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Been out of commission…

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31Mar 08

Sorry I haven’t answered anyone’s e-mail’s but I’ve been laid up after a car accident this past Saturday.  Car is fine but I hit my head pretty good and I have a history of concussions so there you go…my bell was rung.  Just what I needed before the film festival this weekend but I will survive and will be attending the festival regardless of how I feel.  The trailer will be shown Saturday April 5th at 9PM at the 5th Avenue Pavilion in Asbury Park.  I know we aren’t listed on the official schedule but believe me…we are going to be shown.  We will have a constant presence as well during the entire festival on the mall between the Paramount theatre and the Asbury Park Convention Center, so if you are making the trip be sure to stop by and say hello.

A week away…

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28Mar 08

The Garden State Film Festival is right around the corner and my crew and I are working feverishly to get all of our ducks in a row.  Next week is huge for us and we need to be ready…we need additional financing and there will be investors and distributors at the festival.  I’m nervous, excited, and a bit overwhelmed at the same time.

It’s Friday so that means another edition of Grindhouse Radio airs at midnight.  Diane Raver from the festival will probably check in with all the festival updates.  Then after that we will be talking a bit about Halloween and this wave of remakes that have swept over the horror industry and whether it’s a good or bad thing.  There will also be some Sorrow Hill updates and anything else that pops into my head so tune it at midnight for horror radio at it’s finest.  You can listen to the show live at you can also chat with other listeners during the show.  I am still working on getting the shows posted on the site so you can listen to them whenever you’d like…hopefully I’ll have that worked out after the GSFF next week.

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Trailer is complete!

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27Mar 08

That’s right, finally after many hours of hand wringing and toil I have completed the trailer that will debut at the Garden State Film Festival.  I am very pleased with the outcome, am I 100% satisfied, of course not but what filmmaker ever is, I always feel like I could have done better or shot a scene differently but at the end of the day I think this trailer is going to show Grindhouse Pictures in a great light.

Tomorrow night is the second edition of Grindhouse Radio at midnight.  Last weeks show was a smash hit with a ton of traffic on  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and keep it coming every advertising dollar I get goes into the production of Sorrow Hill.

Before I end this post I have to rant against the current horror scene.  Why oh why must every horror movie be remade…Prom Night is the latest travesty hoisted upon the movie going public.  This looks wretched, first off a horror movie can’t be PG-13 and be effective, secondly you can’t remake a movie, use the same name and change the scope of the story to the extreme that Prom night has…man this is getting crazy, here is a list of horror movie slated to be remade in the coming year…Friday the 13th, Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street…just to name a few and I’ll tell you I don’t look forward to these remakes, these movies are horror staples and to bastardize them by updating them is a crime.  I know I am pissing into the wind here and my little opinion won’t change these movie’s being made but my God aren’t there any original ideas left out there…why yes, yes there is and it’s called Sorrow Hill…sorry you know I am a shameless self promoter.  Anyway, tomorrow night I will be railing against these remakes on my radio show so be sure to tune in.

Still burning the midnight oil…

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22Mar 08

Last nights radio show was a smash.  The website had a lot of traffic and a lot of people tuned in to the first episode of Grindhouse Radio.  Big thanks go out to Stacie Ponder she was a fantastic first guest and I hope to have her on again in the future.  As soon as I got off the phone with her I thought of several things I wanted to discuss with her but didn’t so that will be next time.

The editing on the trailer is going a lot better.  It isn’t exactly where I want it to be but I can at least see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.   My actors came up huge with their performances so I owe it to them to make them look even better with how I put this trailer together.   A few of my actors took time out of their schedules at my request to do some reshoots on Thursday and they nailed it.   Every director says this but I truly do have an amazing cast.

I can’t believe Easter is tomorrow.  It doesn’t feel like Easter in the least but there’s an Easter basket with Emily’s name on it so it must be true.  Anyhow I hope everyone enjoys the holiday…I’ll be editing.

Thanks to my main man/partner in crime/fellow Speed Racer fanatic Tom Carty. I am so psyched for the first official show this Friday night, man I hope I don’t choke. Anyway check out to listen to my show this Friday night beginning at midnight. You can also check me out 92.1 wvlt’s website or actually on the radio. This week my guest will be Stacie Ponder aka Final Girl…she is an incredibly entertaining horror blogger and we should have a lot of fun with her on Friday. Check out her blog, you will not be disappointed.

