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Video of the day…

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30Nov 08

I love Zombie’s. Any one who reads my blog or knows me personally knows that I it is my favorite sub-genre when it comes to horror movies. Check out the video of the day below for a neat little zombie cartoon I found amusing.

More blog entries…

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30Nov 08

I will be doing more movie reviews, movie news, and different features daily on my blog.  I will be featuring a video of the day which could be anything from a movie clip, a trailer, a funny video I come across on YouTube or something else.  I will still provide updates on Grindhouse Pictures and Sorrow Hill but I need to attract more readers and most importantly advertisers.  Any suggestions on features you would like to see on the blog let me know.  I plan on doing several entries a day so keep checking back!

Zombie vs Shark…who would win?

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29Nov 08

This is what you discuss when working midnight to 8 am every night. You get into deep philosophical discussions about who would win a fight…a zombie or a shark. Joe, the guy who has been training me to take over the graveyard shift feels it’s no contest, the shark would win easily. His reasons are the shark is in his own element the water, he is much stronger, has the speed advantage and a zombie doesn’t have super human strength, he is simply just the un-dead. All valid points…and even though I ‘d like to argue against Joe’s logic he is right…if the zombie got in a lucky bite maybe but I just can’t see how a zombie wins the fight. Let’s go to the video to see the outcome.

I won’t be live on the air tonight once again because of my new job but I will be calling in for the first hour of the show. Haven’t had a chance to talk to Rick so I have no idea what’s on the agenda so tune and see what we come up with on the fly…should be interesting. The show begins at 11PM on and on 92.1 WVLT in the Delaware Valley!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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27Nov 08

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Sometimes when things aren’t going your way one can lose sight of the things are truly wonderful in your life.  I am definitely guilty of that.  I have gotten increasingly better at turning negatives into positives and this is how I will continue to approach things going forward.   I hope all my friends, family, readers, supporters, and fans have a great Thanksgiving!

I added a video above…if it doesn’t open just click the link and enjoy.  It is very graphic so it is only for mature audiences.

The wonderous world of editing…

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26Nov 08

I really am getting more and more psyched about releasing Sorrow Hill the more I edit it.  The smartest thing I did was take some time away from the footage because I was looking at things too critically.  Now I’m looking at the footage with fresh eyes and it looks pretty damn good.  Of course there are some shots I would like a do over on but I will make do.  I can’t believe the amazing performances I got from my cast, they really went all out for me so I am trying my best to do the same for them with the final edit.  I want to start pres-selling the movie when I’m 100% positive of the release date.  Still trying to figure out when the best release date would be.  I have decided on the overall look of the film after hours of toiling away on my non-linear.  The clips are 90% organized and I am laying them out in sequence.  Still have a lot of sound work to do, including scoring and voice over.

I am getting use to my new work schedule and once I begin the 7 days on 7 days off I will be donating a lot of my time to the Sorrow Hill edit.  The new movie poster is fantastic, big ups to Tom Carty from Thomas Design Studios.  I will get them printed and signed by the cast and sent out to all of my investors who didn’t get one originally.

I will get the two latest editions of Rick and Ron Radio up on as soon as possible.  I have to get the copies from Rick and then get them over to Tom for uploading.  I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails asking where they are and I will get them up ASAP.  I miss doing the show on Friday nights and once my work schedule kicks in I will be on the air every other Friday night.  And I will call in on the nights I am working provided I have a few minutes of downtime.

The short screenplay competition will be accepting submissions soon so stay tuned!

If I don’t blog again by Thursday I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I have a lot to be thankful for and I look forward to the upcoming year and all the projects on The Grindhouse slate.

What’s next?

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24Nov 08

The last couple of weeks has produced a lot of rumor and speculation out of Hollywood.  Some of those rumors are exciting while others make me sit back and say WTF.  One such item is the greenlighting of the Karate Kid remake starring Will Smith’s kid.  Are you kidding me?  Karate Kid should not be remade, it should be cherished for what it is…an iconic 80′s movie.  Miyagi is going to be played by Stephen Chow of Kung Fu Hustle fame…I like Stephen Chow but not as Miyagi…Pat Morita is Miyagi…damn it this bothers me.

Another project that has me scratching my head is Ridley Scott’s next project.  Yes the man who directed one of my all time favorite movies, Alien is embarking into a new frontier…that would be board game…to be specific, Monopoly.  That’s right he is directing the big screen version of the popular board game…I wonder if rich Uncle Pennybags will emerge from someones stomach…probably not…that would be cool.

And last but not least is this little tidbit I read about.  Oldboy, one of my favorite all time movies, a cinematic masterpiece is getting americanized.  That’s right Spielberg has scooped the rights to this Chan Wook Park classic and has tapped Will Smith to play the title role.  I have zero hope that this will do the original justice.  In fact it’s impossible to do it justice because there isn’t a studio that would allow some of the elements from Oldboy to be placed in an American version.  No matter who’s name is on it.  There is no way they can do this movie the right way so please…leave it be and Netflix Oldboy now, see it the way it was meant to be seen.

Hollywood needs to stop remaking movies…and start producing some of the incredible original ideas that are out there just waiting to be discovered.  They have yet to get a foreign remake right, just look at the Grudge films, The Ring, The Eye…the list goes on forever…the only one they got right was The Departed.

