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Yes…it’s been a while.  Been very busy getting For Love of Zombies ready.  It is nearly complete and we are extremely excited to debut it.  So much to tell everyone we figure the best way to catch everyone up is with a new podcast so click below and get all the latest news concerning Little Red Wagon Films and For Love of Zombies.

Brand New Random Ass Podcast

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21Apr 10

Go to and check out the latest podcast or you can go the old fashioned route and just click the player below.  Lots of For Love of Zombie updates and a whole bunch of geeky observations and ramblings.

Received good news today.  Heard back from the cemetery we scouted earlier this month that we have permission to shoot there.  This cemetery is perfect for what we want to shoot.  It is creepy, old, and rundown…just like Evans City.  That means that this Saturday we are a go.  I will be shooting my first zombie action scene and i cannot wait.  I have written up my shot selection and have gone over it several times.  I have played the scene over in my head since I finished writing it and know that it’s gonna be well received.

Also, our raffle tickets are selling nicely.  Be sure to get yours before they are gone.  You could win an iPod Touch.  It’s an incredible gadget and a lot of fun.  You don’t have to be present to win and the proceeds go to funding For Love of Zombies.  So order your tickets now, only $5 each or 5 for $20.  Click HERE to order.  The drawing will be held May 8th during our Brains and Beer fundraiser.

May 8th is also the day you can come sign up to be a zombie in For Love of  Zombies.  Come out May 8th beginning at 4PM and give us your best zombie walk, moan, groan, and yell.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun and while you’re at it enjoy a great buffet and one beer for only $10.

Teddy and I will be recording and posting a new Random Ass Podcast Wednesday.  Be sure to check back Wednesday and find out everything that is happening with the production of For Love of Zombies and the Sorrow Hill DVD release.  Which is a little over a month away.  Sorrow Hill will be released May 31st and you can pre order by going to

I am only a week away from filming some zombie goodness.  I am a huge fan of the zombie genre and I have waited my entire life to get to this point.  Granted it’s only a short scene that I am filming for a webisode but it is still zombie footage nonetheless.  This will be a great test for our zombie make up and some of our gore effects, because oh yes…there will be gore.  Miranda has been working hard cooking up some incredible make up effects.  I love working with Miranda because of her dedication to her craft and her creativity.  But above all else, her ability to come up with things on the fly is amazing.  She truly is the MacGyver of special effects make-up.  I have a great actor, George Scully, playing the cemetery caretaker.  He is a fellow geek and is truly psyched and amped up to do this.  I know he is gonna be great.

The scene I am filming next Saturday requires 5 zombies and I put out a call on the For Love of Zombies Facebook page as well as my personal Facebook page and got 113 emails.  Wow.  I never knew so many people were so eager to be zombies.  I hope that many people turnout to our zombie casting call May 8th at The Rail Bar in Richland NJ.  That is when we will be casting all of our zombies for the actual For Love of Zombies film.  This is your one and only chance to be cast in the film.  Unless you have already invested through IndieGoGo or ebay.  Then your spot is secure and not to mention the truckload of For Love of Zombie swag you will receive for investing in our little project.

Our Brains and Beer event is right around the corner.  Tickets are only 10 bucks and that gets you a buffet dinner and one beer.  The even will be held at the Rail Bar in Richland NJ on May 8th.  We will also be raffling off an iPod touch that night.  Tickets are only $5 or 5 for $20.  Click HERE to order.

If you haven’t done so already check out our IndieGoGo page.  You can see all the investment opportunities that exist.  We have a goal of 5,000 dollars to raise and every dollar helps.  IndieGoGo is running a promotion where they will match up to 5% if our goal is reached but we only have 60 days to raise the money.  So if you are so inclined, click on the IndieGoGo link and help out.  The $50 dollar investment package we are offering on ebay and IndieGoGo is a great value and it includes the following:

A For Love of Zombies T-Shirt.
A For Love of Zombies DVD.
A Signed Limited edition For Love of Zombies movie poster.
Your name in the end credits.
VIP treatment on the set of For Love of Zombies.
The opportunity to be a zombie in For Love of Zombies, this includes full Zombie Make-Up.

The Random Ass Podcast will be returning this week.  Be sure to check us out at  There you can listen to some past editions of The Random Ass Podcast.

And last and but certainly not least…SORROW HILL DVD will be available May 31st.  Pre-order yours now if you haven’t done so already.  Click HERE to pre-order…only $15.00.

After a weekend of working on the Grindhouse Radio page I think I finally have it close to the way I want it.  I am still working out a couple of bugs I have encountered with the FLoZ trailer playing on Internet Explorer.  In the meantime head on over to and check out archived episodes of The Random Ass Podcast and some of my earlier radio work including interviews with William Katt, Courtney Gains, and Kristina Klebe.

We are also featuring an old time horror radio show from the golden age of radio.  This weeks episode is titled “Poltergeist” and it is sure to make your spine tingle.  We will feature a new old time radio show each week as well as debuting a new Random Ass Podcast so check back with often to catch up with the latest news and fun.

New Random Ass Podcast available

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16Feb 10

Teddy and I have just wrapped up another edition of the Random Ass Podcast.  Click below and give a listen.  Lots of For Love of Zombie updates and we also discuss upcoming zombie movies and books.

Tune in live tonight!

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11Dec 09

Tune in tonight at around 11:15 and hear my return to 92.1 WVLT.  You can listen live at and be sure to jump in the chat room.  Or, just simply call in 856-696-0092.

Been a while since I’ve been on the air, tune in and find out all the latest news.

March 20th Radio Shows Uploaded

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21Mar 09

Head over to for the latest and greatest shows.  The shows have been split into two parts, so be sure to play them both for the complete show experience.


For those who missed it.  Big Rick was on New York Rocks TV back in February to promote The Rick and Ron show and Grindhouse Pictures.  The show has been posted online for all to see.

View the show here.


And a note about viewing the show, the player is seek able so if you don’t have the time to sit through the whole show you can move the slider to the 44:37 time mark to see Ricks interview




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8Mar 09

First off I would like to thank Kristina Klebe for calling into the show and spending an hour with us.  She was a great guest and we look forward to having her on again.  If you haven’t heard the interview head on over to and click on the March 6th Grindhouse Radio broadcast and listen to the interview.  The first hour of the show is also available, it had to be seperated because we couldn’t upload it properly together.


The interview has been downloaded a ton of times and we had our highest listenership online to date for the live interview on Friday night.  Our show continues to grow in listenership and we can’t thank all of you enough.  Keep listening.


We will continue to deliver a great show and high caliber guests going forward.  Thanks again for listening.


You can also listen to the interview in our podcast player below.

There was a problem with the original upload this morning.  We have split the radio show into parts, Part 1 being the Rick and Ron show and part 2 being Grindhouse Radio with the interview with Kristina Klebe.


Let me warn you, there seems to be some audio glitches during the playback of the show.  I’m not sure if its a server issues or web player issue so you’ll have to preserver until I solve the problem.

Enjoy the shows




I believe everything is fixed now.  I even updated the audio player.



Hey Everyone,

I just listened to the first part of the radio show and want to warn some of you that some of the content is not appropriate for children.  I realize that this is a big boys show and not for kids and we are grow-ups here. I’m not asking anybody to censor themselves, but I’m not comfortable posting that kind of content anymore. I’m just speaking my mind like everyone else.



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