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February 20th, Radio Show is up

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21Feb 09

I guess there was no “glitches” last night.  The show has been posted.  Thanks to Michelle Tomko for sitting in with us and to “club girl” for calling in with her riveting report from the club scene and your dating tips. Head over to to listen

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17Feb 09

I have received a lot of title suggestions for my zombie western.  Most by email but a few via comments below.  I must say I’m not a fan of the punny play on words of existing western titles but they are creative none the less.   The website traffic has been very high so thanks again for supporting everything I do.

Editing of Sorrow Hill is going well.  Ryan emailed me today with an update and things are really on track.  I’m very excited to see what he has come up with.  I know I won’t be disappointed.  I can’t wait to be done editing…it will be a huge weight lifted and I will be able to turn my attention to other projects that I am foaming at the mouth to get to.

I am in the middle of trying to land a big guest for Friday night’s Grindhouse Radio show.  She’s a well know actress in the horror genre and someone I am trying to cast for my zombie western.  As soon as her manager confirms her calling in I will announce the news on here…so keep checking back.

I have some other casting news as well…I have cast my super villian for my yet to be written super hero tome.  I know I’m putting the cart before the horse but this was too good to pass up.  His picture is below:

my super villain

Tell me you aren’t smiling right now.

What recession?

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15Feb 09

Wow, this weekends box office looks stellar.  Biggest Presidents Day weekend in box office history and Friday the 13th leads the charge, it looks like it is going to bring in well over 50 million.  That is amazing, horror once again leads the box office and yet so few horror movies get a full theatrical release.  Granted Friday the 13th has amazing name recognition but horror movies as a whole usually deliver stellar box office returns if marketed correctly.

The one industry that usually strives in tough economic times is entertainment, specifically movies.  People need an escape and what better way to forget your worries for 2 hours than to settle into a theatre and get lost in another world.  Horror more specifically seems to do extremely well.  Probably because horror movies are a true escape from the everyday.

The last couple of months have produced several box office winners in the horror genre.  The Unborn, My Bloody Valentine, Friday the 13th and the mildly successful The Uninvited.  This is very encouraging to the genre as whole.  It gives horror producers like myself hope and ammunition when we sit across from would be investors in these tough economic times.   Return on investment is very important and thanks to the stellar pre-sales for Sorrow Hill I will be delivering some return on investment to my investors which makes me very happy.  I didn’t want people losing money on this movie and if sales continue the way they started they will make money!

If Sorrow Hill has a strong ROI then raising money for my dream project should be a little easier.  My Zombie Western is a solid screenplay and everyone who has read it immediately wants to be involved.  That is quite encouraging, the only thing that isn’t encouraging is that there is another movie already released with the same title.  Dead Noon is out and it is available at your local WalMart.  Yes I am plugging this guys movie because he is just like me and he worked very hard on his movie.  I don’t like the way he has come after me saying I am trying to rip his idea off just because our movies have the same title.  I saw his movie and it is nothing like my screenplay.  Nothing similar at all.  I am going to change the name of my screenplay because when my zombie western is complete it will be a better movie and I don’t want comparisons to a lesser film or consumer confusion.  So I’ll throw it out to you my loyal readers.  Give me a good title for a zombie western.  And if I choose your title you will be rewarded.  With what I don’t know but I’ll do something for you.  Right now I am leaning towards Dust to Dust.  Come on, give it your best shot.

Here I am.

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15Feb 09

The e-mails can stop now.  I am blogging again.  I appreciate the concern and the interest in what I’m doing but I’m not dead…thanks for asking mb_aldridge.  I don’t mean to point her out because she was only one of 200 some emails asking me if I was dead.  I didn’t purposely take a week off, I love to blog and keep everyone up to date with what’s going on here at Grindhouse Pictures.  However, I am working two full time jobs currently, editing Sorrow Hill, and spending time with my daughter so some things have been neglected…like sleeping and blogging.  I know I have to be better about blogging because that’s what keeps the web stats up and hopefully stokes interest in my projects.

So allow me to play catch up with some of the email questions I received:

1.  Sorrow Hill will not be available March 13th due to my pending distribution deal.

2. Grindhouse Radio is every other Friday at midnight.  I appreciate the e-mails wondering where I am but I’m on the air every other friday…so this coming friday, the 20th I am back on the air…possibly with a huge guest.