I have to be at work in two hours…still getting use to the new work schedule.  It’s weird working when the rest of the world is asleep…

Plugging away

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22Nov 08

I’m about to complete my first week of midnight shifts and it’s an adjustment.  I’m doing alright so far, I haven’t slept much but then again I never do.  I got really lucky landing this job with a very stable company, I’ll be back on my feet in no time financially and that is something I can not wait for…that’s why I’m still delivering pizza a few nights a week…whatever it takes.

I would like to congratulate Mike Roberts and John Heist.  They won the Cape May Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition.  So they are not only incredibly talented actors but writers as well.  Grindhouse Pictures is very happy and fortunate to be affiliated with these two talented guys and look forward to all of our upcoming projects.

I am very excited about the latest short I have written and have begun pre-production on.  It’s creepy, scary, and disturbing and all this in just under 7 minutes.  I definitely have to raise my game to stay on a level with John and Mike.    Anyhow, I can’t wait to get back behind the camera.  Editing Sorrow Hill has really gotten my creative juices flowing once again, I’m writing a lot more and I’ve learned a lot from editing on what to do better next time as a director.  The short tentatively titled Movie Night stars my daughter Emily and Sarah Albertson.  We will be casting for other parts soon so keep checking back for casting calls.

I like the effect the announcement of short screenplay competition and film festival has had on my readers and radio listeners as well as friends.  Matt DiBiase is currently writing his first screenplay. Big Rick and his friend Eric are working on one as well and Ryan Burnett and I are collaborating on a Zombie short that is going to be a lot of fun, we will be co-directing as well.  John and Mike will be writing and directing a short as well for the festival…I can’t wait to see what those guys come up with next.

That’s about all from now.  Keep checking back for updates on all the upcoming Grindhouse Pictures projects.

Our short screenplay competition is taking shape and we will start accepting entries within the next couple of weeks. It is a great opportunity for all fledgling screenwriters because as was announced previously the winning screenplay will be produced by Grindhouse Pictures and will kick off our first ever Grindhouse Pictures Film Festival to be held this summer. Unlike other screenplay competitions out there this offers a real prize, not just screenwriting software and the empty promise of industry exposure. You win, you’re produced that simple. Entry fee is only going to be $20.00 per screenplay so that is a drop in the bucket compared to the $40.00 – $100.00 entry fees most other competitions require. So here is your advance notice that we will be accepting submissions soon so get writing!

This Saturday November 22nd Grindhouse Pictures will be appearing at Bagged and Boarded comics to promote the upcoming release of our much anticipated horror film Sorrow Hill. We will be doing a special pre-sale of the movie there with everyone who pre-orders the movie will receive some special gifts. Not sure who will be attending the appearance with me but if you are in the Bensalem area next Saturday be sure to stop by and meet me and some of the Grindhouse crew. Also, all of you comic book fans take note, on that day Bagged and Boarded will be holding it’s annual blow-out sale. Everything in the store will 45% off and all back issues are 70% off. Stock up for yourself and cross all of those comic book fans off of your Christmas list with one stop. I am going to be pre-selling Sorrow Hill on the web site shortly as well so be sure to pick up a copy and tell a friend and help support the independent filmmaker.

For those of you who missed the radio show, shame on you, but fear not it will be up on later this week. But for those of you who did tune in you heard my confession that I am delivering pizza to help with the holidays and also my rant about those who seem to take glee in not tipping the pizza guy. Wow, that one small segment of the show has caused a bombardment of e-mails either A) Goofing on me for delivering pizza or B) Telling me to stop whining about not getting tipped. First off I wasn’t whining, I understand the economic climate and tipping the pizza guy may not be in your budget but don’t offend him and belittle him by making him dig for a nickel in his pocket while standing in the rain. Secondly make fun all you want. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make sure my daughter has a great christmas and if that means delivering pizza then you know what…I’m delivering pizza so GFY!

Today was hard for all us Philadelphia Eagles fans. Harder for some but not as hard as it use to be for me. You see going back as long as I can remember I was a huge Eagles fan…diehard in fact. So much so that when they lost it would have a profound effect on me and make me miserable, sometimes for the entire week leading up to the next eventual heart break. I was committed to this team, heart, mind, and soul. No matter how many times they disappointed me or broke my heart I always welcomed them back with open arms…until 2004. Until I watched my quarterback throw up in the huddle in the Super Bowl. That’s when I decided it was over…I had to break up with the Eagles. How many of us at one point in our lives were involved in a relationship that was simply unhealthy. And we tried to make it work, tried to fix all the problems that existed only to have our hearts trampled. What did we do in those situations? We moved on. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still friends with the Eagles and I still care about them deeply and want to see them do well but I am no longer as emotionally invested as I use to be. I get over losses rather quickly now because I’ve accepted them for who they are, perpetual disappointments. Now, I haven’t moved on and picked up the flag for another team, that’s just morally disgusting and I wouldn’t, nay couldn’t betray myself like that. So for all of you Eagle fans out there, I know your pain I just no longer share it. And if the day finally comes and they hoist the Lombardi trophy high in the air I will be happy for them and all the long suffering fans and I will even celebrate their victory but I know it won’t be the same way I would have felt before 2004…I’m sorry to say I just can’t go back.

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14Nov 08

Man what a week! New job, new projects, new friends it’s been a crazy week and it’s time to wrap it up on the air.  Tune in at 11pm to 92.1 WVLT if you are local or as always head on over to and listen to us live!

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