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What is Ron watching?

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12Apr 09

Well tonight kiddies, to erase that horrible image of Tokyo Zombie from my mind I will be watching the zombie masterpiece Shaun of the Dead.  I have seen this movie over 100 times and I will continue to watch this brilliant film over and over again until they put me in the ground…and then I will come back as a zombie.

Let The Right One In

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On March 10th my favorite movie of 2008 will be released on DVD.  Let The Right One In.  I know, it’s blasphemy not to give the nod to The Dark Knight, but if it’s any consolation it was my second favorite film.  Any how on to Let The Right One In.  I was completely amazed and awestruck by this film.  Sometimes you witness cinematic perfection and it affects you long after you see it.  This movie has done that to me.  This movie has it all, compelling story, inspiring direction, breath taking cinematography, and superb acting by it’s two young leads.

The story is one that most can relate to, Oskar, is an outcast.  Picked on by his classmates, too smart for his own good.  He never defends himself…until he meets his new neighbor, Eli, a pale, serious girl who is just as alone as Oskar.  The two become fast friends and become reliant on one another.  The central theme of this movie is one of friendship, and the beauty of true friendship.  Before I forget did I mention this is one of the most terrifying vampire movies ever made.  This movie is the quintescential blend of beauty and horror.  This movie is spell binding, heart felt, and heart stopping.  I don’t recommend a lot of movies, but this movie is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Not just in the horror genre, I’m talking movies in general.  I can only aspire to make something this perfect.  I will never understand how this movie didn’t win, let alone get nominated for best foreign film.  A travesty.  So do yourself a favor on March 10th.  Rush out and buy this DVD, rent it, or NetFlix it.  Whatever you do…see this film.

DVD review Amusement.

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19Jan 09

I had the opportunity to watch a soon to be released DVD titled “Amusement.”  I was really looking forward to this movie.  The premise seemed different from the usual horror fare a demented individual devises a plot to kidnap, torture, and kill three of his former classmates who were mean to him.  Each girl is abducted separately through complex scenarios.  Each abduction plays like it’s own individual short, which really works for me.  I liked how it was three very different vignettes that tied together smoothly.

The movie opens with a bang, a nice little misdirection that leads to the abduction of the first victim Shelby played by Laura Breckenridge.  Before I continue I will say this, the better than average acting helped salvage a pretty thin plot.  We don’t see what happens to Shelby yet…it’s off to the abduction of the second victim, Tabitha, played wonderfully by Katheryn Winnick.  I truly hope to see more of this actress.   She did a fantastic job and was very convincing.  It’s great when an actress can sell the fear and Ms. Winnick does so magnificentally.  There is a nice creepy clown sequence in this abduction.  The last girl to be abducted is Lisa, played by Jessica Lucas, her abduction was way more elaborate and a tad over the top but it did include the best kill of the movie and was really creepy.

Now that the killer has all three girls, the fun begins.  He plays this incredibly terrifying mind game with Tabitha that will have you cringing.  I don’t want to give any thing else away.  I want you to enjoy this movie like I did.

My only criticism of this movie would have to be with the killer himself.  And it’s just a personal preference of mine, but I truly can’t stand it when a killer does a maniacal, over the top laugh the entire time.  It’s not scary it’s annoying…but I was able to look past this because this was one of the better straight to DVD horror movies I have seen.  Amusement will be available this Tuesday January 20th, it’s definitely worth the rental…hell I think it’s worth buying and adding it to your horror DVD collection.  Peep the trailer below.

My Bloody Valentine 3D

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17Jan 09

Now I went into this film not expecting a whole lot, I wasn’t disappointed.  The story was hackneyed and contrite.  The acting was borderline awful and over the top.  The gore was satisfying but grew tiresome, only so many ways you can kill someone with a pick axe.  I understand why they put this out in 3D, they needed a gimmick to sell tickets otherwise you would be watching a movie that should have been straight to DVD.  The 3D aspect was cool but I ended up getting a headache about half way through the film…damn it sucks getting old.  Anyhow, it was fun for what it was but in the end I was disappointed.

I would reccommend it only for those who wanna check out the 3D gimmick and for anyone who likes ample gore.

Check out this show from BBC

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11Jan 09

I recently had the opportunity to view the entire run of Dead Set, a new short series from the BBC.  It has an incredible concept which is soon to be ripped off and Americanized, in other words watered down.  The story is told from the perspective of a reality show, from contestants and producers.  The show is the British Big Brother and the concept, Zombie outbreak with the house members not realizing what is going on in the real world until it is far too late.

The series itself was fun.   Everyone who knows me and or reads my blogs know my love for zombies.  So I was very excited to watch a mini-series with the above mentioned premise.  The gore was phenomenal, the zombies were fast moving zombies they reminded me of the “infected” from 28 Days Later.  The story line is a little jagged because it is episodic and there weren’t too many scares and it was a tad predictable but it’s zombies for crying out loud…on television.  This show would never get past the censors in the U.S. it was far too gory and there was a little bit of frontal nudity which we all know would never fly…unless they did a show similar to this on Showtime or HBO.  Anyhow, the characters were pretty much standard horror fare all the basic stereotypes are covered which is a little disappointing but at the same time I get what the writer and director were doing because all reality show contestants are pretty vain, transparent, and shallow so the actors nailed it.  It is definitely worth checking out if you get the opportunity I believe the episodes are up for free on E4′s website .  If you check it out, let me know what you think.

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