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31Oct 08

I am back on 92.1 WVLT  tonight.  I’m sure we’ll be talking Steel City and Phillies.  Be sure to listen beginning at 11pm on  Speaking of Tom has posted some special things for Halloween.  He has the original Halloween trailers up for your viewing pleasure as well as the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast for your listening pleasure, be sure to check it out lot’s of cool stuff.

Am I dreaming…

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30Oct 08

The last time I blogged I was eagerly anticipating the first pitch of game 1 in the world series and here it is a week later and the Phillies are the World Series Champions, let me say that again because I still feel like I’m in a dream world, the Phillies are World Series Champions.  I will admit once Brad Lidge struck out Hinske to seal the deal I cried.  I wept, it was as if a humongous monkey had lept from my back and here it was finally in my adult life a championship.  I hugged strangers, high fived senior citizens, chest bumped men twice my size and it was amazing.  I immediately called my friend Matt and we rejoiced.  I was euphoric and I never wanted the feeling to end and it won’t and God willing I will be at the parade tomorrow so I can lose my voice once again.  The Phillies winning the world series instilled in me the sense that anything is truly possible so I carried that feeling over into an important job interview I had today.  It seemed to go really well I interviewed with 5 different people and the process took almost two hours.  I should hear something next week so keep your fingers crossed for yours truly.

Now I’ve gotten several e-mails requesting a blog about Steel City Con and what went on there.  I would have blogged sooner but I’ve been pre-0ccupied with the Phillies, my job interview, and of course the Sorrow Hill edit but now that the Phillies are World Champions and my interview is behind me I am able to sit in front of the computer and fill everyone in on the goings on at Steel City Con.  First I want to thank Josh and Bagged and Boarded Comics for sponsoring Grindhouse Pictures at Steel City their continued support is very genorous and we truly appreciate it.  Where do I begin…the car ride up was fun, I’m a big fan of road trips and being with close friends make road trips that much more fun, I think we joked and laughed the entire way up.  We arrived around 2:30 and we set up our table with all our Grindhouse Picture and Sorrow Hill promotional materials.  My crew worked their butt’s off handing out information and getting people over to our table.  Ryan Burnett put together a DVD style behind the scenes interview reel with some of the cast members of Sorrow Hill and that ran on a loop with the Sorrow Hill trailer this attracted a lot of attention and help us pre-sell copies of Sorrow Hill.  We would have liked to have sold more but we handed out a ton of infomational material and the web sites traffice spiked since that weekend so it was well worth it.  We met a lot of interesting people but I would have to write a novel to describe them all to you so be sure to listen to the radio show tomorrow night…yes I am back at WVLT, differences have been worked out and I will be on the air Friday Nights once again.  Also, Tom worked out the bandwidth issues and it will be streaming live at  Whatever I don’t cover Steel City wise will be covered on a future podcast so many stories so little time.

The highlight of the weekend however is when me and my crew headed over to the Evans City cemetary…what is that you may ask?  Well it’s the cemetary where they shot Night of the Living Dead and we took a bunch of photos which I will post eventually…I’m just too lazy right now.  Any how I was geeking out and I had a blast.

I met the artist who will be doing the covers for the Sorrow Hill comic and I am excited to have him aboard.  We are still working out the payment issues so I still can’t announce who he is…damn it…I hate lawyers.

What a week

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22Oct 08

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged.  First let me apologize for the lack of blog entries been busy trying to get prepared for Steel City Con which is this weekend and I’m still plugging away at the Sorrow Hill edit, I feel really good about the movie we made I can’t wait until I can show it to all of you.

Those of you who were fan’s of Grindhouse Radio will only be able to hear me on going forward.  I have ended my affiliation with WVLT 92.1 and will no longer be on the air Friday nights with Big Rick.  Now before anyone starts jumping to conclusions Rick and I are fine we are still bud’s and it will stay that way.  We just won’t be doing radio together anymore, be sure to still check out his show every Friday because I’m sure I’ll pop up on there every now and again.   However I will be posting podcast weekly as well as doing a live call-in podcast hopefully once a week.  Tom and I are working diligently to get that started so stay tuned for more details.

