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25Dec 07

The title says it all so whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Festivus we hope all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.  We’ve been busy going over and over and over again the audition tapes.  I appreciate everyone’s patience we are trying to put together the strongest call back list possible and it takes time.  There are a few stand-outs but on the whole every part is still up for grabs so if you get a call back you will have to bring your A game…can’t believe I just said that.  Anyhow, keep checking back because we plan on rolling out some new features here at and as always keep checking the blog for updates.  Once again happy holidays!


We have our location!

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20Dec 07

It was a productive day here at the Grindhouse, we secured our shooting location. Believe it or not it is the old Atlantic City Race Course. I know what you are thinking, how can an old race track be used as the location for a film that takes place in an abandoned mental asylum? Well let me tell you this location is perfect. All the abandoned rooms, stairways, hallways, and entire floors are there for us to use and believe me the creative juices are already flowing. I have included a slide show with this blog to show all of you the creepiness this location presents, believe me when I tell you I was blown away. I have to first thank the person responsible for contacting me and offering this awesome location to us, Maureen Bugdon, President of ACRA Services INC. Without her contacting me I would never have even thought of the race track as a possibility. We would also like to thank Mary Jo Couts, the Assistant director of Operations and Bill Gatto, the Director of Grounds and Facilities for the awesome and thorough tour they gave us, they were both very patient while we filmed the location and took over 200 stills. So without further delay check out some of the stills from our shooting location.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


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16Dec 07

This is the first chance I have gotten since the auditions took place yesterday to write a blog.  First off the turnout was amazing over 100 people turned out for the auditions and in all honesty I was amazed at all the talent you possessed.  It was wonderful as a writer to sit down and watch some really talented people read my words…quite humbling.  You have given all of us here at the Grindhouse a tough job, we need to put together our call back list…no easy task I can tell you that.  We will be burning the midnight oil this week as we pour through all the tapes and go through all the auditions.  I will say a couple of you really knocked my socks off, but it’s going to be a tough decision when decision time comes.  I will be contacting all of you personally regardless if you make the call back list or not.  I truly hope all of you had a wonderful experience yesterday whether it was your first audition or your 100th I hope you left with a favorable impression of my company and my crew.  I will keep all of you up to date of what we are up to here at the Grindhouse and as soon as the call back list is completed we will be in touch.  Also some of you may be asked to come back and read for a different part so don’t be surprised if you are called back and asked to read for a different character.  That’s if for now…Dexter is about to start, tonight is the season finale and I’m excited.

Only 2 more days…

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13Dec 07

Until I meet all of you.  I must say I am very excited.  The enthusiasm and interest all of you have shown in Sorrow Hill is quite humbling.  I have received e-mails from some of you expressing concern over you lack of experience, your age, or even how you look, let me just say this loud and clear, none of that matters to me.  All of you are going to get an equal opportunity, I promise you.  You will be judged on appearance and experience somewhat but the main thing I am looking for is talent, so if you come into the audition with a great attitude and you are ready to impress and are confidant you don’t have a thing to worry about, it will come across.  And once you get into that audition room knock my socks off.   This is going to be a wonderful experience for all of us.  Also, those driving long distances please be careful we want everyone to arrive safe.  With that being said, rest up,  be confidant, and give an audition that will WOW me.  See all of you Saturday!

Ron DiPrimio

Back to the grind…

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9Dec 07

The Grindhouse that is…I know corny, but cut me some slack, over 24 hours in a mini-van and an RV can make a man a little woozy. Anyway, I’m back from Disney…not my cup of tea but my daughter loved it and that’s all that matters. Needless to say I have been floored by the response from everyone concerning Sorrow Hill. This is Saturday is going to be incredible, all the talented people that have contacted me for auditions is quite astounding and I look forward to meeting all of you, and I will meet all of you. Everyone who shows up will get an audition…no doubt about it. This week is going to be crazy, with my day job and trying to move into my new office on Landis Avenue and preparing for the casting call on Saturday there won’t be much time for rest, I will be surviving on adrenaline and coffee…Kenyan coffee to be exact…man that stuff really puts a charge into me. If anyone reading this still has a question about Saturday please hit me up: and I will answer question. Well, back to Sorrow Hill, I am doing some polishing to the screenplay and also a few minor re-writes, nothing major for my production team has already given me the thumbs up on the screenplay so I am not one to fool with perfection…just kidding, my script is far from perfect but it is pretty damn intense and quite scary…at least that’s what my team has told me. Anyway, I hope to see all of you on Saturday.