The trailer is nearly complete…all I need is the score, foley sound effects, some other editing tweaks and a quick reshoot at the tomorrow night. One shot came out way darker than I wanted and I couldn’t get the way I wanted in post so luckily for me I have a kick ass cast and they don’t mind reshooting that scene for me.

The film festival is only two weeks away and I still have miles to go before I sleep. Luckily I have my trusty rocket fuel, Pepsi and Red Vines. I don’t care what anyone says Red Vines kick the crap out of Twizzlers. I have also had Family Guy on in the background to keep me from going insane while editing the trailer. Oh Bless You Stewe Griffin.

Just wondering…

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18Mar 08

Sitting alone in my office/production studio/former garage aka “the pit” I was wondering what I was going to talk about during my first radio show and I’ve decided to talk about the first movie that officially scared the crap out of me and after some rummaging in my memory banks I realized that the movie that first gave me the chills was a little movie called Alien.  The thing that makes this fact unthinkable is I saw it for the first time on network television minus all the tasty gore but what the network couldn’t edit out was the claustophobic eeriness and spine tingling suspense that drove this movie.  I remember sitting in nervous anticipation, waiting for my first real glimpse of what was picking off the crew of the Nostromo one by one.  I remember staring in wide eyed fear as the two electronic beeps moved periously closer and closer together.  Wow just typing this is giving me butterflies…the tag line for the movie is also the best of all time…”In Space No One Can Hear You Scream…”  That line says it all.  Oh and for the record…because of Alien I will never trust an android.  Not only do I mistrust androids but that android could have ruined one of the greatest horror monikers of all time…Ash.  I want an Ash vs. Ash movie right now…I want the Evil Dead Ash to shove his boom stick into the pompous mouth of Android Ash and with a hearty “Hail to the King Baby” let loose a barrage of shotgun fire that oblitirates the Android Ash’s head.  Ahhh…wouldn’t that be lovely.  So if my wonderful guest Stacie Ponder is up for it we will be talking ad-nauseum about Alien.  Remember On the Radio no one can hear you scream….

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16Mar 08

That’s right, we are re-launching on April 2nd.  My great friend Tom Carty from is working hard to create a stronger web presence.  Also is active, it currently points to this site but there will be content up on that site shortly.  Things are really moving along and it’s getting quite hectic.  We started Grindhouse Radio on Friday night and will continue to air on Friday nights beginning with the In Between Diapers Radio Hour at 11PM, that show transitions into Grindhouse Radio at midnight.  What better hour than the witching hour to do a show about horror movies, Sorrow Hill, and every other aspect of the horror industry.  I already have some really cool guest lined up and the best part, you can listen live on my site beginning this week.  Just log onto, click the radio icon and you will be able to listen to the show.  I am really excited with all the insane opportunities coming our way.  The Garden State Film Festival is right around the corner and we are going to have an incredible showing there…I just know it. 

I’m so excited!

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15Mar 08

I am extremely ecstatic to announce my first official guest on Grindhouse Radio next week.  It is none other than Stacie Ponder AKA Final Girl.  Who is Stacie Ponder you may ask, well in my humble opinion she is the premiere horror blogger on the internet.  Her insight, wit, and sense of humor make her blog an everyday read for me.  Here is the link to her blog so you can check her out for yourself.

Trust me, when you read her blog you will be hooked.

We worked all day on the trailer, we are very excited and are confident we can get it where we want it.  The film festival is right around the corner and we are anxious. 

 Don’t forget to listen to Grindhouse Radio every Friday night beginning at midnight.  I will have a player embedded on the site by the end of the week so you can listen from my site.  Also you can go to  and catch the show.

That’s about all for now. 