The comic book is progressing.  We are still considering artists and it’s a tough decision.  I can’t wait until I see my name on the cover of a comic book…geekgasm!

Now on to what has been consuming my thoughts and making me lose sleep…The Philadelphia Phillies.  For those of you that know me you know I am geeky about three things…Movies, Comic books, and baseball.  Specifically the Phil’s.  I am beside myself with excitement, anticipation, and nausea awaiting this series.  Ever since it was known who they would be playing I’ve been going over every scenario, every nuance in my head trying to play it out and I must admit I am cautiously opitimistic.  Now I am a Philadelphia sports fan and I have been burned far too often to be over-confident but I am feeling pretty good about their chances against the Rays.  Tampa has burned us far too often it’s time for payback.  I am looking at any possible sign that this is our year and I have come up with a few omens.  The first one…the last time the Phillies won a championship I was 8 years old…my daughter who is a fan as well is 8.  The closer on the Phillies in 1980 was Tug McGraw number 45, the closer this year is Brad Lidge, number 54.  The Phillies won in ’80 it is now ’08.  You see the signs are there if you just look close enough.  I can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel like if the Phillies win…it’s going to be such a release, such a euphoric moment…and it’s happened so infrequent quite honestly I won’t know how to act.  All I know is that this bundle of nerves that has resided in my stomach since Sunday will not go away until this series is over.   So with sweaty palms and a dry mouth I will reach for my remote tonight at 8:20 and turn on the world series and watch each pitch with white knuckled anticipation.  Go Phillies!

Trying to get things done…

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14Oct 08

To quote my good friend Mike Roberts “I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking competition.”  I have a lot going on personally that I won’t get into but professionally I am swamped.  We are currently preparing for our big trip to the Steel City Con next weekend.  There are a lot of projects we are feverishly trying to get completed for Steel City and sleep is scarce.    I am going to get another podcast done this week as well continuing work on Sorrow Hill.  I have so many other screenplays and projects I want to begin swimming around in my head that I find myself not concentrating on one task so it gets finished.  We are putting together a kick ass project for Steel City that we will debut on here is well the day after Steel City so stay tuned it will be worth waiting for.

I have completed several drafts of a web series that I want to produce.  It is going to be a lot of fun and it will afford me the opportunity to spend more time with my incredibly talented daughter.  Now I know a lot of parents gush about their children and rightfully so, they are their proginy and every parent should be proud of their child but I have cinematic proof that my daughter is very talented and she is going to be the focus of the web series I am producing.  I can’t wait to shoot the teaser for it this weekend…I think a lot of you will be surprised.

Sorrow Hill the comic book is moving forward.  We are looking at a lot of potential artists, a lot of talented artists.  I have big announcement coming soon about who will be doing the covers for the comic.  Josh and I have figured that this will be a 4 part series based entirely on the Sorrow Hill Screenplay with each cover uniquely crafted by a very well known artist…man I can’t wait until I get the go ahead to announce this person’s involvement…a lot of comic book geeks will be stoked.

Just a reminder that the William Katt interview is still available over at so be sure to check it out.    Well back to the cutting room…ok my garage turned office.

Sorry trailer didn’t load

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12Oct 08

It would load in firefox but not internet explorer sorry.  Since I had so many people yelling at me because the trailer wouldn’t load I took the posting down…wow I had more response for a trailer not loading then just about anything else I ever blogged about.  Anyhow go to you tube and search dark knight toy story mash up. 

Steel City Con around the corner!

