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Received good news today.  Heard back from the cemetery we scouted earlier this month that we have permission to shoot there.  This cemetery is perfect for what we want to shoot.  It is creepy, old, and rundown…just like Evans City.  That means that this Saturday we are a go.  I will be shooting my first zombie action scene and i cannot wait.  I have written up my shot selection and have gone over it several times.  I have played the scene over in my head since I finished writing it and know that it’s gonna be well received.

Also, our raffle tickets are selling nicely.  Be sure to get yours before they are gone.  You could win an iPod Touch.  It’s an incredible gadget and a lot of fun.  You don’t have to be present to win and the proceeds go to funding For Love of Zombies.  So order your tickets now, only $5 each or 5 for $20.  Click HERE to order.  The drawing will be held May 8th during our Brains and Beer fundraiser.

May 8th is also the day you can come sign up to be a zombie in For Love of  Zombies.  Come out May 8th beginning at 4PM and give us your best zombie walk, moan, groan, and yell.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun and while you’re at it enjoy a great buffet and one beer for only $10.

Teddy and I will be recording and posting a new Random Ass Podcast Wednesday.  Be sure to check back Wednesday and find out everything that is happening with the production of For Love of Zombies and the Sorrow Hill DVD release.  Which is a little over a month away.  Sorrow Hill will be released May 31st and you can pre order by going to

I am only a week away from filming some zombie goodness.  I am a huge fan of the zombie genre and I have waited my entire life to get to this point.  Granted it’s only a short scene that I am filming for a webisode but it is still zombie footage nonetheless.  This will be a great test for our zombie make up and some of our gore effects, because oh yes…there will be gore.  Miranda has been working hard cooking up some incredible make up effects.  I love working with Miranda because of her dedication to her craft and her creativity.  But above all else, her ability to come up with things on the fly is amazing.  She truly is the MacGyver of special effects make-up.  I have a great actor, George Scully, playing the cemetery caretaker.  He is a fellow geek and is truly psyched and amped up to do this.  I know he is gonna be great.

The scene I am filming next Saturday requires 5 zombies and I put out a call on the For Love of Zombies Facebook page as well as my personal Facebook page and got 113 emails.  Wow.  I never knew so many people were so eager to be zombies.  I hope that many people turnout to our zombie casting call May 8th at The Rail Bar in Richland NJ.  That is when we will be casting all of our zombies for the actual For Love of Zombies film.  This is your one and only chance to be cast in the film.  Unless you have already invested through IndieGoGo or ebay.  Then your spot is secure and not to mention the truckload of For Love of Zombie swag you will receive for investing in our little project.

Our Brains and Beer event is right around the corner.  Tickets are only 10 bucks and that gets you a buffet dinner and one beer.  The even will be held at the Rail Bar in Richland NJ on May 8th.  We will also be raffling off an iPod touch that night.  Tickets are only $5 or 5 for $20.  Click HERE to order.

If you haven’t done so already check out our IndieGoGo page.  You can see all the investment opportunities that exist.  We have a goal of 5,000 dollars to raise and every dollar helps.  IndieGoGo is running a promotion where they will match up to 5% if our goal is reached but we only have 60 days to raise the money.  So if you are so inclined, click on the IndieGoGo link and help out.  The $50 dollar investment package we are offering on ebay and IndieGoGo is a great value and it includes the following:

A For Love of Zombies T-Shirt.
A For Love of Zombies DVD.
A Signed Limited edition For Love of Zombies movie poster.
Your name in the end credits.
VIP treatment on the set of For Love of Zombies.
The opportunity to be a zombie in For Love of Zombies, this includes full Zombie Make-Up.

The Random Ass Podcast will be returning this week.  Be sure to check us out at  There you can listen to some past editions of The Random Ass Podcast.

And last and but certainly not least…SORROW HILL DVD will be available May 31st.  Pre-order yours now if you haven’t done so already.  Click HERE to pre-order…only $15.00.

The latest…

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Movie is completely done.  I completed the title and end credit sequence so now the DVD is off to potential distributors.  Still lining up the premiere.  I want to do this right so I am doing my homework and shopping around for the best deal.  In the last week I’ve been contacted by a couple of people who were extras in the film.  They also pre-ordered the DVD.  Now I have offered several times on the blog to refund anyone’s money who pre-ordered because it has been a long time and the movie still isn’t released.  However I find it funny the sense of entitlement some people have.  I appreciate the fact that a lot of people are excited to the see film.  Believe me when I tell you I am excited for everyone to finally see it.  I just don’t understand the need to contact me constantly and question me about release dates and distributor/distribution details.  I have been very forthcoming in my blog concerning the details surrounding Sorrow Hill’s release.  I doubt other filmmakers make themselves this available.

