’m not sure if its a server issues or web player issue so you’ll have to preserver until I solve the problem.

Enjoy the shows




I believe everything is fixed now.  I even updated the audio player.



Hey Everyone,

I just listened to the first part of the radio show and want to warn some of you that some of the content is not appropriate for children.  I realize that this is a big boys show and not for kids and we are grow-ups here. I’m not asking anybody to censor themselves, but I’m not comfortable posting that kind of content anymore. I’m just speaking my mind like everyone else.



Big Show Tonight!

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6Mar 09

Be sure to tune in starting at 11PM for Rick and Ron Radio, then at midnight when Grindhouse Radio kicks in, we will be interviewing Kristina Klebe, one of the stars from Rob Zombie’s Halloween.  She is a cool girl and should be an incredible interview.  Also, jump in the chat room for I will be on there live from the studio.  So if you have a question for Kristina be sure to jump into the chat room at beginning at 11pm.

Remember to listen beginning at 11pm at wvlt 92.1 in the delaware valley…the number one show on Friday nights just for the record.  Also, you can listen live as always on

That’s right, Kristina Klebe, Lynda from Rob Zombie’s Halloween will be calling into the show at midnight.  It should be a great interview, Kristina is a lot of fun and will be able to give us an insight into working with one of the premiere horror directors of our generation.  She has a new zombie film coming out Zone of the Dead and is slated to star in Escape of the Living Dead.  Be sure to tune in live Friday night and catch one of the hottest horror movie stars around.

Let The Right One In

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On March 10th my favorite movie of 2008 will be released on DVD.  Let The Right One In.  I know, it’s blasphemy not to give the nod to The Dark Knight, but if it’s any consolation it was my second favorite film.  Any how on to Let The Right One In.  I was completely amazed and awestruck by this film.  Sometimes you witness cinematic perfection and it affects you long after you see it.  This movie has done that to me.  This movie has it all, compelling story, inspiring direction, breath taking cinematography, and superb acting by it’s two young leads.

The story is one that most can relate to, Oskar, is an outcast.  Picked on by his classmates, too smart for his own good.  He never defends himself…until he meets his new neighbor, Eli, a pale, serious girl who is just as alone as Oskar.  The two become fast friends and become reliant on one another.  The central theme of this movie is one of friendship, and the beauty of true friendship.  Before I forget did I mention this is one of the most terrifying vampire movies ever made.  This movie is the quintescential blend of beauty and horror.  This movie is spell binding, heart felt, and heart stopping.  I don’t recommend a lot of movies, but this movie is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Not just in the horror genre, I’m talking movies in general.  I can only aspire to make something this perfect.  I will never understand how this movie didn’t win, let alone get nominated for best foreign film.  A travesty.  So do yourself a favor on March 10th.  Rush out and buy this DVD, rent it, or NetFlix it.  Whatever you do…see this film.

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