Heading back to Jersey

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6Dec 07

We leave for Jersey tomorrow night, we are driving to Richmond VA, then from there we jump back into the RV that broke down on our way down last week, it’s fixed…so we hope that nothing else goes wrong…pray for us.  Once back in Jersey we move into our new office on Monday and I can focus entirely on the auditions on Saturday the 15th.

 We are expecting quite a few people the day of the auditions, we are psyched!  We can’t to meet each and every one of you.  It’s going to be a long day for us but well worth it to meet all the untapped talent that exists in our little corner of the world.  This will be my last blog until I arrive home late Saturday, early Sunday so any questions just e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Remember no need to prepare a short monologue…we are focusing more on cold reads and your interview.  Talk to all of you soon!

Another audition update

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5Dec 07

OK…this is getting crazy I know but hang in there…  A lot of people are heading out to the auditions on the 15th and I’m doing my best to do some organizing even though I am away on vacation so here is some info that you should know…

No monologues needed, you will be doing a cold read from the script.

Auditions begin @ 10 am and registration begins at 9 am and the auditions will be on a first come first serve basis.  If you can’t make that early that’s fine auditions will be ongoing to 6pm so if you can’t make it until the afternoon that’s fine.

If you haven’t sent me a photo or resume yet please do so…however if you don’t send me one I will still let you audition, we will be taking pictures at the audition. 

Keep checking the blog for any further updates.

More Audition Info…

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4Dec 07

Hey everyone, sorry about leaving out some information.

December 15 starting at 10am, it is first come first serve for the auditions so when you arrive you will sign in and be given a number.

Monologues could be anything from any movie or play or something you prepare yourself.  I don’t care if you have acting experience or not, I will not deny anyone an audition, we all share the same dream so I will give anyone a shot.  In some ways not having any experience could work to your advantage…

Also the character breakdown is listed on the production page and it is a downloadable pdf file or you can click on the link and it should open up.

I want all ages to audition…

I will be casting 4 females from 18-28, 1 male at 18-28, one male 35 and older,  6 males 18 and up, 1 female 35 and older, and a lot of background character actors from 18+.

Also all photos  and resumes should be sent to

The headshots don’t have to be professional, just want to put together an accurate list of who’s coming and put a face to that name.

Hopefully that answers the questions all of you emailed me…anything else please contact me via e-mail.

Audition Information

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4Dec 07

I am on vacation in Disney  but I have received a ton of e-mails asking about the audition process.  This is because of the wonderful article that was written in the Atlantic City Press.  Since I don’t have the ability to update my website I’ve decided to post a new blog with all the information my would be cast will need. 

So first the location:

Ramada Inn  2216 W. Landis Ave.  Vineland NJ 08360

The time:  December 10am – 6pm

We are asking all those who plan on attending the audition to contact us first so we know who is definitely showing up.  Also we are asking for a photo of those who plan on attending the auditon.  This is due to the volume of people who have contacted us and want to audition, it will help us organize the event so everyone has an equal opportunity to show us their ability.

Now, what to expect the day of the audition.

We ask each individual to perform a short 2 minute prepared monologue, followed by a cold read for the character they are auditioning for, as well as a interview.  I have posted a complete character breakdown on the production of the website.

Now for the few of you who have contacted me who are 13, we don’t have any roles for anyone that young, but keep checking back on our website for future projects.

The couple of 17 year olds who have contacted us may audition but you must be accompanied by a parent.

We at the Grindhouse are so impressed and excited by the response of all of you and can’t wait to meet each and everyone of you.  Our goal is to give everyone a chance, we will not refuse anyone the opportunity to audition so come show us what you got.

If there is something I haven’t covered in this blog that you still have a question about please feel free to e-mail me back.


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