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I have given manbirth…

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29Nov 07

Sorrow Hill is complete…and now I leave for Disney in two days.  I need this vacation to recharge the batteries because auditions are set for the 15th of December.  So as soon as I get back from Disney it’s back to chaos…which for some reason I have been thriving in lately.

I am very happy with Sorrow Hill…I’m sure once I re-read it tomorrow I will find some things I may need to change but for now I am satisfied.

Sorry this entry is so short but I need to give my hands a break from typing.  Now that the script is done I will be blogging more so be sure to check back.

Disney here I come!

Happy Thanksgiving

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22Nov 07

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day, even though it’s my least favorite holiday I still had a good time with my family.  I haven’t been able to work on the screenplay as much as I would have liked but as soon as my Emily goes to sleep I will be busy.  It’s flowing right now and I want it done by the weekend.  I have casting calls planned for mid-December and I want the script polished off by then. 

I am very impressed with the response so far by those interested in being in my movie, keep it coming.  I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday before I am up the rest of the night writing.  I need to write every chance I get because I have my wonderful daughter all weekend and I try to spend every spare minute with her so I will write when she sleeps. 

 Once again happy holidays and thanks for all the support and interest.

Casting Call Criteria

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21Nov 07

Barring any major setbacks the new first draft of Sorrow Hill will be complete by Black Friday.  So far I am very happy with the screenplay, it feels good to be on a roll.  But I am using this blog mostly to talk to those who have been contacting me about casting calls.

As I mentioned on the front page no headshot, no resume, no audition, no exceptions.  I need these things before the casting call, not the day of, before.  I don’t expect professional headshots or an extensive resume.  I just need a picture, it can be taken with a digital camera, from the chest up.  Also a full body shot would be nice but not necessary.  I am doing this to weed out those who aren’t serious about this project.  So if you would like to the opportunity to audition you must follow those simple rules.  I do appreciate everyones interest and I look forward to meeting those who have already met this criteria.  Have a great day.

I am officially crazy…

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20Nov 07

Oh what a day! Frustrated with the endless re-writes I did something drastic. I started from scratch. Now I know what you are thinking…and believe me I share some of those sentiments but hear me out. I think it was the smartest thing I’ve done. I started fresh and boom 25 pages in two hours. That’s how I usually write. I’ve gone back to what has worked for me in the past with SCENT and my zombie western and GRAY MAN, I just sat down at the computer, no notes, no outline and just let her rip and low and behold, 25 good pages and I’m not quitting now. I will stay up all night just like I did with Scent, which I wrote in 3 days. So I’ve learned my lesson. I will no longer write like every other normal person does with notes and an outline…structure does not suit me. I will have 50 pages by the time I go to bed and tomorrow I will write the third act. I will give man-birth to this screenplay and it’s going to kick ass. I love when I am like this, juices flowing words flying across the page it’s better than…well you know.

Rewrite hell…

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19Nov 07

The title says it all.  I am over thinking this thing.  But I want it perfect.  If this is to be the first feature I shoot then it has to be flawless and right now it isn’t.  I’ve worked very hard to avoid the cliche’s that come with this type of film.  I have done my best to create distinct characters and not the cookie-cutter victims you associate with films in this genre.  So why have I yet to finish a complete draft that I am happy with…wish I knew.  I think I just need to wrap this thing up, give it to a couple of my trusted confidants and get their take on it.  That has to be my next step or I am going to go mental with this screenplay.  I have written 6 different endings so far…6.  That is just madness.  So be prepared Scott and Matt, you have a lot of reading to look forward to.

On a separate note…the Showtime series Dexter never ceases to amaze me.  That show is so captivating and so brilliantly crafted, it is just an absolute joy to sit down and enjoy every Sunday.  If you have never seen Dexter run out today and rent or buy the first season, I guarantee once you watch one episode you will be hooked.  That’s all for now…think I’ll go write a seventh ending for Sorrow Hill.

Taking a break…

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16Nov 07

I am taking a break from re-writing Sorrow Hill to write a blog…so I guess it isn’t really a break but just a needed diversion. My head is still spinning from the meeting yesterday. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, nothing is written in stone but I just can’t help but be positive. And on another note, another investor has expressed interest and is willing to invest a large chunk of money into Sorrow Hill, I knew once I got one investor interested the rest would fall into place. This is so exciting but at the same time somewhat overwhelming because now my dreams are no longer just dreams but are becoming a reality. My close friends have always told me that I am talented and that all I needed was that one break…I think that break is finally here. Well, back to the other writing. Thanks to all of you who left comments on the blog, please feel free to use it anytime you like. Talk to all of you soon.

The meeting went great!

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15Nov 07

Today could not have gone any better. First off I have to thank my cousin Jimmy for setting up the meeting. I truly didn’t know what to expect, I thought I was gonna tell them my idea for a horror movie, show them my production schedule and budget and hope they would invest…little did I know that they were already an established production company. Much to my surprise I found myself pitching all my screenplays and let’s just say they were very impressed. They are putting together $50 million to produce 5 movies, I think there is a very good chance one of my screenplays could be one of them. And if that happens, I will be directing the film as well. This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

I would also like to thank my friend Tom for setting up the word press blogging software. Now my blog looks more professional and you my wonderful readers can comment.

Now I am going to do what I always do when I get good news relating to my screenplays and that is watch my favorite movie…Shaun of the Dead!  You got red on you!

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