3. I still would like to do the screenplay competition but that will probably be put on back burner for now.

4. I will be shooting a new zombie short in the late spring/early summer and yes I will need plenty of zombie extras.

5. Yes I am single…thanks for that question Melanie from Tulsa OK.  Grindhouse Radio is listened to everywhere! :)

6.  I will blog more.  And I know keep promising podcasts but like I said in the opening two full time jobs has sucked up most of my free time.

I guess that answers most of the questions.  I won’t bother answering the why do I suck e-mails because I’ve answered them ad-nauseum…so for the last time I don’t know exactly why I suck…I just do.  Thanks and keep listening and reading the blogs to keep up with my suckiness.

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6Feb 09

That’s right, tonight at midnight, the old Grindhouse Radio returns to the air waves.  Rick starts things off at 11 so be sure to tune and check out what he has going on.  I will be in on his show just like the old days.  However at midnight…it’s back to the show that all of you have been asking for…and it will be that way every other week. 

Be sure to tune into 92.1 and  All the fun begins at 11pm, Grindhouse kicks off at 12 midnight!

The process.

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5Feb 09

One thing is for certain, I need to finish this edit.  I am so anxious but there is still a lot of hard work to be done.  I still need to schedule voice over work, but before I do that, I have to have the rough cut done to see where it is necessary.  The most challenging part about editing is establishing the desired pace and flow.  I find myself allowing scenes to drag on too long because it is hard to separate yourself from the work and objectively edit.  Now I know why movies go longer than sometimes seem necessary…as a director/editor it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between a necessary shot and one that you just like aesthetically.  Some of those shots are nice but a lot of the time they mess up the flow.

That is just one of the little problems I am wrestling with.  I am enjoying the challenge especially now that I have a distributor to bring my cut to and see what they think.

Also, to help speed up the process I have to figure out a way to work directly with Ryan who is working on some Sorrow Hill editing of his own.  I need to utilize Ryan and Matt more than I have with trimming down some of my scenes to help with the pacing.  Once again I am learning the hard way you can’t do everything alone.  It will be helpful to have another voice in the room and it will stimulate debate and help make the final product the best it can be.

One of the other frustrating things I have encountered is sometimes there is just a shot missing.  Whether from time constraints or missing something on my shot list there have been two occasions while editing that I was screaming damn it because just one little shot would have tied everything together perfectly.

On a whole the editing process has taught me a lot about myself as a writer, director, and producer.  The things I have learned thus far will only make me stronger in all three aspects going forward.

Once again thanks for reading the blog and supporting Grindhouse Pictures.  Our stats are off the charts so keep reading.

A quick side note…

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4Feb 09

The concerns expressed by my would be distributor did not concern Rick Cahall or Mike Roberts.  I just wanted to clear that up…

A whole new world…

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4Feb 09

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’m not entirely sure what I can say and what I can’t say.  Allow me to explain.  As I announced last week I teased the fact that Sorrow Hill would be getting distribution through a well known company.  They asked that I didn’t reveal who they are until “due diligence” is completed.  Part of that due diligence involved listening to Rick and Ron Radio on Friday night…let’s just say I received a concerned email from one of the distributors reps.  The show wasn’t that off the wall or offensive but the rep had some “concerns” and was “troubled” by some of the things said.  Needless to say I was floored and deeply concerned.  He told me what the companies concerns were and I addressed them and everything seems ok…for now.

So going forward I am going to try and censor myself to a degree…I can’t blow this deal.  I will continue to detail my trials and tribulations as an independent film maker and before any of you say that I was crazy for writing this blog, I told them I was going to and they were cool with it.  I explained how important it was for me to be honest and forthright with the people who have supported me and when I don’t blog for a few days there will be questions.  They understand, part of the reason they contacted me was due to the popularity of the web site.  So I will be blogging regularly and you will be getting all the ups and downs of what I am trying to accomplish.

On a side note…if you haven’t pre-ordered the Sorrow Hill DVD do so soon.  The special offer will end when I sell out of my limit of pre sales.  Quick recap my original cut of Sorrow Hill and the distributors cut, signed Sorrow Hill poster, and free shipping.  All this for 15 bucks.

Click on the store tab and order before I run out.

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