For example, if you were lucky enough to be an extra in one of M. Knight Shymalan’s movies in Philadelphia would you email him constantly asking when the movie will be done?  I would say you probably wouldn’t.  Now, I’m not saying I am on that level or even close but I still deserve respect.  I am a one man show and I am working my butt off to get this movie out there.  I am not making excuses.  I’m just asking for some respect.  I’m not jumping on a plane with your 15 dollars that you spent on the pre-order and heading to Mexico.  I have thanked everyone time and time again for their patience.  That is why I have said those who pre-ordered would be rewarded with my cut of the film and the distributors cut…whenever that occurs.  I guess that wasn’t good enough for some people so that is why once again I am offering a refund to anyone who pre-ordered.  So please, email me if you’d like a refund.  No more emails asking me when the DVD will be released because I do not know.  I honestly thought I would be self-distributing but since I’m not I do not control the release date.

I do believe I am leaning towards the Pitman theatre to premiere Sorrow Hill.  It’s a beautiful venue.  Just have to raise the revenue to rent the theatre.  It’s pricier than other places but it will be worth it.

For those of you who were fans of Grindhouse Radio I have some good news.  This Friday December 11th I will be back on 92.1 WVLT and at 11pm.  I will be talking about all the news surrounding Sorrow Hill.  So that is this Friday 11PM be sure to tune in for my triumphant return to the WVLT airwaves.

I am all moved into my new residence.  It’s nice not living out of a suitcase.  I couldn’t be happier, my roommates are really cool and the townhouse is huge.  I’ve set up shop already and Teddy and I will begin doing the podcasts again.

One final note.  I am going to be holding auditions for my next two projects within the next couple of months.  I am not going to do a open call again.  Even though I met a lot of wonderful people it was just a little too hectic when over 200 people showed up.  So, if you would like to audition I just need to add you to my audition list.  All you have to do is email me at:

I have two projects I am putting together.  One is a short the other is another feature.  So contact me so I can add you to the audition list.

Sorrow Hill updates…

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29Nov 09

I am in the last hour of an 18 hour double shift and I figured what better way to pass the time than to write a blog.  Honestly I just realized I onlyannounced on Facebook and not on my blog that Sorrow Hill has been completed.  That’s right…finally.  I can only imagine all the about time e-mails I am about to receive.

Tim Somers and I finished the audio mix this past Tuesday and I’ve watched the movie several more times to see if anything was missed.  Each time I watch it I find a little tweak here and there but nothing major.  I finished the opening title sequence last night now all that is left are the end credits.  That should only take a day to complete.  A lot of people were involved in some capacity with Sorrow Hill and I want to make sure I get everyone in the credits.  I would hate to miss someone so I am going to go over all my lists carefully and make sure every one gets credit for any jobs performed.

I can’t wait to premiere the movie.  After watching it over and over again I’m ready for others to see it.  I am confidant people will enjoy the film.  I still can’t believe what was accomplished for under 4,000 dollars.  I am very proud of everyone who was involved with this film and I hope I can reward them going forward if/when Sorrow Hill makes money.

I hope to have a couple teaser trailers for some upcoming projects debut as well at the premiere.  Still trying to decide which project to tackle next.  Guess it all depends on the success of Sorrow Hill and what kind of financing I can attract.  I will have screeners  completed this week to send out to the couple distributors that have contacted me.  That alone is very exciting, even if we don’t land a national distribution deal I am confidant that my distribution plan will work and will get the movie out there.

I would once again like to thank Tom Carty for allowing me to set up shop with him so I could finish editing the movie.  I sold my house at the end of September and have been living out of suitcases since.  If it wasn’t for Tom and his genorosity Sorrow Hill would not be finished.  On a side note…I move into my new place December 1st.

All you actors and actresses keep an eye out…auditions for our next project will be announced shortly.  I will do another open casting call since the one for Sorrow Hill was so incredibly successful.  Met a lot of talented people that day and I look forward to meeting more.

As always thanks for reading and supporting Sorrow Hill and Grindhouse Pictures.