The madness has begun…

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15Mar 08

It’s been forever since I blogged.  Believe me when I tell you, things have been rather insane in my world the past week or so.  Last weekend as most of you know I shot the footage for the Sorrow Hill trailer which will debut at the Garden State Film Festival.  The weekend could not have gone any smoother, the only thing that sucked was the weather.  This past weekend proved that I picked an exceptional cast.  Everyone was professional, prepared, and most importantly completely into it.  It is overwhelming at times that this group of talented individuals have bought into me and what I am trying to accomplish.  It truly is humbling.  The footage came out great, wish I did better job with lighting but I have been locked in my office since Saturday chopping away.  I finally finished a rough video edit today, no sound bed or transitions just basically cutting the clips and arranging them.  I am pleased but I know I could have done better and I am kicking myself over a few of the shot choices I made.  All in all I feel I can make a respectable trailer from the footage. 

Tonight was my first official night as radio host.  That’s right every Friday night you can hear Grindhouse Radio from Midnight to 1AM.  Tune into 92.1 WVLT or log onto and listen online.  I will be doing a lot of great stuff on the show, talking mostly horror movies and of course Sorrow Hill.  I hope to have some great guest lined up and also there will be contests so you can win a walk on role in Sorrow Hill.  I have to give  a big thanks to Rick Cahall who got me the gig and we also be on the air with me.  So be sure to check us out.  Rick’s show begins at 11 so be sure to tune in to his show as well, he is incredibly funny.

I am really starting to geek out over the fact that something I made is going to be on the big screen.  I know it’s only a trailer but it’s the first step in what I hope is an incredible journey.    I am also extremely excited about the relaunching of the website.  We are unvailing a new and improved the Wednesday before the film festival, it’s going to knock your socks off.  My great friend Tom Carty has helped me immensely from revamping the website to putting together my booth from the film festival, my business cards, my press kit you name it he’s helped me.  He can do anything when it comes to graphic design, check him out at:

Thanks again for all of your support hope to see you at the film festival!

Investor frustration

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5Mar 08

Wow did I pick a tough time to try and find investors.  It seems at every turn when I talk to a prospective investor they say the same thing.  We love what you’re trying to do…we love your enthusiasm and your talent…your passion, determination and ambition are what’s going to drive this project to success…but…there is always a but.  I’m starting to think there is a handbook they hand out to people once they reach a certain financial status on what to say to people who look to them as investors because I know I have heard the same sentiment repeatedly.  Oh, on to the but…the but is always the same as well, we would love to invest but your lack of track record worries us or the crutch everyone is using…the stock market is rough right now…well then wouldn’t it make sense to diversify your investment and take a chance on someone so ambitious, determined and passionate?  I understand where they are coming from…to a point.  It’s hard to risk money and bet on someone you aren’t that familiar with…I get it.  I point out all the things I have accomplished thus far without any money and it still doesn’t seem to impress.  For those of you who don’t know I will list them:

  1. Secured a prime shooting location…for free.
  2. Hired an incredible cast and assembled a hard working crew, all of whom are working for free.
  3. Launched a web site that averages 20,000 hits a week.
  4. Got prime placement at the Garden State Film Festival to debut the trailer.
  5. Held a successful fund raiser that raised a nice amount of money for the company
  6. Made various deals with local businesses for free supplies and food.

We are starting to make a name for ourselves without spending a lot of money but now production is about to begin and there are things we need money for.  That’s why I started the investment plan where a person can invest as little as a $100 and still benefit if the movie is a success.  It’s a solid plan and I have gotten some takers…6 to be exact and 3 of them are relatives.  Actually we have had one big time investor, Wilbur Fields has believed in me from the beginning and invested a $1000 this past weekend.  Wilbur is a great guy and a lot of fun to talk to.  Also my cousins Keith and Jimmy have each invested $500 and that is just incredible.  But we are still a ways away from our goal.  So if you’d like to invest or know someone who may like to invest click here and contact me.

Wow I think I just begged for money.  Why do I feel like I need a shower?  Anyhow on to some good news.  We spent some time on location last night getting it ready for our shoot and it’s amazing because every time I go on set I find a new and wonderful place that can be used in some capacity in the film.  I can’t wait to begin shooting.  When I wrote this screenplay I tried to give the location it’s on personality, make it a character in the story itself believe me when I tell you our location has it’s own pulse and didn’t need any help from me.

That’s all for now…I will be blogging all throughout the weekend as we prepare for the Garden State Film Festival so stay tuned.

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