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5Oct 08

I truly cannot wait for Steel City Con, it’s going to be a great promotional vehicle for all of the Grindhouse Pictures projects, especially Sorrow Hill.  The guest list at Steel City Con is really starting to take shape, Doug Bradley will be appearing there as well.  Who is Doug Bradley you may ask…well if you are a horror geek you will recognize the name immediately for those of you with a life he is better known as Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.  I can’t wait to meet him and hang with him…who knows I may even get him on the radio show to help promote Steel City Con.  Others appearing there besides Doug and myself, Ray Park, Lou Ferrigno, Richard Kiel, Daniel Logan, Dean Mitchell, CJ Graham, Bruno Sammartino, and the car from the TV show the Munsters…I kid you not, get your picture taken with Drag-u-la!  There is also going to be a wrestling event as well as many other exciting happenings.

The response to the William Katt interview has been immense.  Mostly positive but I have received a few emails that called me a butt kisser and accused me of being “gay” for William Katt.  Hey, I’m a fan, a geeky fan at that and I admit that it wasn’t a hard hitting interview but cut me some slack…I grew up watching that show and I always wanted to have the opportunity to meet William Katt and I made that opportunity happen.  So if I was too much of a geek fanboy well all I can say is…nevermind.

The zombie podcast that is posted on the blog has been listened to a lot.  I have gotten some complaints about the sound quality and I am working on that but for the most part the response has been positive.  If you missed any of the radio shows or podcasts you can always go back and listen they are always posted.

What an incredible show!

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5Oct 08

At least that is what everyone has been telling me.  Friday nights show was the most listened to show so far at and if you missed it head on over to the grindhouse radio page and give it a listen.  William Katt was a fantastic guest and he was gracious enough to give us an entire hour so tune and check it out.  Rick did a fantastic job last night during the interview…I think we are hitting our groove.  I couldn’t stop geeking out while talking to William Katt and it was truly an honor to speak to him.  I can’t wait to have him on again!  Be sure to check out what he has going on with his comic book company, catastrophic comics lot’s of cool stuff and the Greatest American Hero comic arrives end of November. Can’t wait.

The zombie podcast has been listened to a ton.  Thanks to Teddy for doing the zombie podcast with me it was a lot of fun.  I plan on doing a podcast a week.  Perhaps from different locations so keep checking back!

Editing is slow but progressing.  Hope to have a huge announcement later this week concerning Sorrow Hill so stay tuned!

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3Oct 08

The latest edition of Grindhouse Radio Podcast is up for all to listen. In fact you can click on the player below to listen because I now have the ability to embed the Podcast in my blog post.

Thanks to Teddy Wycheck for calling in and making this a great Podcast.



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1Oct 08

I am excited to announce that William Katt will be calling into the radio show this Friday night.  I am honored to have him as guest on the radio show, I was a huge fan of the television show The Greatest American Hero when I was just a wee lad and I geek out every time I see the movie House.  I can’t wait to talk to him about all of his work and what he is up to now.  So if you have anything you’d like to ask William Katt call in Friday night beginning at 11 or e-mail me your question and I’ll do my best to ask him.  This is going to be a lot of fun…I can’t wait. We may also talk about a certain zombie western written by yours truly….so be sure to tune in beginning at 11PM at and those of you in the tri-state area tune your radio dials to 92.1 WVLT!

Speaking of zombies, I will be doing a podcast on that very subject.  I will be joined by fellow geek and zombie enthusiast Teddy Wycheck, we were supposed to do the show tonight but I am wiped, but fear not we will do that show very soon and I will put it up on Grindhouse Radio immediately!

Editing a movie is a grind.  I knew that going in but man I am exhausted, I need to get away for a couple of days and recharge but with my schedule that’s not happening any time soon.  I have never been so drained physically and mentally.  I know if I can just unwind for a couple of days I would be a new man…steel city con cannot arrive soon enough!

Also, all you artists out there don’t forget to submit a sample of your talent.  If you catch our eye you may be illustrating the comic book version of Sorrow Hill!  I still can’t believe I’m going to write a comic.  Anyhow, you know how to get in touch with me.  I have had 5 artists send me their work and I have forwarded on to the proper people.  So if you want a crack at illustrating Sorrow Hill the comic email me.

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