Quick update…

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21Nov 09

Been mixing the audio at TMS Sound Studios the last two days…exhausting work.  I never realized how much work goes into editing the sound.  Tim, the sound engineer from Sorrow Hill, has been doing an incredible job mixing the sound.  He has taught me so much and actually has me sitting at the controls and is instructing me how to use the mixer and how to eliminate unwanted sounds.  There are so many things I have learned I can’t begin to list them all, I’m just thankful I have someone as talented and as patient as Tim Somers to help me.

We have 43 minutes left to mix down.  Then we will watch the entire movie from start to finish and make adjustments where needed to the sound and then we are done.  I finished the opening credit sequence now I just needed the ending credits and opening title card.  I am still up in the air on where to have the premiere.  I want to have it somewhere that is easy for everyone to get to but the cast and crew are pretty spread out not to mention all the people who have told me they want to come to the premiere.  Tickets are only going to be $5.00 and I would like to do a couple seatings depending on where we hold the premiere.

I am exhausted to the point of collapse.  My daughter and her mother have been sick all week and I’ve done my best to be there for them.  I’ve been working on the audio for the movie and I work graveyard shift for my job the next seven days.  Since Thursday I have gotten a grand total of 4 hours sleep.  I can usually manage on little sleep but it’s starting to catch up with me some.  I figure Timmy and I can finish the audio today in about 3-4 hours then I can go sleep until I have to report to work at 11PM tonight.  All I know is I am doing whatever it takes to finish Sorrow Hill, I will sleep when I’m dead.

I am really pissed that my website was down for most of the day yesterday.  PowWeb is really starting to anger me.  My site saw very little traffic yesterday and that sucks because I am in the midst of gaining advertisers who look at my daily statistics and yesterday there was a huge dip in my traffic.  And believe me they don’t want to hear the website host excuse, they will simply say find a better host.  Yesterday my traffic was down 70 percent…that hurts.  I know the website is in desperate need of updating.  I will be working on the site a lot more once I can put Sorrow Hill to bed.  I have some design ideas and some new features I think will be attractive to my readers.

Thanks again for taking the time to read the blog and tell a friend about Grindhouse Pictures.

Closer and closer

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18Nov 09

All the tweaks are done.  All the sound effects added, all the music in place, and a few more footage trims.  With credits the movie times out at 1:33.  I have watched the movie start to finish at least 5 times the last two days and each time I notice another little something or in one instance a huge gaff that would have looked ridiculous in the final product.

Today was to be the day Timmy was to start mixing the sound down but my daughter has the flu and wanted her daddy so needless to say Timmy and I are meeting tomorrow.  I should have a completely finished movie next week.  I still have to line up a venue for the premiere than boom we are off.

I am looking forward to putting Sorrow Hill behind me.  I am lining up my next production which means I need to get my chubby ass back in shape.  Sitting around and editing leads to a lot of bad eating habits and the non-stop intake of Pepsi hasn’t helped.  While filming Sorrow Hill I worked myself into the best shape of my life.  Up and down several flights of stairs in 100 degree heat with a 30lbs of steadi-cam and camera strapped to you will do that.  Unfortunately I let myself slip but with Sorrow Hill completed I can get back to the gym and get my body as well as my mind ready for the next shoot.   I take very active roles in every aspect of my productions so I need to be ready.  For Love of Zombies will be filming in the Spring but I have another project I can fit in before FLoZ begins.  I’ve been writing my first slasher film.  It’s the sub-genre of horror I love the most.  Zombie is a close second but nothing is better than a brilliantly crafted, suspenseful slasher.  Halloween, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, and Scream are three of my favorites and I hope my slasher will someday be compared favorably to those three.

Now with Sorrow Hill being finished I can concentrate on finding a place to live.  I’ve been without a permanent residence since the end of September and I’m tired of living out of suitcases.  I’m hoping to find a place that can function as both a home and office.

As always thanks for reading and keep checking back for details concerning the upcoming Sorrow Hill premiere.

What lies ahead

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15Nov 09

I can’t wait to go to the office tomorrow.  Still so much to accomplish before Sorrow Hill premieres.  Tim Somers my incredible sound engineer is coming in Wednesday and Thursday to mix the audio.  That leaves me tomorrow and Tuesday to watch the movie over and over again to see what, if anything needs to be fixed.  I already know one scene I need to re-edit but that will not take me long at all.  There are a couple sound issues I need to address before Tim steps in and I need to do the opening and ending title sequences.  I also need to contact a few venues about showing Sorrow Hill.  I have a couple of places in mind but I need to make sure they are cost effective.

Ryan Burnett is working hard on a new teaser and full length trailer.  I can’t wait to see what his evil/creative mind comes up with.  I have begun writing the drafts for my tell all blog.  I have divided it into 3 sections.  Pre-production, production, and post-production.  Makes sense.  A couple people have asked me if I am going to do any trash talking.  And the answer to that is of course not.  That would be very unprofessional.  I may not have seen eye to eye with several of my actors but I would never trash them publicly.  Instead I will just choose never to work with them again.  Simple resolution if you think about it.  The blogs are going to cover all the obstacle faced and overcome, the goofy moments, the stressful times just all the things a first time filmmaker faces.  I know I have said this a lot but I learned a lot about myself and film making during these last two years.  So, don’t read the blogs expecting me to bad mouth any of my cast and crew…not going to happen.

Is today the day?

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12Nov 09

Could be…would take a monumental effort on my part to finish it all today.  I am more than half way finished and I am coming up on probably the hardest scene to tackle so that will take up a big chunk of the day.  All I know is I am ready to get started today, I listened to ton of music beds last night and I think I got all the music nailed down which is huge.  Bottom line, the film is almost done and I am so excited.

Tomorrow I will be working on the movie all day as well.  So I truly believe there will be a big announcement either today or tomorrow.  Then it’s the last step Tim my sound guy comes in and eq’s it all out and boom goes the dynamite.  It’s on like Donkey Kong and any other crazy saying you can come up with.  I am so looking forward to the premiere and then taking Sorrow Hill on the road to various independent movie houses and college campuses…this is gonna be fun.  Just hope my car holds up for all these roadtrips I’m planning.  If not maybe it’s time to treat myself to a new vehicle…I have my eye on a black Nissan Rogue…we shall see.  Anyhow, keep you eye out for the big announcement and premiere dates to follow!

One third down

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11Nov 09

A lot was accomplished yesterday.  The first 34 minutes of the movie has been scored and foleyed.  So far, this has to be the part of editing that’s been the most fun.  I don’t know if it’s because I know I am almost done or because it is pretty challenging to find the right music to fit the mood as well as the right sound effect that is gonna make you jump out of your chair.  I am really aiming for the end of the week to have the movie completed.  Then I can bring my sound guy in…Tim Somers to do the mix down.  As soon as that is done I can begin planning the premiere.

I still haven’t decided on the venue for the premiere.  All I know is I want to pack the house to impress the distributor.  If I can show him the dedicated following I’ve managed to accumulate it will only help any deal that will be offered.

It’s almost time to leave work and head to Tom’s to continue the edit.  Haven’t slept much the last week or so but as I figure it I can always sleep when I’m dead.

Productive day…

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10Nov 09

I made a lot of progress today.  There is still a lot to be done…when it comes to adding foley and music it’s the subtle nuiances that can help make a movie that much more enjoyable.  I do know one thing, I get more and more excited each day and even though sleep is foreign to me right now and coffee, redbull, and drinks of that nature have zero effect on me my energy level is high…viva la adrenaline.  My 0ne downfall yesterday was my inability too move on when I would run into a snag.  This is my Achilles heel.  Instead of keeping my momentum and skipping a problem area to return to later I focus on the problem until it is solved.  This sometimes brings my progress to a screeching halt.  It’s funny.  I know that I should move on when I hit a snag but I just can’t…I try forcing myself.  I will get up from my desk walk around, talk to  Tom, try and convince myself when I sit down I’m skipping whatever is holding me up from now but as soon as I sit down my mind won’t let me.  I have to keep working at it.  I still accomplished more than I thought I would yesterday so I take solace in that.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend at work last night…DEXTER.  It is in my mind the best show on television even though I have found another show that is almost as compelling, BREAKING BAD.  If you haven’t seen either of these shows Netflix them immediately.  They are too wonderful to miss out on.  It was a slow night at work so I caught up with Dexter and I am liking this season quite a bit.  I have loved the first three seasons and I was worried the fourth year might be a clunker because how can the writers keep up that kind of momentum?  Well I’m happy to report they have and John Lithgow is amazing.

Once again, thanks for reading.  I am humbled by the number of visits my blog has been receiving as well as the number of hits my web site has been receiving since I started blogging regularly again.  I will continue to update you daily on my progress with Sorrow Hill.

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